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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so I collected my thoughts around the game at work today, and I decided to make a topic for it. Take it as a though-provoking where we can talk about the game's current and future status without raising any red alerts. I see sometimes topics where people come up with their ideas and making topics for it as a possible solution, I want this to be something more. So when I first think about Heroes, currently I would summarize in 2 words: Gacha and Powercreep. This powercreep thing is something I saw before in card games, I did play YGO with my friends, and I'm not happy how a simple game became a novel-reading card game and how your deck becomes useless unless you keep investing into it. I can see this in Heroes. In YGO at least old cards which were much needed got released in lower rarity so everybody could put them into their decks. Heroes is however Gacha in nature at first. Which brings to my other point. I did play as a f2p gacha player in one other game, and I realized that 5+ star units I got are good for me all the time, no matter how old they are in the game. I don't need to have the newest heroes to stay competitive, but in Heroes Generation 1 units are getting benched rather quickly. Yet they still have a lot of 5* pitybreakers, some of the least wanted pitybreakers in the current game. I feel like this could lead to bigger issues in the game sooner or later unless something is changed is accessibility in characters or skills. In another gacha game I skipped like a year, then started playing again, and I don't feel like that I missed anything major. Also I'm looking a bit differently on this game as other gacha games. In other gacha games you don't need all the characters, but here you might want to have a bigger collection, because of the nostalgia factor. Lowering rarities will need to be a thing in the future, or a different way to access them. Ok, I'm going to rate the current content of the game from my perspective, and I'm interested if you agree on this. Maybe somebody write some points somewhere where IS can analyze later. Relay Defense: The idea would be good, but once you reach the Abyssal Map, you can already see what is wrong with this mode. Basically the rewards are the same as on lower difficulties before, and you need to be much better in this mode to survive. Note that all the pro strategies for this mode was to lock the enemies into one point, and hold the line while they are unable to do anything. Forgin Bonds: It's boring. The only reason I'm completing them is because the only valuable reward is the 4 orbs at the end. It's constantly a wait for the good multiplier to reduce the stamina investment and the grinding, and it's bad for gacha, because it asks you to play on the game's clock and not yours. Because of the bad rewards, I am not enjoying this mode at all. Skill Sets: Does anybody actually using this feature? Let me know, as it seems completely useless to me. Training: Ever since Special Training is there, the training maps are kind of pointless - it's rather used for questing, and maybe for collecting Shards and Crystals if anybody still need those. If the experience gain would be much higher in the Training Tower, I'd say a good future for it. Tap Battle: it's a fun alternative with small rewards, but basically when the quests are done, I'm not playing it anymore. If I want to farm Hero Merits, there are better modes. I did try Expert, but Hard Mode is not that interesting, we don't get anything special for them anyway. It's probably more popular in Japan. Grand Conquest: I still don't fully understand how to play this mode correctly, but the rewards are actually ok. I am regular player in this, usually just play the Lv40 difficulty maps, and always go in with maximum multipliers, I'll earn conquest lances anyway. For this reason it's not very exciting, the results are out of my hands, haven't reached top tier, but I'm ok with the rewards. Accessories: fun, but it's only cosmetics. Not an avid collector of them, didn't go for Abyssal maps for golden version, the gold ones don't look that good anyway in my opinion. But if I find something that looks appropriate or funny, I'll go for it. But if I see people put feminine accessories on the most masculine characters, I just feel like beating the hell out of them. Arena, Arena Assault: I'd like to put them under the same hat, as the requirement from them is pretty much the same. I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong in these modes, but clearly I don't have the tools to get better scores, and this is why I'm stuck in the middle ground - falling short to get better rewards. Plus I find this the most stressful game mode, which is why I'm not going to push myself in it. Voting Gauntlet: A lot of people don't like this mode, but I'm actually ok with it. I really like the rewards, and this is why it's quality mode for me. A lot of people don't like how the multipliers rule this mode, and honestly, that's the reason why I can't influence the outcome of this mode, because final multipliers are early in the morning in my region. Because of that, I'll just try to catch some good hours with multipliers to have some score for more feathers, but the real rewards are given by the quests, the rest is just a plus. It's another mode where the game asks you to play on it's clock instead of yours, but only if you want more feathers. GHB(BHB, LHB): I like them, fair challenge, fair rewards. The only things that can ruin it for me is the unexpected reinforcements. I know they are putting them in to make it more challenging, but it's not exactly fair game. No reinforcements, quality game mode. Tactic Drills: I really enjoyed the first time they implemented it, and it's sometimes a nice puzzle. However later Grandmasters are sometimes not for me. When it takes 9 turns to win, and you can't tell on which turn you messed up the whole thing, and there's too many possibilities and only one solution... you get my point. On the other hand I really liked the 9 turn Binding Blade one, which recreated the moment when we had to rescue Lilina. Story Map, Chain Challenge, Squad Assault, Blessed Gardens: Fair challenge, and rewards that we are looking for. The only downside would be dancers and survival maps in Chain Challenge, but overall a good experience. Turn limit is also bad, in CC you'd rather take your time to play it safely. Rival Domains: haven't disappointed me once. 1 orb, 10 dew and 500 feathers each week is a welcome. Also if I have friends, I can try out some fun builts other have made. Tempest Trial: best rewards, best HM farming, Bonus 5* Hero, Sacred Seals, highest quality in the game. When you run out of multipliers it becomes a grind, but you have plenty of time to reach the 50k. Combat Manuals: best addition of 2018 by far. Makes life much easier, and saves the barracks space in the long run. I did plan to spend more orbs to expand my barracks, but now I don't feel the need for it anymore. Weapon Refinery, Sacred Seals: hard to get Refining Stones and Sacred Coins, but once you get it you can make some fun builds for even the 3-4* units. Always looking forward for new weapons and new seals, can't go wrong with this kind of content.
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