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Found 1 result

  1. Basically works like the others, yada yada. You may vote twice a day, it may involve the same characters You may give +1 to one character and -2 to another each vote. Heal votes must be in BOLD GREEN, color code 008000. Hurts are to be in BOLD RED, color FF0000. If you kill with a hurt, it should be in BOLD BLUE, color 0000FF. Heroes names: If they have an official name I'm aware of, I'll use it. So DQIV will have Solo/Sofia, DQV will have Madason Gotha, DQVI will have Patrick and DQVII will have Arus. DQIII's hero only has the male version represented. This is because reactions if you play as a girl and OA makes it clear the character is supposed to be male. Starting List: Hero (DQI) 10 Hero (DQII) 10 Hero (DQIII) 10 Solo 10 Sofia 10 Madason 10 Patrick 10 Arus 10 Hero (DQVIII)10 Male!Hero (DQIX) 10 Female!Hero (DQIX) 10 Male!Hero (DQX) 10 Female!Hero (DQX) 10 Princeton 10 Princessa 10 Ragnar 10 Alena 10 Borya 10 Kiryl 10 Torneko 10 Meena 10 Maya 10 Psaro 10 Harry 10 Bianca 10 Nera 10 Debora 10 Madchen 10 Parry 10 Carver 10 Milly 10 Ashlynn 10 Nevan 10 Terry 10 Maribel 10 Keifer 10 Gabo 10 Melvin 10 Aira 10 Yangus 10 Jessica 10 Angelo 10 Patty 10 Erinn 10 Sellma 10 Aquila 10 If I forgot any playables, just add them. I purposefully left out playable monsters, however. My votes:
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