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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, this is my first time posting. Please forgive me if I make a mistake or break a rule. English is not my primary language so I apologize if I don't make sense or if my grammar is bad. I'll try to be as brief as possible. I want to know how to fix the missing animations from Thracia 776. I made Finn a Master Knight since that is a class that is not in the base game to see how finished it was and I noticed that the bow animation looked really glitch-y. What I'm trying to make is a silly edit of Thracia 776 that lets me use stuff like Master Knight Leif with Meisterbogen like in Fire Emblem Heroes, and maybe other silly edits. I know it's a really dumb question. I tried looking for a fix and there was a link to something but the link was expired. I'm using Nightmare because it's the only thing I know of. Again I am really sorry for my question and I hope you have a happy holiday season!
  2. Kaga predicted what I'd look like in 20 years, 4 years before I was born. No wonder he loved mages and sorcerers so much, he is one.
  3. Hello members of Serenes forest, in the link below there is a save file for what may just be the hardest challenge run ever attempted. I am dubbing it the Csc challenge. What is the Csc challenge you ask? Well let me explain. It's a run through of the dreaded Ch24x with a twist. 1:The rules are no using staves! 2:No using savestates! 3:No using a map or a guide (mainly for the warp tiles) Yes it's just these three simple rules, however these simple rules combines with the true hell that is Ch 24x makes it perhaps the most challenging run of any FE level ever! So I ask you all too attempt this run with me that is nearly impossible including you who are often considered the best Fe players of all time, because I think even you will fail to do this. Link to the save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cs7c055uisl8aff/FE5.srm?dl=0
  4. Thracia is probably my favorite FE title. I love this game more then Awakening. Because I'm bored, I would like to share my experience on this game for the 15th or 16th time. [spoiler=Chapter 1] Yay, Thracia! Basic shit right here. The first few chapter may not be that exciting. And Leaf misses! And Fin gobbles up a foe. Trying not to waste Fin's brave lance, not that I'm bad at it. Othin: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! Sweet! More units(that I never use). Yeah yeah, Give me Pugi please. More Lances for Fin. Halvan miss But Leaf attacks with his sword of Light Brand. Marty getting some action. Oh thanks! from Leaf... :| Wouldn't hurt to use Evayle at times. Well I have plenty of gold, so yeah. Thanks for the sword though. Here come Othin. Rude! Okay, bye Tanya. And Tanya is still here. I will never understand Thracia. With Tanya still here, Othin is pissed. He's still pissed! from Othin... Well yeah, your an axe fighter, aren't you. Sure thing lady! Cool! Stat boosters! Used it on Leaf, because why not. Dagda Smash! And Fin crited! Crited? Is that even a word? Eh, I'll take. Buying some Vulnerably, because I'm loaded. I'll take that sword that's to heavy for leaf to wield. Nope. And end of chapter! Want to see anything special like me using a certain unit or something. Just tell me and I'll try to make it happen.
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