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Found 37 results

  1. Just wondering how old Byleth is in everyone's eyes. While many people don't want to romance students because of the weird social power imbalance, some say the age gap would be weird, so while I think Byleth is in the early twenties, what does everyone else think?
  2. Here's something I'm curious about. With something I'm wondering is that who here would prefer them break conventions and have each house be their own thing, as opposed to there being a Revelation-but-better situation where the three lords eventually join forces and you have the force of all the game's playable characters on your side (with "true ending" not necessarily meaning "all sunshine and rainbows ending"). My personal opinion is that I prefer the latter because I have an affinity for "true" endings because I like the closure they provide, and like having all the characters be available, but I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks. Thoughts?
  3. So, thanks to the Nintendo Treehouse Live presentation, we know that Byleth can romance the students in this game, though only after the 5-year time-skip to avoid the implications. We also know that this even includes the house leaders, as one of them (jokingly... I think; one is not my strong point) mentioned Dimitri when talking about it. So, which characters, if any, do you want your Byleth to romance, and why? EDIT: For now, we will limit this to the students, as there is currently zero confirmation as to if any of the faculty or other characters are romanceable.
  4. After mapping out strengths and weaknesses of each house, I am going to pick the Golden Deer because they seem to naturally fit (based on character strengths/hidden skills) into more Master Classes (my opinion is that the master classes will be worth pursuing over advanced classes). Here's a breakdown of what I am thinking of for a 9 person team, would gladly appreciate any feedback/thoughts 🙂 FYI - I left Byleth off of the list because I don't know the recruiting requirements for some of the strong characters in the other houses and this may impact how I build him/her, but would appreciate recommendations on what class to pick that would fit well with the rest or be nice to have 2 characters in.
  5. I was wondering what difficulty all ya'll are gonna be playing Three Houses on? I feel like the first playthrough of a game is important, and It ruins it a little if its too easy or too hard. And I can't decide what difficulty to play it on, assuming that there is the usual three Normal Hard Lunatic options generally. I have beaten every fire emblem game from 6 onwards, so I'm somewhat knowledgeable of Fire Emblem. :)
  6. Be aware that there are possible spoilers: I was on Reddit and saw someone mention that there are four different paths according to a leak, and that you'd have to side with Edelgard to get the final path. I don't know how much I like this, but I also haven't seen any confirmation with a cursory google search. Is this the case or have I been bamboozled?
  7. So, who it'll be? My bet is on Cyril
  8. Right now, OJ PlayerEssence is answering questions about FE16 from what he played right now on Twitch. Also, there's gonna be a Lunatic mode so...yay. I'll just leave the link here.
  9. This is my Fire Emblem Three Houses Information Compendium, gathered from a variety of different Sources. I highly recommend you give it a read, and leave your thoughts. Don't forget to share it with others who may not know about it, and possibly even content creators. I hope you enjoy it! read the Preface Please! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AcBHX8uVsYsJZUfa2j8KZlgrgBOHubVbd1rLzc2mUdI/edit?usp=sharing Update 1: I have added the Base Ranks and other things to do with Skill levels in the compendium. Any and all contributions would be wonderful. Progress on who si what class and what classes there are have been started on. Update 2: Added a class list with all classes shown right now.
  10. When I refer to "Special Edition", I'm referring to the Seasons Of Warfare or the Fodlan Collection. Although they have quite a bit different, I'm talking about the version available in your country. And uh, if your not in those countries, go with what version you would choose. Decided to make this because I'm curious what the consensus is on the Special Edition of FE16 compared to what people think of the previous Special Editions. Another last thing I will say is that I will be releasing a second topic a few days after the release to see how the opinion on the edition has changed, since we don't know the full OST yet. (Probably good though.) PS: Don't forget money
  11. Now we know of the war phase of Three Houses, and what the three house leaders will look like in this phase, who is everyone excited to see after the five-year gap?
  12. So, I have two theories as to why Byleth's hair color is different after the time skip. In my mind, Byleth is either the reincarnation of Seiros or the Goddess's child, from the many things we've seen so far. So, following this idea, I think there are two possibilities: 1. The light green hair tone is actually Byleth's original hair color. Their father Jeralt knew of Byleth's true identity, and Byleth is the reason Jeralt resigned as a knight and became a mercenary. He made Byleth dye their hair a darker color so as not to bring any attention to them. When Byleth becomes a teacher at the academy, Jeralt goes back to being a knight so that he can stay close to Byleth and protect them should the secret be found out. Somewhere close to the end of the first part (or during the 5 years), the secret is revealed anyway, and Byleth stops dying their hair since it's lost its purpose. Also, Byleth could either know of their origin all along and not say anything, or not know anything and simply follow their father's weird orders. 2. Byleth starts with naturally teal hair, but their particular power, which seems to be related to dark magic if the purple aura in former trailers means anything, starts taking a toll on them the more they keep using it, and the more they master it. Their body gets sicker and weaker as time passes, and the light green tone could be a reflection of it (among others), meaning their hair will eventually become fully white, and somewhere at the end of the story they'll die from the usage of their own power. What about you, guys? Any other crazy theories? 😄
  13. I bet Sothis will sit on her throne, once you've played through one of the houses.
  14. So since this wasn't brought up yet, do you think there'll be dlc (since Treehouse didn't mentioned it, this time) and what kind of dlc could you imagine?
