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  1. I noticed on the Abilities page for Three Houses that Paragon, which doubles EXP gain, is apparently in the game. Is it even possible to obtain the ability without hacking/save editing? It doesn't have any details on how to obtain it.
  2. A couple years ago I had to do a project for a graphic design class, in which we had to make a propaganda-style poster using Adobe Illustrator. I decided to make one for the Adrestian Empire from Three Houses since this was in 2020 and it was the main game I was into at the time. I took the Adrestian coat of arms and some official art of Edelgard, as well as a font that I found online called Red October. This is what the final product ended up looking like.
  3. Warning: Before I say anything, you're probably going to have a difficult time using this if you have no experience in python, even though you don't need to code yourself. This is because this tool requires python, which you can simply download, but also requires Pandas. I use Pycharm and let it manage all my packages, but setting pycharm up or managing the packages yourself can be troublesome if you've never used it before. That's why it really helps if you already have a working Python environment with Pandas. You can ask questions, and I'll try to help, but I can't guarentee success. link This is a tool which I created mostly for myself, but I realised some other people may find enjoyment in it too. You can use it to either randomize the class (and character ranking) for Sacred Stones/Shadow Dragon/New Mystery/Awakening/Fates/Echoes/Three Houses or maximaze stat growths for kids in Genealogy/Awakening/Fates. How to do this I've explained in the readme.md, so just read it there and if it isn't clear, you can ask what I mean. If I were a better programmer (both in skill and in ethic) I would make my creation more user-friendly, by creating a gui or something, but I didn't, so now you have to install a couple of randomly strewn files from github. You need everything there except the readme (though you may want to read it), ui.py and main.py and just put it in a folder (probably an IDE project folder). From here you can follow the instructions in the readme. If you manage to make it work on you computer, I'd appreciate feedback if you encounter some mistakes. Some I know and I'm not planning to fix (You can use Gunter and Jakob both in Conquest and Revelations but they only have an A+ in Conquest), and one other I only just remembered during writing that it existed (the fates randomizer does not yet take into account child marriage), but there will probably be many I don't.
  4. Since Three Houses and the upcoming Engage did managed to add Brawl as a weapon-type in the FE series. If they decided to add Brawl as a new weapon-type for Heroes similar to like they managed to add the Beast Weapon-types in the game when Book III was released and OC FE Heroes characters like Freyja and Freyr became the first OC FEH Beasts in Book 4. Do you think we could see Brawl weapon-types and some Gauntlets weapons can be added somewhere when the possible Book VII comes out (+ maybe additional OC FEH units with Brawl Weapons possibly added in Book VII as well?) since some of the Brawler units added in like Balthus had been chosen as an Axe unit due to Brawl weapon-type wasn't added to Fire Emblem Heroes yet? And if Brawl weapon-type was added in, do you think it's going to be in the colorless category for the first release for the Brawl weapon-type units and then later getting added to the color category in the later release like how the Colored Bows were added in later and then the Colorless Dragon Stones were added later on as well?
  5. Is there a list of the known crest powers that aren't how they mechanically work? like how Marianne can understand and talk to animals with her crest?
  6. Since I was thinking of creating this thread for my ideal list of what returning classes that I do want to see brought back in the newer mainline games that released after Three Houses. I was thinking of starting off a list that I searched through from the Fire Emblem Wiki to see what wasn't included in Three Houses and see what I think which should return if there's going to be a new mainline Fire Emblem title released after Three Houses. I was thinking of so far was: Gold Knight (I definitely think this should have been returned in Three Houses as the Cavaliers' Third-Tier class instead of using Great Knight Class as a Third-Tier class) Silver Knight Baron (could be useful for enemy and personal playable character classes) King (maybe use it on the new character as his personal third tier class similar to like how Edelgard became the first playable Emperor in the series) Priestess (Not the Cleric looking class, I was talking about like the ones used in Gaiden & Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) Griffon Rider (maybe have it returned as a separate flier class line outside of the Pegasus and Wyvern classes instead of returning it as a promoted unit for Wyvern Rider) Mage Knight (as a polar opposite of the Dark Knight) Halberdier & Sentinel (they deserve to come back in the series since they are a unique promotional class for the Soldier line) Ninjas (since Awakening (Myrmidons & Swordmasters) & Three Houses (Swordmasters & Mortal Servants) did have some little bit of Asain style parts outside of Hoshido, I do like to see some more Asain style classes brought back in outside of Hoshido settings) Prince & Princess (as personal class) Blade Lord (since Fire Emblem did majorly using Great Lords since Awakening, I do think some new main character should get the Blade Lord class since Lyn had used it for The Blazing Blade & Fire Emblem Warriors) Seraph Knight (as one of the Third-Tier classes deserves to be return, I don't understand why Seraph Knight wasn't brought back as a Third-Tier class in Three Houses instead of making Falcon Knight as the Third-Tier Class in Three Houses while Pegasus Knight as the Second-Tier class in Three Houses?) If you had any ideas of what returning class that wasn't featured in Three Houses do you like to see appearing in the next brand new Fire Emblem Nintendo Switch (or next gen console) mainline title? Feel free to list them.
