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Found 3 results

  1. So the plan is to get everyone to C in Axes > Brigand for deathblow > Pegasus/Wyvern rider > Falcon Knight/Wyvern Lord? These three classes have insane growths and movement, why even bother with other classes besides one or two supportive mages? You can shift to Pegasus if low on Spd growths and Wyvern if low on Str. There is almost no penalty for doing this other than the early low hit rates of units with no Axe experience. It's fun to play but I think I'll be waiting on lunatic before I start another playthrough.
  2. And you all thought that after the first [God awful and completely imbalanced] unit concept I'd just disappeared off of the forums. Unfortunately, I'm still here :w:. Anyways, I did my reading on how to properly balance out stats based on unit archetypes, and have decided to have a go at creating a concept of a unit that, while not incredibly important to the story, was a great help [Read: Carried me alongside Ike] through the harder difficulties of PoR. That, of course, being Zihark, a Daein citizen who filled the role of the Navarre archetype in PoR. With that said, please feel free to be as critical as you can in the review of this concept, as long as it remains constructive. I will take any and all criticisms to heart. Lastly, leave who you want as the next unit concept in your reply, and I'll get around to a few requests in the coming days. __________________________________________________ Unit: Zihark, Blade of Unity Help Description: An ex-vigilante of Daein who believes in unity between the Beorc and Laguz. Loyal to his allies. Appears in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Summoned Quote: "I am Zihark, an ex-mercenary for the kingdom of Daein. If you stand on the side of unity and peace, I shall be your blade." Status Screen Quotes: [3S]: "People say I look severe, but that's not my intention." [3S]: "Er, do you have any mending equipment? My shoulder guard is starting to tear." [3S]: "I wish only for peace among all beings, regardless of heritage." [3S]: "Haha!" [4S]: "I know all too well the sting of society's persecution. It is a pain I would wish upon nobody." [4S]: "I've been told that I'm... perhaps too trusting." [5S]: "This is the fifth cause for which I've fought. I think." [5S]: "I'd rather not bring up past relationships. The topic is... painful to think of." Home Screen Quotes: "My, what a wonderful base of operations! Then again, all I've seen in comparison are grimy barracks and camps." "All these heroes from different realms getting along is inspiring, to say the least." "Even if it was a matter of life and death, I could never turn my blade on an ally. I can only hope I am never at odds with your Order of Heroes." "Do you have need of my services? I'm sorry to say that beyond the battlefield, all I'm good at is preparing for the next battle." "I wonder if I could find Lethe or Mordecai around here? Have you seen them come out of that summoning device of yours?" Levelling Up: "Well, how disappointing." (+0, +1 Points) "A refreshing change." (+2, +3 Points) "I hardly knew I had it in me!" (+4, +5 Points) Turn Action: "Where to?" "What next?" "Alright." Critical/Special Trigger Quotes: "That is enough!" "May you find peace." "A quick death, then." "Hold still!" Death Quote: "I'll... be waiting..." __________________________________________________ Movement Type: Infantry 5S Level 1 Stats: [No IV's/Weapons/Skills] 19/8/10/5/4 5S Level 40 Stats: [No IV's/Weapons/Skills]| 44/34/38/20/15 __________________________________________________ 5S Skills: Weapon: Killing Edge+ [Mt: 11 Rng: 1, Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count -1) Assist: N/A Special: Astra [Increase damage dealt by 150%. Cooldown count: 5] A: Attack +3 [ATK +3] B: Desperation 3 [If unit initiates combat at < 75% HP, unit's follow up attacks occur immediately] C: N/A __________________________________________________ Comments: This took much, much longer than expected. Mainly because I was trying to fill in the quote categories as best I could, but hey, that's what you have to do if you want to make a full blown unit as I endeavor to. Anyways, thanks for taking a look, please make any requests for other hero concepts, and please crtique this concept as best you can, as long as it is done in a constructive manner. Thanks! <3 Changelog: EDIT 1: Removed Vantage, Added Desperation. DEF/RES -2, ATK +4. Reason: In game, Zihark is rather fragile, yet has a decent HP pool to make up for it. I tried to reflect that here, by making him a very offensive Myrmidon who gets eaten alive by mages. Removed Life & Death 3, Replaced with ATK + 3. Current Requests: None - Feel free to ask for any unit in particular!
