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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, hello, one and all, welcome to my humble GAME. Recently I had a most intriguing idea for a story concept, and subsequently sent out some queries regarding the question you all are being asked here as it is absolutely vital to the written piece aforementioned. However, SOMEBODY decided they couldn't go through with this, SO! Here we are, with a slight modification to the original question as my twisted curiosity was piqued by the ponderous thought of how you, the general group of Serenes Forest, would respond to this scenario. Let us say, hypothetically speaking, YOU(yes, you) were placed in a room with the 13 Future Shepherds...and told you had to kill all but one. In this HYPOTHETICAL scenario, the victimsFuture Shepherds will not fight back, meaning combat potential is not a concern, no need to worry about selecting one to attempt to execute knowing that in reality Kjelle would probably snap your neck long before you could get anywhere near killing her. YOUR TASK, as a Forest, is to determine the order in which these Units perish. You may, and are in fact encouraged to, argue amongst yourselves to try and sway the vote one way or another. THE SLAIN: 1: Kjelle 2: Yarne 3: Noire 4: Laurent 5: Nah 6: Brady 7: Severa 8: Gerome 9: Morgan(s) 10: Lucina 11: Inigo FINAL: Currently Under Discussion This shall be done with a series of one-week polls. Each week, another Future Shepherd gets the axe. In the event of a tie, @TheSilentChloey has been 100% arbitrarily selected as our tiebreaking judge! Do us all a favor and don't tie the vote so she doesn't have to go through this! Also note once again that this is a HYPOTHETICAL scenario, and will definitely most certainly 100% not affect Awakening's timeline in ANY way shape or form, meaning you don't have to feel obligated to leave Lucina alive 'to save muh timeline.' Probably. Ok for real though guys please help me out here
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