  7. Note: this is just my opinion. It is simply just my feelings and thoughts about this and my goal is simply to make fans of the game happy and encourage them to try something for fun!! That is all. This isn't meant to be taken so seriously and overanalyze the game design. I am well aware of the poor design choices of the game and am not defending those choices. I am simply giving a way to tackle the game and make it available to fans who have doubts of trying an iron man due to many urging against it, but for those who might really want to. So let's all have a pleasant discussion. Anything otherwise will be ignored, so don't bother, and keep your thoughts to yourself if you don't have anything nice to say. Just like you have your opinion, I have mine. Now let's begin!! After now completeing both a Hard & Maddening Iron Man, I just want to give my thoughts on here. A lot of people have said it isn't possible or isn't fun to do. And I want to just urge anyone who hasn't tried it and loves Three Houses to give it a shot. After playing this game I can confirm, it is very doable to do 1. A Hard Mode Iron Man on ANY route 2. A Maddening Iron Man on the Crimson Flower Route (bare minimum) If you allow yourself to use all the tools the game gives you, it is a very fun and an okay investment of your time to do if you are a fan of Three Houses and willing to try it. Prepare yourself though, it requires you to throw away everything you know about iron manning with other fire emblem games. It is a very different game after all. You have to be willing to put in a lot of work if you want to accomplish completing this (mostly Maddening. Hard is a lot more doable). For Maddening, you want to make sure you study the reinforcement spawns of every map before each map so you know what to expect. It's not as time consuming as you think. All it takes is a few minutes of one's time to look on the fire embelm wiki. It has all the reinforcements spawns laid out for you there. For the arguement of what happens when you lose a unit, you simply want to recruit any students by using renown to get them up to A support so you can replace them with your fallen unit. Be ready though, because after timeskip, you want to try to lose as few amount of units as possible. But do not worry. Right before the timeskip initiates, make sure to recruit every other student and ashen wolf you can, so that way if someone dies, you have someone to replace them. Now how is this possible? They might be too low leveled you say? You want to make sure you have Professir Rank A at all times (use renown in the very beginning of the game for this) then simply use your 3 adjutant spots to train up 3 backup units, as they will train up just enough every battle to be able to replace any fallen units. Make sure you obtain the experience gem, so that way if you need to train them for the next battle when you are grinding (which you should do atleast twice a month for maddening anyways) you can slap the exp gem on them and level them up very quickly. If you have a knowledge gem you can also quickly get them to learn Death blow or Fiendish blow respectively (if they are phys or magic units) and they will be all set to replace your previous units. This is a hardcore, balls to the wall iron man challenge, so you must be prepared. It will not hold your hand and give you units throughout the game like other ones, so you have to make use of as many of the things the games give you. If you have any questions from me, I have all the info provided to tackle this challenge if you want to try it out for yourself. Also, check out my recent playthrough of me doing a Maddening Mode Iron Man for Three Houses on the Crimson Flower Route. It was quite the amazing journey!! It has everything there to help you on your quest for Three Houses Iron Man: Hard mode: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtQEfrONYtZDePBPySFz_fWEDAvxkWVHt Maddening Mode (recommended for guide): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtQEfrONYtZAncP2aQE64q_wluxpvYoIv Also here are some random recommendations I have for tackling your first Three Houses Iron Man: 1. Get the Thyrsus. Its very useful, especielly combined with magic range+ skills and 3 range spells. It gives you A LOT of coverage!! 2. Make Knowledge Gem a priority!! There are 2 you can get in the game, and they are very helpful for completing classes for skills as early as possible that can help you A LOT on your run!! One is in the "Tale of the Red Canyon" Paralogue (in the chest). And one on Chapter 11 (by collecting all the crest stones in that map). 3. Experience gem is helpful for training up backup units who are falling behind in levels, so if you want that quick replacement, use this!! Be sure to pick this one up in the Hanneman/Manuela Paralogue. (JUST BE VERY CAREFUL, use rescue or stride to get Manuela to safety, she is in a very scary spot) 4. Try to always have some units with the "Shove" or "Draw Back" combat art. You will be surprised how much this comes in handy in emergencies when you make a mistake. It can make the difference between your unit dying and surviving to live another day. 5. Use DLC (if possible). It's not mandatory, but the Ashen Wolves, and DLC classes are VERY useful (for Maddening Mode especially). Dark flier and Valkyrie have some amazing utility that will help a lot in mid game/end game. 6. Battalions are your friend. They boost stats, so make sure you give ones that give necessary boosts. Crit to critters. Hit rate for shaky hit rate units. Tankyness for your tank units. Avoid for your fast ones. And strength/magic you might want all the time for most of your units that are attacking constantly. Having Impregnable Wall, Blessing, Stride, Dance of the Goddess are super useful, so be sure to use them and keep them safe. Because if a unit falls while holding onto one of these battalions, you will lose them forever. So try to keep them on units you keep out of danger most of the time!! 7. ALWAYS take your time and play when you are in the right state of mind. It's not worth it if you are tired. You are likely to make mistakes and lose a lot of your hard-earned progress. So play when you are AWAKE and concentrating!! (Then again, that's what makes this iron man so hardcore and devastating if you lose. Making it more thrilling and rewarding for everything you accomplish. It's not for the faint of heart, so beware and prepare yourself if you fail!!) 8. Do not take too long of a break from your iron man and try not to play other fire emblem games during your run. It may confuse you coming