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Found 80 results

  1. Since starting Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I've been noticing small details ranging from gameplay to presentation from the 3DS games at least that were either retained or absent in this one. Some of the exclusions were understandable, while others were less so. One of the things I observed was that characters in Three Houses tended to speak less in battle when compared to the 3DS games. I can think of a few reasons for why this may be the case, although I am curious if other's share a similar opinion and/or if I simply haven't encountered many situations where the units do speak up in battle. Now, in Shadows of Valentia may have the most chatty Fire Emblem cast that doesn't include written dialogue. They comment on enemies missing, failing to hit themselves, their allies doing well or needing healing, and there are a number of unique quotes between units that were close to each other, such as Forsyth and Python, Mae and Boey, Luthier and Delthea, and so on. I wouldn't be surprised if the increased battle quotes were a way of compensating for the lower quantity of support conversations in Echoes, as well as how not every character would be active in the story after a certain point. In contrast, characters in Three Houses speak up a lot more in both the story and in side conversations such as during exploration, support conversations, group activities, and so on. Players can still get an idea of what characters are like even if they are outside of their class. Because of this, perhaps the developers though that having units talk a lot in battle would be redundant or unnecessary, and/or that there was enough dialogue in this game and they didn't want to risk going over-budget with the voice acting (which may or may not have been a reason why the support conversations in Echoes were so short. There are several potential explanations for that). From a different angle, while the characters may not have commented upon the enemy or themselves missing an attack, Awakening and Fates did have the pair-up system.This allowed units to say something before the battle, when defending their ally or attacking in a dual strike, and characters had a different set of quotes if their partner defeated the enemy. Meanwhile, the adjutant system in Three Houses rarely activates and I'm not certain if there even is any unique quotes for when it does occur. It is small, but it does result in there being less potential things for units to say, which becomes more noticeable when making comparisons. With that said, I am still on my first playthrough of Three Houses, and while there are several things about the game I can say for certain that I like or don't like, I am largely taking a "wait-and-see" approach towards the game. I don't know all the ins and outs yet, so perhaps the characters in Three Houses do pipe up more often in battle that I initially thought, and I quite simply haven't encountered situations where they would often do so. Again, I'm curious about what other peoples have to say regarding the topic.
  2. Yeah, I saw this video, but, I was sad for this Smash Direct, and Edelgard was disconfirmed to be a Fighter, only appears as a cameo in the Stage: Garreg Mach Monastery and Spirit. And you, what do you think about this fighter?
  3. I've noticied in Know Your Meme, a fan made sprite was posted in Fire Emblem: Three Houses entry, Is Edelgard von Hsresvelg's GBA sprite in Full body. Is made by BuskHusker, just like the style of The Blazing Blade artist, because, Three Houses has another character designer, Is Kurahana Chinatsu, the person who designed the characters from Uta no Prince-sama, instead to the Awakening and Fates artist. And I found an another one from this latest installment, but in a Fake animated gameplay: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/76939541. Is Dimitri, and is made by sameduma from Pixiv. Well, I guess this rom hack is going to be planned, but Im not sure if this rom hack is going from The Sacred Stones or The Blazing Blade? I thinks The Sacred Stones ROM Hack it's a better Idea for me...... Meh.....
  4. So far I haven't really liked the DLC that has been added, sense it is so minor. I am wondering if they will ever expand certain sections of the story into mini campaigns such as having a tragedy of Duscur/ Purge of Duscur missions.
  5. Given that FE16 has been out for a while now, I think it may be a good time to change up its description.
  6. Getting C**p Past the Radar, as it's referred to in TV Tropes (link below), refers to cases where a piece of media somehow manages to sneak in content that normally is way beyond that piece of media's rating and normally would be censored. Fire Emblem games usually have had one or two cases of this per game, though Awakening and Fates really ramped up the amount of stuff of this nature, despite Nintendo Treehouse normally coming down hard on stuff like that. What are some such moments in this game that you noticed? Was there a moment that may have made you laugh and think, "How did that not get censored?" To be clear, this isn't about whether or not you think it should've been censored; just something that you're surprised wasn't censored. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GettingCrapPastTheRadar Also, I'm not sure if I worded this well, or if the title I've given this thread is really the best title I could give it. Any suggestions?