  3. Ever since the popularity poll came to an end, I've been pretty (Read: very) salty that my pick didn't even make top 200 on the list, even moreso now that he doesn't seem to be on the Grand Hero Battle list for the forseeable future (Since that seems to be the only way we're getting antagonists or stage bosses). So, I figured I'd just make my own fun, and try and make a hero with some semblance of balance about him. Keep in mind this is my first time trying something of this nature, and as such, it will not be perfect, or probably, even good. Any and all criticism is encouraged and appreciated. With that said, let's get into it! __________________________________________________ Unit: Walhart, The Conqueror Help Menu Description: Dauntless emperor of the Valmese, who holds firm to his ideology of the strong rising up to conquer the weak. Appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Summoned Quote: "I am Walhart, known across my world as the Conqueror. Have you summoned me here so that we may do battle and conquer the lands? Then you need only direct my fury." Status Screen Quotes: [4S]: "Some of us are born great, whereas others attain greatness during their lives. I, Walhart, was born great." [4S]: "My subordinates think me a God among men. You would be wise to do the same." [4S]: "Did that worm Excellus have a hand in summoning me here?" [4S]: "Hmph." [4S]: "Cease your incessant poking, lest I break that finger of yours like a twig." [4S]: "You have the makings of a conqueror, bending all these heroes to your will." [5S]: "In my world, and all others, the strong are destined to consume the weak. This precept is inexorable." [5S]: "It seems I am bound to lend you my strength for a while longer." Home Screen Quotes: "Prince Alfonse may make a fine conqueror yet. He need only distance himself from diplomacy." "This Order of Heroes seems much like the Shepherds I've been repelling in my world. Such camaraderie disgusts me." "A true conqueror does not require such transient meals consisting of the animals of the land. Only blessings from the earth are fit to eat." "Are you to tell me that these 'Heroes' are indeed the legends of old? Yet they still heed your call over my own? Absurd." "I shall bring the enemy to keel, but you are to be my eyes and ears. Do not end yourself prematurely by neglecting your health." Critical/Special Trigger Quotes: "Stand up and FIGHT!" "I am INEXORABLE!" "Cast to the wayside!" "Is that all you can muster?" Death Quote: "Defeat..." __________________________________________________ Movement Type: Cavalry 5S Level 1 Stats [No IV's/Weapons/Skills]: 17/9/8/8/5 5S Level 40 Stats [No IV's/Weapons/Skills]: 41/33/34/26/21 __________________________________________________ 5S Skills: Weapon: Wolf Berg {New Weapon} ///Legendary/// [Mt: 16, Rng: 1, Allows for counterattack regardless of attacker's distance if unit is attacked] Support: Harsh Command [Change debuffs on an adjacent ally into buffs] Special: N/A A: N/A B: Seal ATK 3 [After Combat involving this unit, enemy's ATK -7] C: Conquest {New Skill} [Allies sharing movement or weapon type within 2 spaces recieve ATK/DEF +2. If an ally shares both weapon and movement type with unit, ATK/DEF +4.] __________________________________________________ Comments: After going through the hell that is Chapter 20 of FE: Awakening on Lunatic, I've come to believe that Walhart is one of the strongest non-Final Boss story enemies in the entirety of FE:A. Despite his weapon not giving him any stat boosts, the range on it made it so that you couldn't just attack him with magic to exploit his weak RES stat, as he could easily ORKO 90% of the mages you could have at the time. I tried to embody his harsh and dominant personality with the choice of his support ability, whereas I changed Conquest's functionality, as we already have Svalin Shield which fills the same functionality for Cavalry units. Conquest makes it so that he can move through forests, something which cavalry are inherantly unable to do, as well as move through mountains, which are normally impassable unless the unit is flying. However, he can't cross over lakes and gaps, as well as walls being impassable. Please leave any thoughts or criticisms in the comments, and if you all like thie enough, I may just do another one for a certain philandering cavalier, or one of the most famous piles of ash in existance [;)]. See you all next time! EDIT 1: Changed functionality of Conquest [Previously allowed unparalled chase potential as well as movement, which was a tad broken], changed B skill from Quick Ripost 3 to Seal ATK 3, Reduced stats to be in line with other cavs. Added Summoned quote and Home Screen quotes. EDIT 2: Moved Conquest to C Slot.
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