back from it and adjusting to all the three houses-only mechanics again, it can easily cause mistakes, so be cautious of this!! 9. Don't be afarid to use what you need to!! Someone once told me Maddening Iron Man isn't forgiving, so shouldn't you. Use DLC items, classes, characters, renown. Don't resrict yourself. A lot of people like to put self-implemented restrcitions for other FE games, but for this game, I do not recommend it at all. You are justified for anything you use for this challenge, since this is a lot harder to iron man than other games. Also side note: I'm here to vouch that I didn't use renown for class skill levels. I trained those up naturally. So I recommend doing that too for a more natural challenge. It trains yourself to make every Instruct/Seminar session count. But that's only if you want to, it is a very hard challenge so only do what you feel is doable for YOU. 10. Professor Rank A is a must!! Atleast.... if you hate the monastery. The monastery is slow to get through sometimes and you are going to need it a lot. If you want to reduce time however, and do not want to gift all your students constantly to get all those motivations up, simply feed all your units with your plentiful amount of activity points that are available to you at the very start of the game if you simply use renown to make your Byleth get Professor Rank A. Feeding students is very necesarry and you're gonna want to always maximize the amount of times you instruct them at max motivation. Getting those skills as early as possible, especially in Maddening is very helpful. (Death blow, fiendish blow, darting blow, hit +20 etc.) 11. Rescue or Warp are very helpful. Try to have them on your team if you can. I personally didn't have rescue on my current maddening iron man run, but a flier with warp can help as a nice rescue alternative in emergency, since you are able to canto out of the danger zone in certain situations. 12. Right before timeskip, put every single convoy weapon in all of your units inventory (even the ones you recruited who aren't doing anything). All your inventory gets fully charged up on durability and is a very nice exploit when you're low on money or ore. 13. Make sure to get money, ore and meat when necesarry. Always do the highest level maps to get as much experience as possible when grinding in between main battles. Make sure you are at a good level to take them on though. If you need rare ore, do get it!! It's helpful for forging good weapons and repairing if needed. Money is good when you don't want to repair and simply want to buy weapons to replace them. 14. Reminder: For backup units, if you have the extra resources, make sure they are getting to their classes they need to, so that way when they are needed as a replacement unit, they are already halfway through getting the necesarry skills to keep up (like death blow and fiendish blow etc.) 15. Protect Byleth, your lord, and your waifu at all costs!! You lose the run when you lose Byleth, Edlegard, Dimitri or Claude. And we all know deep down we lose... when we lose our waifu in our iron man.... Jokes aside. Always pay attention to the Defeat Condition. If there is a unit on there that can cause a game over. PROTECT THEM AT ALL COSTS. While not mandatory, Alert stance+, Sword Avoid, Brawl Avoid, guard adjutants and the Blessing gambit on these units, help keep you at ease during the maps throughout the run!! Speaking of guard adjutants.... 16. Guard adjutants are very helpful. Your backup units aren't doing much. You may want to sometimes have them in brigand or mage during easy grind maps so they can get death blow or fiendish blow ASAP. But when you are doing main story maps, have them get to armor knight or brawler as soon as possible!! These provide you with guard adjutants and if you are at Professor Rank A, you can protect 3 of your precious units from a fatal hit once per battle!! That's very helpful!! So protect Byleth, protect Edelgard, protect your waifu (that's what I did xD) or any other unit that causes a Defeat Condition and you should be good to go!! 17. Do not take on paralogues if you feel it's too high of a risk. In fact do not do most of them!! It is not worth losing a unit over getting a simple item you wanted. You want to do the least amount of high-risk maps as possible during this run!! Unless you are VERY familiar with the paralogues and their reinforcements, do not do them, they are not necesary. It is entirely doable to complete the iron man without them. However. The knowledge gem and thyrsus paralogues are VERY worth the risk, trust me. Just be careful!! 18. New Game+ is very much recommended. It allows you to carry over gambits that you can't have in certain routes on a normal run, and you can use renown all you want to do literally everything I recommended you SHOULD do xD 19. Have fun. If you fail, do not worry. Chapter 2 is dumb, so don't worry about failing on it. I and many others have got crit several times just to officially start the run correctly 🤣 Don't let that discourage you!! This is probably the worst designed map in the game for an iron man specifically, so feel free to not count it as an iron man map if you don't want to and start at chapter 3!! Edit: 20: Chapter 5, make sure Gilbert dies and that he doesn't trigger any of the archers from above. Avoid these danger zones at all costs!! All the units randomly just start charging you if you get in the range of units at the top. So be VERY careful. 21. Also be weary of enemy skills like vantage, miracle, or wrath-type skills. Always check skills and battalions on enemies every so often!! There will be times where it may catch you off guard, so be weary!! 22: On Chapter 4, the Death Knight randonly moves and this triggers when the dark mage reinforcements stand next to him. Either defeat them before then, or be ready to defeat the Death Knight or the boss before he reaches you. Note: this is an Iron Man, so it is without divine pulses or retreating allowed since that kinda defeats the purpose of an iron man run. I thought this was obvious, which is why I didn't state it at first (since that is similar to not using Mila's Turnwheel during an iron man of Echoes). But I will mention it here just in case. Hope there is no confusion now 🙏 (End of edits) I will be making a video version of this topic, so look forward to it soon!! I will try to use video examples to showcase the different tips!! Thank you for reading and I love you all!! I hope this either convinced you to try an Three Houses iron man for yourself or at the very least intrigued you to read about what it took to complete an iron man on Three Houses for me personally!! God bless and keep gambitting my fellow iron manners!! (P.S Hapi best girl ❤️)