  7. Hello one and all, and welcome to the official thread for my semi-canon sequel to my hack OC Emblem, Garreg Mach's Exchange Professors! As the title gives away, it's set in the world of Three Houses, albeit with some OCs and surprises here and there. Have fun reading! Summary: Semi-canon sequel to my hack titled OC Emblem. Archbishop Rhea realizes that the Officers' Academy has an insufficient number of instructors, and therefore recruits four more from the continent of Ohsci. What trials and tribulations will this motley crew face? Find out in: Garreg Mach's Exchange Professors! Pairings: OC x OC, Byleth x ? This post will serve as the introductory post and shall not contain any story content whatsoever. The reason for this is that I do not want to encounter the "Can't edit OP" glitch again for a crucial piece of story. Anyway, have fun reading! Note: Keep in mind that Author's Notes are written in bold to distinguish them from the raw meat of the story. Thanks! Feedback thread can be found here:
  8. Just wondering how old Byleth is in everyone's eyes. While many people don't want to romance students because of the weird social power imbalance, some say the age gap would be weird, so while I think Byleth is in the early twenties, what does everyone else think?
  9. So, I have a Christian friend with whom I recently started a playthrough with. We have had some pretty nice conversations and stuff, and I thought we could play some Three Houses as friends and as commentators. He is playing sort of blind (He has only seen F!Blyeth’s B support with Cyril and the beginning of chapter 8 and it’s story details), and I am the farthest from blind about this game, sort of. I am playing on Hard Classic. I am taking care of gameplay, and he is taking care of the avatar’s decisions. Notable happenings on session 1 of gameplay (Less than an hour) in spoiler below, for space: Overall, he has liked his experiences so far, as he said that this is a pretty complex game.
  10. So there has been little definitive discussion regarding the mechanics of New Game +, specifically what carries over and what's newly available. Wanted to create this quick reference to pitch in what I've discovered so far and help shed some light where possible.Changes:Saint Statues: Right off the bat, the primary difference between a regular playthrough and an NG+ run is that the bonuses you have previously unlocked from upgrading statues are permanent and will carry over. They do not have to be re-purchased using renown, as it has been established that it is not possible to fully upgrade all four in a single playthrough. These upgrades will remain permanent for every subsequent playthrough, and will never have to be re-purchased so long as you are playing on the same File chain. The total amount of Renown required to fully upgrade all 4 statues is 40,000 Renown (10,000 each)The Ability to Purchase Previous Supports: You will have the option of purchasing Supports that you unlocked with characters in previous playthroughs as long as said characters are available to interact with. They are not unlocked by default once purchase, meaning they will need to be re-purchased in every subsequent run. As an example, my Blyeth attained an S-Support with Dorothea on my first run, thus it was possible to immediately purchase Supports from C-S for Dorothea on the first New Game + using Renown. On a second playthrough, if your Blyeth S-Supports a different character, say Edelgard, then on every future NG+ playthrough, both Dorothea and Edelgard will have their C-S Supports immediately available for purchase. The exchange rate for one level of Support is 400 Renown for every level, so one full S-Support is a total of 1600 Renown.The Ability to Immediately Upgrade Professor Level: It takes a total of 4500 Renown to fully upgrade to A+, which will allow Blyeth an immediate 10 Activity Points on each Explore day. It is NOT recommended that you fully upgrade right from the beginning, as doing so will prevent Blyeth from earning Renown from activities that would normally raise their Professor level, such as eating meals.The Ability to Purchase Skill Levels, Combat Arts, and Abilities: These need to have been