  15. So I noticed in the pre-timeskip part of the trailer he has green eyes, this can be seen in the scene with him dancing and in a later scene that shows him with marks on his face. But post time-skip his eye is blue again, so I would guess the green eyes may have to do with why he wears an eyepatch. Anyone has any other guesses?
  16. So, I've noticed a few times, that the German FE fb account makes weird translations. Current case is this: They translate "worst in history" as lausigste der ganzen Geschichte (which would be "most lame/boring in whole history") And I've wondered, if other FE accounts do weird translations also?
  17. Sorry if it looks bad, graphic design isn't really my thing. All images from Famitsu. I would assume that you can jump around as much as you want so long as you meet the class requirements so it isn't really a tree. (i.e. If you had a myrmidon, you could train them in lances and riding to make them a cavalier.) I also don't expect there to be any way to reset your level back to 1, and you will instead just go from level 1 to level 40 or 50 depending on how long the game goes. (Similar to FE4.) *The skill icons represent what I believe to be the skills that you have to train to become that class, but not necessarily being the only weapons that class can use.
  18. We knew it all along, but Nintendo UK confirms, that the church is evil, via a sponsored advertisement. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=333186257395421&id=145686449478737 What do you all think?
  19. So, do you guys think it'll be censored for the West? Whether it'd be the "tea party", Raphaels underpants or anything else?
  20. I was thinking about how there are topics asking what house people will pick for their first playthrough of Three Houses and something occurred to me. We still aren't entirely sure what happens to the two houses that aren't picked. There have been speculations about the stories merging later or possibly the other two becoming enemies or rivals, but nothing has been confirmed quite yet. Which would you prefer; joining the party or enemies? And that brings up another question. Since there is so much customization for classes, do we still get to choose classes for the houses other than the one we pick? Or will those characters default to specific classes? There's a lot to think about and a lot to discuss here, so I'm hoping to hear everyone's thoughts!
  21. I've noticed a trend in people assuming Leicester's lack of a specific sovereign and rule by a "League of Nobles" means that they don't have an upperclass and possibly are more democratic than the other two nations. Unless there's been some poor wording in translation, here's why that's wrong. noble |ˈnōbəl| adjective ( nobler , noblest ) 1 belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status; aristocratic: the Duchess of Kent and other noble ladies. 2 having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals: the promotion of human rights was a noble aspiration. • of imposing or magnificent size or appearance: entering the building with its noble arches and massive granite columns. • of excellent or superior quality. noun 1 (esp. in former times) a person of noble rank or birth. 2 historical a former English gold coin. It's almost certain, that in the instance, that the noble is the hereditary class. Ergo, this is a nation ruled by an upper class, as of course, one does not hold elections as to who holds noble rank. This is not a democracy, but rather a plutocracy. (Government by the wealthy). Does that mean it's an evil country? Not necessarily. It's very possible there are good people in those roles, after all, we've seen countless lords who are symbols of virtue through the series. Then again, for every one of them we've had lunatics like Zephiel and Ashnard. In real life it'd qualify as improbable for all those nobles to be benevolent, if not impossible but remember this is fiction. But what it does mean, is the commoner of Leicester is as dependent on someone else as a commoner in either other land. Of course, this whole theory could be blown out of the water if it were revealed that the nobles were elected officials there, but as I doubt it'll happen. Mind, of course, I'm not advising against selecting them. I'm fully intending to play through all three routes. I'm just positing some food for thought. Any discussion on how you think it could be handled, whether you think these are valid points or invalidated by IS' past games... well, you know where to discuss them.
  22. What do you think the canon classes might be for the students of the Three Houses, based on the weapon types shown to be used by each student so far, as well as their overall design?
  23. Pros and Cons of each of the Houses Black Eagles Pros: Probably has the best overall design of each student imo Linhardt (I still can’t get over that, I think that hilarious lol) The empire isn’t evil for once Black Eagles Cons: Almost everyone is choosing it Male characters are a little lackluster imo (except for Ferdinand, I think the boys are a little ugly in Black Eagles so rip if you’re looking for a good husbando) Blue Lions Pros: The color blue (it’s my favorite, don’t @ me) Sylvain is 10/10 best boy We haven’t seen the full cast of the Blue Lions but if they look like the few we’ve seen, we should be fine Blue Lions Cons: Dimitri’s hair Part of a Holy Kingdom so may be connected to the Church of Seiros? Golden Deer Pros: Claude Seems to be the most misfit/outcast-esque group so far, at least design wise so if you want a cast like that, Golden Deer seems to be for you We haven’t seen the full cast of the Golden Deers so the others might look better Golden Deer Cons: Everyone other than Claude and Hilda doesn't look that great imo Yellow isn't that great of a color imo And this is just everything that I personally like or dislike about the houses so far. As of right now, Blue Lions is looking like the one I’m gonna be picking but there’s a lot I like about Black Eagles too so maybe it’ll change. Rip Golden Deer though, they seem to be the ones that are getting cucked the most since I’ve seen no one talk about wanting to choose them. But what are your guys thoughts on the houses as of now?
  24. Is anyone excited to be able to bang our students? Sounds like something straight out of a harem anime. Fire Emblem meets High School DxD. Also, where will the children come from? The future? Deeprealms? Adoption? Timeskip? Divine intervention?
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