  8. Just quickly thought up of a quick silly one-page story for Sylvain! So what if Sylvain had a Valentine's Day disaster in Garreg Mach instead of Ren Amamiya in not-so-real-life Tokyo? Let's find out. Courtesy to awesome2464 who created Fodlan Frames, which I used in this story. Sunday Day 15 Pegasus Moon 1180 - Weather: Sunny So I started the day sleeping in and waking up well into mid-morning. Man, that date with the cute chick from yesterday was sure fun. I also managed to elude all of the other girls, at least for now... I thought I should just lay down low, stagger my dinner times, or even just have my meals here, and just laze around for the day. After all, I still feel somewhat hung over from all that refreshing drinks we had at the great hall. Or so I thought... Just then, there was a knock on the door. I tossed around the bed, trying to shut out the noise with my hands covering my ears, still groggy from yesterday. I held out for a minute or two, hoping that whoever was knocking on my door would give up. "Hey, Sylvain! Open the door!", a familiar voice shouted. But I wasn't going to give up so easily. I continued to lay down still for another two minutes, only to see the knocks getting harder. After another 30 seconds, to my shock, there was a blunt thud on the door, indicating someone was kicking it from their end. "Sylvain! For the love of everything good and holy, open the door now!" Clearly, the other person had no intention of giving up. "Who is it?" I grumbled back, more annoyed than dazed. "Dimitri. And you're in big trouble." I now realised that this was no joke. Dimi is sort of the person who you just can't mess with. And he doesn't do any favours either. I remember one time Dimi busted down Fel's door, and tightly grabbed Fel in his left arm and dragged him to Professor Seteth's office when Fel was laying down low for getting too excited in sparring, injuring a number of students in the process. I also remembered, there were a number of invitations for yesterday slipped underneath my door, and I still hadn't responded to any of the other ones. Coming over to the door, I noticed there were further letters slipped underneath between last night and this morning. I opened the door, and there he was, glaring at me. "Oh, morning, Dimi", I greeted nonchalantly. He glared at me. "Stop wasting my time, Sylvain. We need to talk. Right here, right now. What in Sothis's name did you do last night?!" "Oh, just had some fun with a girl. I mean, it's Valentine's Day after all, right?" I tried to keep it cool. "Don't play games with your house leader. They're looking for you as we speak. Consisting of three of our female students and a female professor. And they're infuriated." Suddenly, a female voice rang out along the hallway. "Excuse me!" Dimi's expression suddenly turned morose as he stared at the hallway's entrance. "...And outside the dormitory...is that?" I froze for a good two seconds there. This was it. There's no turning back. The girls all rushed right in, pushing me right into a corner. "So you already have a favorite!? I came to say hello yesterday...but when I looked in the window, you were with someone else...You dick!" Dorothea had her fiery glare whenever she faced off an enemy. And now that her glare was on me, the burn felt hotter. "...I saw the light on in here last night. Did you think you'd just try and trick this romantically impaired professor of yours?" Professor Byleth did the frosty gaze she always did when we misbehaved. Only that, I don't remember her gaze being this chilly the previous times she got me into detention... "I was worried about you, so I came to check on you yesterday...You could just said you were busy...if you had to lie about what you were doing..." I had to admit... I felt actually awful for Mercie now. EDIT: (15/PM/1890) And now when I look back through my diary, that was the last time I cheated on her. To this day, I still feel awful about it, and I am relieved that she gave me a second chance. "You're such a problem child...I left early yesterday to see how you were...and I saw you with someone else. What the fuck...?" Ingoe was growling and seething under her breath...as usual. And the accusations continued. "And here I came all this way for you..." Dorothea was sure great at guilt-tripping. "Take it, please." Wow. So to the point, Professor. "Take my chocolate, please before I crush it." I found Mercie's smile to be way more terrifying instead of the other three's frown. Maybe it has something to do with Annette's training axe that Mercie must had borrowed from and had besides her. "Hey, bozo! You can eat this, right? It's chocolate." Yeah, no shit, Miss Detective. Just then, Dimi yelled to me. "Hey, Sylvain! Say something to the girls!" Dammit, I thought. What am I supposed to say? "Please believe me."? "I was with Dimi."?? "I do want the chocolates."??? In the end, it didn't make any difference... "You're the scum of the earth!" I swear to the Goddess, Dorothea could cast Ragnarok just from her firery glare. "Are you making a fool of me!?" I also swear to the Goddess, our Professor could cast Fimbulvetr just from her frosty gaze. "Enough of this irresponsible behaviour!" When even Mercie gets angry, you know you really fucked up something. "Stop messing around, you fucking moron!" Yeah, again, no fucking shit, Ingoe. I thought I still had a chance to diffuse this situation. But Dimi was having none of it. "Professor, can I leave this entirely up to you? I've got things to attend." The Professor nodded as Dimi took his leave, leaving me to my own devices. She then turns back to me and the girls. "Girls? I shall grant you full permission to clobber this bastard! If anyone lodges a complaint against you, please explain to them that you were acting under my instructions. I will take full responsibility." Ouch. You really don't fuck around, do you, Professor. "As for you, Sylvain, we shall teach you to respect women and take fidelity seriously. One way or the other. If this is the only way you'll learn...so be it." And my fate was sealed. I disremember most of what happened after this, vaguely recalling seeing Dorothea armed with Meteor, Mercedes with Annette's axe, Ingrid with her lance, and the Professor with the Sword of the Creator before I somehow passed out. I somehow ended up in the infirmary a few hours later I woke up, and in Seteth's office for the rest of that day.
