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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone who actually clicked on this. I want to disscuss possible connections and various headcanons in order to attempt to place all the games in a single timeline From what i've gathered so far thru searching the Forest and its many forums, Tellius comes first due to the existance of Laguz which are most likely non-degenerated Manaketes and Taguels then Elibe due to the scowering (sorry for butchering the spelling there) being a perfect explanation for the degeneration in Archanea or Akaniea or whatever you want to call it. However after that is when things get a bit hazy/downright confusing due to Magvel. I know Jugdral-Archanea and Valentia-Awakening due to developer confirmation but where is Magvel? Its definately after Elibe due to Manaketes being a thing and before Awakening due to the twins being legends. What's your take on Magvel's timeline location? Also, one world or many? I say one world with two hemispheres (so like ours lol), and when the claim of another world is made, the people of Fire Emblem are just doing the same thing the Europeans did during the Colonial era and call these other lands differnt worlds. Finally, Nintendo releases a Virtual Console rerelease of my favorite Fire Emblem game state side for the first time mere months before a trailer for a new Fire Emblem game appears showing a girl who looks a awfully alot like Ninian from said rereleased FE game. Coincidence, or not. Discuss and I will contribute when I can.
  2. Well, a thought occured to me today (it happens a lot) that maybe Robin,Mark, and Kris are all related by blood. Basically, FE7's tactician Mark's children lead to FE12's my unit Kris, whose Children lead to FE13's Robin. My only real basis for this theroy is Lyn's DLC convo in Smash Bretheren 3.Obvious reference is obvious. So if there is any real contradictions here, I would like to know. Also, I know Elibe and Archenea are possibly differnt worlds, but Awakening proved travel between worlds is possible in FE.
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