previously unlocked on a specific character from a previous playthrough in order to be available for purchase, i.e., if a Felix from a previous playthrough attained an A+ Skill Level for Sword (regardless of which of the four routes you recruited him) you will have the option of immediately purchasing an A+ Skill Level as soon as you have Felix in your roster, much like Support. As with Supports, all previously unlocked Skill Levels, Combat Arts, and Abilities on ALL runs will be available on subsequent playthroughs, but the unlock will still be specific to the character (i.e. unlocking a skill for one character on a previous playthrough does not make that skill available for Renown purchase on another in NG+)All Previously Hired Battalions Remain in Inventory: Battalions that you acquired in previous runs will be immediately available in your inventory from the start of NG+. By extension, all battalions you had in your first and second playthrough will be available in your third, and so on. These are availble from the start, and do not need to be re-purchased.Shop Items: All unlocked Shop Items from your first playthrough will be immediately available on every NG+ run. This includes items that are typically stocked in limited quantity, which will still retain their monthly limit. Prices do not change for items, and specific shops (such as the Battalion Shop, Eastern/Western Market, etc.) must still be unlocked with their specific conditions (certain day, completing the relevant quest, etc.)Crests: Upon completion of your first playthrough, several Crest Items will be immediately available in the convoy for use. These have various in-battle abilities for you to use on subsequent runs as long as your character has it in their inventory. The specific crests allocated vary depending on choices made during your previous playthrough, although it is currently uncertain what specifically determines the Crests you are given.Appearance: You will be able to switch each character's outfit from their Student Outfit to Post-Timeskip Outfit. The three main lords also have an additional option of changing their hairstyle, should you so desire.Acquiring Renown:The amounts of Renown rewarded for typical activities are as follows:Quests on Exploration Days in the Monastery: 200-500 depending on questCompleting Battles/Quest Battles if Battle option was selected on Sunday: 100 per Battle if Blyeth is MVP (this does NOT include battles on normal mode that do not require Battle Points and can be infinitely farmed)Completing Monthly Missions: 100 per Mission only if Blyeth is MVPThat's all for now; will update as more is discovered along the way.
  11. So a Thought came to me as I was playing Three Houses. Rhea's Transformation is that of a Dragon, and it appears that the other Nabateans (Macuil and Indech) have transformations too (or at least bestial forms), but only Rhea seems to be a tried and true Dragon. While Macuil and Indech seem to be some other creatures ( a Bird/thing and a Tortoise/thing, respectively). So I guess what I am wondering, is are all Nabateans Dragons, or do they have their own individual forms, like Macuil and Indech? I suppose if you wanted to go there you can say that Indech and Macuil's forms seem to be hybrids with dragon-esque features, but it seems odd to not have them be a little more uniform if they were all Dragons. Also, what would Cethleann transform into? Cichol? For Cethleann, I imagine a Sea Serpent of some kind, mostly because of her unending love of fish, and for Cichol... I have no idea. I am curious to know if this little Idea has popped up through anyone elses head while playing Three Houses.
  12. Welcome! I'll be playing through the Black Eagles route, debating on doing all three as this game is quite long and I have many other RPGs in the backlog... was really nervous about posting these at first I'll be updating here as I upload (if the playlist doesnt update on its own I'll post new videos by themselves after this - will still make an update post every time I've uploaded though), this will be video only, and there's some swearing in these, so be warned. Still I really hope you enjoy these, I have lots of fun editing them!