  9. This thread deals with supports of characters from Fire Emblem Three Houses and Legend of Heroes series. You can submit the two characters who shall get a support in classic Fire Emblem style (B, C, A). The condition: One characters must be from Fire Emblem Three Houses or Tellius series (unfortunately I don't know enough about the other games) and the other one of one of these games: Trails in the Sky FC (Sora no Kiseki I) Trails in the Sky SC (Sora no Kiseki II) Trails in the Sky 3rd (Sora no Kiseki III) Trails to Zero (Zero no Kiseki) Trails of Azure (Ao no Kiseki) Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no Kiseki I) Trails of Cold Steel II (Sen no Kiseki II) Trails of Cold Steel III (Sen no Kiseki III) Submissions: Lysithea x Musse Egret (Falcom Knight) (completed) Ashe x Kloe Rinz (twilitfalchion) (completed) Felix x Laura S. Arseid (DragonFlames) (completed) Lysithea x Tio Plato (Yexin) Claude x Olivier (Shrimperor) #1 Lysithea (Fire Emblem Three Houses) x Musse Egret (Trails of Cold Steel III) C B A #2 Ashe (Fire Emblem Three Houses) x Kloe Rinz (Trails in the Sky series) C B A
  10. So, I have two theories as to why Byleth's hair color is different after the time skip. In my mind, Byleth is either the reincarnation of Seiros or the Goddess's child, from the many things we've seen so far. So, following this idea, I think there are two possibilities: 1. The light green hair tone is actually Byleth's original hair color. Their father Jeralt knew of Byleth's true identity, and Byleth is the reason Jeralt resigned as a knight and became a mercenary. He made Byleth dye their hair a darker color so as not to bring any attention to them. When Byleth becomes a teacher at the academy, Jeralt goes back to being a knight so that he can stay close to Byleth and protect them should the secret be found out. Somewhere close to the end of the first part (or during the 5 years), the secret is revealed anyway, and Byleth stops dying their hair since it's lost its purpose. Also, Byleth could either know of their origin all along and not say anything, or not know anything and simply follow their father's weird orders. 2. Byleth starts with naturally teal hair, but their particular power, which seems to be related to dark magic if the purple aura in former trailers means anything, starts taking a toll on them the more they keep using it, and the more they master it. Their body gets sicker and weaker as time passes, and the light green tone could be a reflection of it (among others), meaning their hair will eventually become fully white, and somewhere at the end of the story they'll die from the usage of their own power. What about you, guys? Any other crazy theories? 😄
  11. We were SO close last time.... Let's do it.... My 2nd attempt at the Maddening Iron Man begins now:
  12. Hello everyone, I'd like to know what you all think the best music in Three Houses is (maybe setup for a poll later?)
  13. i intend on doing one of these soon with the blue lions class, but am not entirely sure what the rules are for this. ive never done a challenge run/speedrun of a game before this. What kind of things are excluded from being available and what am i allowed to do? i understand theres no set ruleset for things like this but what is the most common?
  14. Figured we should take discussion of the Christmas banner to a more public thread now that it is officially revealed. This month's Tempest Trials unit is Ignatz: Snowscape Artist.
  15. So I can't stop thinking about the Maddening Iron Man I am about to do on Crimson Flower. I'm so excited for it for some reason and I been preparing notes and stuff to take this as seriously as possible to get it done successfully on stream!! If you guys have any tips or suggestions to help make the Iron Man more doable let me know!! (This will be streamed after I finish my Maddening Blue Lions NG+ 3 DP Run). This will be my very first maddening iron man for Three Houses so I am beyond excited and nervous. I practiced Maddening for GD & BL routes, so hopefully the knowledge from those playthroughs help!! The rules are going to be: - No resets, & no retreating. If a green unit dies in a paralogue that causes a defeat condition and gameover (Rodrigue, Rhea, etc.) Run can still continue, but paralogue must be ended right there and I unable to retry it again. Any units lost prior to the defeat can't be used again. If it is one of my units and their death is apart of the defeat condition, if they die, then the run ends. - No Divine Pulse AT ALL. This is a TRUE Iron Man run so I don't want to use these like I did in my current BL Maddening run. - No DLC items (Chalice of Beginnings, Start game stat boosters, etc.) However, Vajra- Mushti & Fetters of Dromi are allowed to use for Yuri & Balthus. - Ashen Wolves, Anna, & Jeritza are allowed - No New Game+. However I will be playing on NG+ for the Edelgard hairstyle but I won't be using any of the renown. So it will be played as if it WAS a non-NG+ file. Renown statues will not be touched if they carry over some of the perks from a previous run. (I will check and try to select a file that doesn't have the statues maxed) - No Abyss Renown items. - DLC classes are allowed. - Endgame classes for team can't have more than 2 units in the same class. (No full wyvern team, full dark flier team allowed, etc.) - I am allowed to look at map/enemy data on stream to check ambush reinforcement placements & triggers. - Iron Man officially begins after the mock battle, as it's easy to get RNG screwed in that battle and lose a unit/game over. So anyone who dies stays alive. And if I game over, since nothing is really affected since the only map prior to that is the tutorial map, we are allowed to retry the map if something goes wrong (to save time from unecessarily playing the long tutorial and starting monastery section again and again) To compensate for this, the battle of the eagle and lion will be treated as an iron man map. If someone dies, I can't use them again. If there are any fun rules you want to suggest (may or may not be added) or things I am forgetting to make the Iron Man run as fair as possible, let me know!! 😄 But yeah any tips or suggestions to help me complete the run, give me your wisdom!! 😁 This is my planned team:
  16. Best Blue Lions girlies need their topic It was a teensy bit tricky because IS has still refused to give me an Elise with a Def stat but otherwise pretty easy~
  17. I dunno if it's because I'm just a huge narutard but three house's narrative reminds of Naruto in a lot of ways. Edelgard and Sasuke(at least by the end of the series) pretty much share the exact same goal in wanting to reform what they view as a failing system that has caused both them and the world at large immense suffering. They both intend to do this by killing the current world leaders(The five kage for Sasuke and Rhea/Claude/Dimitri for Edelgard). They also both lost their families due to the failures of the system which allowed for the slaughtering of the uchiha clan or the Agarthan's crest experimentation. I'm not trying to say one character is better than another here but it's just I noticed a lot of similarities. It's an interesting observation I've noticed. Even thematically these stories seem pretty similiar. Naruto is a story about two boys despertely trying to understand each other and the world around them in order to overcome their own loneliness. It's their failure to do so that causes of the internal conflict for both of them. Three houses(as far as I can tell anyway) is a story about each learning from Byleth to be true to themselves and others, so that they may reach out to one another and create a world everyone can be happy in. I dunno these observations could be a stretch but I dunno I've been re watching Naruto recently and this just sort of popped into my head. What do you all think?
  18. Pardon me from my retirement, and I will only return to this site once. But well, I know some many Fire Emblem fans are wanted a new dlc for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, even me. It's about swimwear, because, the only thing of we need. Unlike Summer of Bonds from Fire Emblem Awakening, and Beach Brawl from Fire Emblem Fates. Will Three Houses Chracters in their summer alter egos from Fire Emblem Heroes from the past year are predict a new wave dlc for Three Houses? Is this a coincidence? I guess this is a coincidence...... And We know Edelgard can't swim in the water and she is so scared. Her parents Ionius IX and Patricia were never teached to her daughter how to learn to swim, while Edelgard was a little child. She needs to have help with her teacher Byleth and her friends from the Monastery too for learn to swim, and overcome to her fear to be stronger. I was saw in a forum thread in GameFAQs about the swimsuit DLC since 7 months ago, and some fan arts from Pixiv and Twitter. They are made rumors about the swimsuit dlc, and ther version 1.2.0. from this game are keeping stable, and the developers weren't continued working, due from the COVID-19 pandemic or something else, and they weren't made a new DLC for this game in the past year. We need a new update from this game to launch a new wave DLC to avoid to be obsolete the stable version of I mentioned. So do you think about my prediction? I'm not good making predictions, because, I'm so nervious. Thanks for reading my post and have a nice day.
  19. While on the internet recently I discovered a couple or articles where Edelgard and Claude were in their respective last class the Emperor and Barbarossa.But the cutscenes are pre rendered so they Shouldn’t look this way. Some say it’s Beta Footage but I think it might be a Persona 5 Royal treatment. In interviews they admitted having added CF route last in response to the player base relating to Edelgard’s and her motivation. The DLC wave 3 added Cats and Dogs alongside the Sauna which they wanted to be a Main Game thing. Now I know a lot of folks are not gonna buy it twice if the improvements are DLC add one but I think they will do the following. 1: They would add a student Avatar for replay ability.Most folks already did all 4 Routes plus DLC 4 so they would need a Big incentive to rebuy the game again. 2: a Better CF ending. Where instead of being shown text if the TWSITD being dealt with a couple of maps on them. 3 : a New routes : the first being the Golden Route but it would have some pre requisite To go into It . # 1 The game Would have to on Classic difficulty. # 2 if not on Classic the game would toss clues on how to get said route in all 3 Lords Dialogue. The route would about Fodlan Freedom and all three lords discovering the Agarthan and Nabathean folks war and the truth about the Hero relic and the 10 Elite and the Seiros Nemesis war. Mist Lord would team up to destroy Both the remains of TWSITD and Sothis children thus exposing the truth about Duscur to Dimitri that Edelgard never was the Problem. It would about the truth. Those are my thoughts on it. What are yours?
  20. I've been contributing to Three Houses's page on The Cutting Room Floor for quite a while, and the sheer amount of stuff I have documented in it about scrapped stuff is quite impressive honestly. Something which isn't discussed often however is what some of the stuff found there implies for the game's development, which is kind of the reason this thread was made. Full disclosure: The info I'll speak about has been found and corroborated with people like DeathChaos and the fedatamine.com team, who have hacked and datamined the game. The only thing I've done myself is reporting the unused content they've uncovered in places like TCRF and NIWA’s Fire Emblem wiki, and analyzed the internal number of the game’s voice clips based on a rip someone did of the game’s files some time ago. Also, while this post might be familiar to some as I already posted a previous version of it on reddit, some of the stuff here has been revised and new tidbits were added which might be of interest for some (perhaps?). Without futher ado, let's get to the nitty gritty: 1. Thales, the sword-wielding priest??? In the game’s files there’s an unused agarthan sword called Ridill, whose description flat out states it was meant to be Thales’s signature weapon before Quake Σ took it’s place. While it’s currently unknown if the weapon has a unique model (or if it works at all), it’s interesting to note the description calls Thales a priest, rather than a guru as his class’s description does. I checked the japanese script to see if the sword’s english description happened to be a mistranslation, and it turns out that is not the case! In japanese, the characters used are “祭司“, which can be literally translated as "priest" or "seer". By contrast, Thales’s Agastya class calls him a “導師”, which more or less means “a sage/mage/guru with high authority”, thus it can be translated in far more ways than simply "priest". So yeah, this bit is quite tame overall given it’s mostly about semantics. 2. Cleobulus, the missing(?) agarthan. In the character data, between the generic TWSITD members found in Silver Snow/Verdant Wind’s Shambhala chapter lies an unused minor character boss who goes by the name of Cleobulus. The presence of this scrapped character is intriguing for 2 main reasons: a) Sans Kronya and Odesse, most of the important agarthan members are named after the Seven Sages of Greece, and in the base game there just so happens that there’s seemingly no seventh member to be seen... b) There is also an important agarthan member whose true identity is never revealed in the game: Cornelia, the court mage of Faerghus. While the character data displays the unused agarthan as a male (normally debunking whatever theory one could make about this), I also noticed one of the generic named slitherers (Bias) happens to be internally set a male Holy Knight when in-game they're a Gremory (which is female-locked). So I went and asked DeathChaos some time ago what was up with that, and here's the response I got: 3. Quests would have unlocked everything, even scrapped features. There is an insane amount of unused quests, and a bunch of them were meant for features which are either already available by default, were changed in the game or are simply scrapped. Want to tutor a student? You had to do a quest first. Exchange travelers? Hear the game’s soundtrack in Manuela’s office? Allow your students to do Certification Exams? Repair weapons? You know the drill, and this also applies for scrapped features like riding horses, trading items + getting books through it, unlocking new personal info about your students, etc. 4. Some characters have doppelgänger problems. Besides the already existing variations some characters have for story purposes like !Child Edelgard & Dimitri, there's also a few duplicates of some characters running around which most players have likely already spotted without realizing it: a) The Gilbert that aids you in Chapter 5 is a completely different character from the one you get in Azure Moon. This incidentally explains why he so happens to lack his personal ability during that map. d) The Flame Emperor seen in Chapter 6 is different to the one the game uses for story scenes and Chapter 11 in BL/GD. She seems to exist only so her name can be seen as ??? in the game's dialogue during battle. By contrast, the in-game event engine manually changes the name of the other Emperor to ??? during story scenes. c) Chapter 12 for some odd reason uses a completely different Edelgard compared to the one that's playable. While I'm not exactly sure why that's the case, I did notice that the stats she boasts in that mission are barely any higher compared to the previous chapter... d) Lastly, both the masked and playable Jeritza added via DLC are internally considered their own separate entity. The former has barely any data to speak of and doesn't even have a personal skill, though interestingly, he does bear a Minor Crest of Lamine similar to his playable self. 5. Many story scenarios and set pieces were likely planned in advance, way before their triggers were even implemented. The internal order of story events and the voice clips surrounding them are fascinating to analyze, as it might shred light on the how some stuff was implemented into the game plus the time it was implemented into development. For example: Ever wondered why the Blue Lions and Golden Deer routes get a scene prior to the Holy Tomb event with the Flame Emperor reveal which the Black Eagles don't have? Well, internally, Edelgard's coronation is located right next to those events, which suggests her scene is meant to serve as a counterpart of sorts. Caspar and Linhardt's lines as enemies on the event prior to the Fort Merceus mission from Verdant Wind actually originate from the Silver Snow route, as not only that version of the event comes first internally, the voice clips used are also located in the area where their Church route story clips are located. This also happens to double as leftovers of a scrapped feature Silver Snow had at one point where the Black Eagles who fell in Part 1 of Classic Mode showed up in Part 2 as enemies later (the devs didn't do a good job at scrubbing it, truth be told). Dedue’s return in Azure Moon was planned way before his paralogue was made, and that includes Felix & Annette’s scrapped defection as their clips are located in the area of their Blue Lion story clips lie. Lorenz’s scrapped defection on Verdant Wind has his battle clips against Claude in both the Azure Moon and Verdant Wind’s version of Chapter 16, while the monastery exploration clips where the Hilda, Raphael and Marianne acknowledge his demise exist only for Verdant Wind. Of course, this also begs the question: what scenarios were added late in development then? The short answer is: everything related to paralogues, including the Death Knight/Jeritza’s unlockable death scene in Azure Moon, as the location of its voice clips suggests it was added right after their paralogue was finished (AKA way after Azure Moon was finished). This incidentally also corroborates what a previous developer interview said about Mercedes: 6. Gronder Field 2? In my Silver Snow? It’s more likely than you think. Anyone who has played the Silver Snow route knows that its story conveniently skips the Gronder Field 2 battle and the whole month in which happens because of reasons. In spite of this, there is actual circumstantial evidence pointing the devs briefly considered giving said route their own version of that chapter: a) One of the two unused maps in the game is set to load Gronder Field 2 as the battleground, is internally called as a Chapter 17 of some undefined route, and only contains enemy and deployment placeholders only for the Black Eagles slot, while the other 2 slots for Azure Moon and Verdant Wind are empty (in case anyone wonders, both Silver Snow and Crimson Flower share the same slot internally when loading a specific map, meaning it’s entirely possible though hacking to load any map from SS into CF and make it work with mostly no issues). b) A specific map having data for only one route is a quirk which only exist for route-exclusive missions like the ones from Crimson Flower and Azure Moon, while everything else which is shared between 2 or more routes (like most of part 1 & 2 + the chapters shared between the Church and Claude’s routes) have data filled in their 2/3 slots respectively. c) In the monastery exploration script, there is one empty slot between the Silver Snow and Azure Moon routes. Had a proper Chapter 17 been added into into SS, the only data which would’ve needed to be repointed to preserve a consistent internal order would’ve been only the stuff concerning Silver Snow’s exploration. d) There is an awkward difficulty spike between Silver Snow’s Chapter 16 and 17 where the enemy’s levels go up by 4 instead of 2. This issue doesn’t exist in Azure Moon and Verdant Wind as the Gronder Field 2 battle makes sure the transition between each chapter is slightly more smooth stat-wise. e) 10 Placeholder event slots exist between the story and paralogue stuff, so adding more story scenes to Silver Snow without messing up anything afterwards would've been possible (there are also 16 more placeholders between the paralogues and Cindered Shadows, but I don't know if those existed prior to the release of the DLC). 7. "Wait, one of the two unused maps? What’s the other one about?" The second unused map has the same enemy and deployment data as the first one, with the difference it loads Fort Merceus as a battle location and it internally calls itself as a Chapter 18 of a non-defined route. Unfortunately, there’s very little evidence suggesting plans for that one. If I had to make a guess though, I dare say the Fort Merceus infiltrations for Silver Snow and Verdant Wind were planned to be far more distinct at first before both maps where combined into one spot. This is 100% conjecture from my part though, so there’s a good chance I might be wrong. 8. "What about Crimson Flower? Could have Gronder 2 or Fort Merceus been planned for that route?" Location wise, the battle script of the Crimson Flower's maps (Chapter 12-17) is all gathered together after Verdant Wind and before the paralogues. Meanwhile, CF's exploration script comes after Part 1 but before Silver Snow, Azure Moon and Verdant Wind's, so overall I find very unlikely those unused maps could have been planned for Edelgard's route. 9. Crimson Flower was likely saved for last (before the paralogues) and thus rushed, NOT unfinished. Before getting into this, I think it's important to clarify the distinction between the words rushed and unfinished, as they have different implications in spite of being used interchangeably by many. Rushed means some action/object was made hastily and under a low interval of time. Unfinished meanwhile, more or less indicates some action, product or something was never finished or given any conclusion of sorts. With that out of the way, let's talk about the 2 points which suggests Crimson Flower fits the former description rather than the latter. a) Scrapped class sprites of Rhea and Dimitri sporting their unique appearances in CF is the only thing left unused for that route on launch, and Jeritza as a whole was more or less left as a huge blank both story and data wise before the post launch updates happened. By contrast, the other 3 routes have quite the amount of unused story, battle dialogue and scrapped defection situations. b) While most story events are internally listed in chronological order for Silver Snow, Azure Moon and Verdant Wind (sort of, it kinda jumps at the middle of each one before wrapping them up later), Crimson Flower instead has its own not only listed after all three, but also has its very last event listed in the data be the scene in which Rhea attacks Byleth and kickstarts the time skip. I think it goes without saying what this implies given how the route's well known at this point for lacking animated cutscenes besides the ending. Before wrapping up, here are some honorable mentions I didn't consider huge enough to deserve their own spotlight: Scrapped dialogue & voiceclips suggest Silver Snow's Endgame was even harder at one point, as they point out the player would have needed to seize 3 separate reinforcement spots rather than just 1 to stop the White Beasts from spawning. The enemy Death Knight class is capable of teaching a playable unit the Heartseeker skill once mastered. This is the only case where an enemy only class can do so, as not even the Flame Emperor class (which is a palette/model swap of Edelgard's Armored Lord class) can do it. Speaking of Death Knight, after the Wave 3 update, data was added in CF's Chapter 12's exploration to make Jeritza/Emile appear in it to say hi and confirm he's the Death Knight earlier, which was dummied out. Regarding the unused maps mentioned earlier, those happen to be the only ones which deliberately call for Female Byleth in the deployment slots (by comparison, the game runs a code to swap Male Byleth for the Female one if it checks she was chosen at the start of the game in the other maps). Given that some cutscene stuff suggest !FByteth was added later in development, there's a huge chance the devs used those maps to test her out. So…yeah. If I had to describe this game's development with a few words, I dare say Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo tried to bite far, far more than they could chew with this one. I mean, it's well known the game was delayed twice so... (Also there's still far more unused stuff I didn't cover here. The iceberg goes deep folks!)
  21. In this file, I am gathering all information I can find about the game . All credit to Serenesforest and people from other sites. Most are from here so I want to contribute something. This is still a WIP though because Ive just began to play. I guess I will finish this after completing all three routes in hardest difficulty. You need basic Excel skill to use this, you can sort everything by numbers and colors. I used colors a lot so it looks messy in the first place. Cell colors are used to rate how good the stat, ability or a character is. For example, red means the best, orange is great, yellow is good and white is bad. The darker the color, the better it is.. Except the stats, all the ratings are my opinion and can change. All builds also are not optimal, just what I want to use in current playthrough. I have not cared about DLC stuff just yet. I used every character average stats at level 41 (without class growth) to rate them. You can change the formula to find their stats at other level, (for example D2+N2*0.4 to D2+N2*0.6 to find that stat at level 61). All opinions are welcome. I did this for FE games I played recently (3ds games and Radiant Dawn), if anyone need file for other games, just ask. FE 3H.xlsx
  22. I’ve been wondering about a 5th potential path in CF where it’s a variation of CF. What if Byleth after fusing with Sothis would have went to a doctor on a weekend after Edelgard coronation as Adrestian Empire and got their Crestone in their heart Remove and Destroyed.And the Holy Tomb after the Battle they are forced to choose but gives a smile to Edelgard and fakes a sword whipped swing but kills Rhea Instead how would things change in the Timeskip.Here are the Rules 1 # Byleth Heart starts beat after destroying the crestone and Rhea dies at the Holy Tomb. Byleth destroys the SotC afterward and doesn’t go to sleep since early Sothis Removal. I’m curious about you guys takes on this hypothesis. How would you write this what if ?
  23. I'm on my first go at Maddening on Verdant Wind, (NG, Classic) and I'm finding Maddening to be rather punishing right now. My greatest fear for the playthrough is getting softlocked on ch. 13, so I'm trying not to mess around anywhere. I'm also trying to avoid grinding, since I don't wanna wreck the difficulty curve of the game. That said, I feel that already at ch. 4, I've sorta hit a wall stat and skill wise, particularly with having no actual way to deal with the DK. I can deal with it now, but I don't know if I will be if there are any difficulty spikes. So I suppose the question is: Is Maddening feasibly possible without any auxillary battles, or should I start getting them now rather than having to backtrack later to get past a softlock?
  24. i’m looking for someone (especially @Anacybele) to rpg some sylvain stuff/sperg about sylvain crap. i have a lot to spare and i hope to find some fellow sylvain enthusiasts to have fun with the joys of sylvain. thanks!!! ike edit: i have no idea what to do with this thread but member feedback is the wrong place for it so i'm putting it here i guess
  25. So this took a hot minute. I took the statement by the creators to do some calculations about area and distances (drew a circle approximately the same area as the map, calculated the diameter based on the stated area of 2/3rds the size of Europe, and then transferred that diameter into distance across the continent) and came up with a roughly to-scale map of Fodlan for distance and travel calculations. Who doesn't like to do math for fun? The actual calculations led to a scale of 1in. = 500km rather than 300km, but that would mean a 30 day journey from Garreg Mach to Fort Merceus. So I made it 40% smaller. It's a wonder we're able to get anywhere at all. Based on the fact that thru-hikers typically travel 10 mi (16km) a day, each small box (1/10in) is equal to approximately 2 days of travel on foot or 1 day of travel on walking horseback. (I also fiddled with the rivers to make them geographically probable.) I'm also including a version with the approximate locations of different settlements and landmarks. I will update as I add more details and refine the project.
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