  13. Hey folks, I'm turning this thread into a video archive on my 3H videos. Chris Hackney Interview Cyril: The Character Everyone Hates, Apparently. Hanneman: A Main Character in Secret Ike, Lyn and Robin. What If They Were in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Shamir: Deadliest Waifu Deva Marie (Voice of Flayn) Interview
  14. I've been wondering for a while what's next for FE and also what the fanbase is hoping for. We've got 3H DLC coming for a while still, but I have to imagine IS are already working on plans for the next entry. And with FE growing bigger than ever with each new entry since Awakening, there's quite a lot of possibilities imo. I think it's generally assumed they're working on an FE4 remake, but the director of SoV did state he wanted to do FE6 next, so it isn't a sure thing. There's also the possibility of a new Warriors game or another spinoff, remasters, and classic games being added to the Japanese Nintendo Switch Online app. That's without even considering a new game or follow up to 3H. So what would everyone prefer to see next? For the first question, try limiting yourself to your top 3 most wanted choices. Also, if discussing possible follow ups to Three Houses, please spoiler tag anything that reveals details about the story. I personally do want to see an FE4 remake next, as I feel it could build on the engine they've got for 3H and as it was sort of an inspiration for the story this time, it makes sense to remake it now. I'd also love a Tellius remaster double pack, as it's my favourite FE world. And finally, I'd love some sort of follow up to Three Houses, as I think Fódlan has a lot of potential still and we haven't really had a direct sequel/prequel in a while. Thoughts?
  15. Teasing some code I've been working on but could someone take a look at this for me and give some feedback. I've built a stat generator in python that uses the following as input (using a fan favorite for example): Char Lysithea Class Start End Noble 1 4 Monk 5 9 Mage 10 19 Warlock 20 29 Gremory 30 45 And gives you the chart below. It factors in class change, class base stats, character and class growths. All the goodness. Obviously this doesn't reflect the items you might use (might add that later?) There are still some bugs to work out. But I'm getting there. A few questions: What level do people generally end game at in maddening? Do people generally make the min level targets for class change there? Beginner at 5 Intermediate at 10 Advanced at 20 Master at 30 Is making a tool like this available for public use something people are interested in? Notice anything off? class hp str mag dex spd lck def res cha 1 Noble 22 4 11 7 7 4 3 4 5 2 Noble 22 4 11 8 8 4 4 5 6 3 Noble 22 4 11 8 8 4 5 6 6 4 Noble 22 4 11 9 8 5 5 6 6 5 Monk 22 5 12 9 9 5 5 7 6 6 Monk 22 5 13 10 9 5 5 8 6 7 Monk 22 5 14 10 10 6 5 8 7 8 Monk 22 5 15 11 10 6 5 8 7 9 Monk 22 6 16 11 10 7 5 8 7 10 Mage 26 6 18 13 11 8 5 10 7 11 Mage 26 6 19 14 12 8 5 10 7 12 Mage 26 6 20 15 12 8 5 10 7 13 Mage 26 7 21 15 13 8 5 11 8 14 Mage 26 7 21 16 13 8 5 12 9 15 Mage 26 7 21 17 13 8 5 12 10 16 Mage 26 7 21 18 13 8 5 12 11 17 Mage 27 7 22 19 14 8 6 13 12 18 Mage 27 8 23 20 14 8 6 14 12 19 Mage 27 8 24 20 14 9 6 14 12 20 Warlock 31 9 27 21 15 10 12 19 12 21 Warlock 32 9 28 22 15 10 12 19 13 22 Warlock 32 9 29 23 15 10 12 20 13 23 Warlock 32 9 29 24 15 10 12 20 13 24 Warlock 32 9 30 25 16 10 12 20 13 25 Warlock 32 9 31 26 17 10 12 20 13 26 Warlock 33 9 32 26 18 11 12 20 13 27 Warlock 33 9 32 27 18 11 12 20 13 28 Warlock 33 9 33 28 18 11 12 20 14 29 Warlock 33 9 34 29 19 11 12 20 14 30 Gremory 34 9 36 31 19 12 13 20 16 31 Gremory 34 9 37 32 19 12 13 20 16 32 Gremory 35 9 38 32 20 12 13 20 17 33 Gremory 35 9 39 32 20 12 14 21 17 34 Gremory 35 9 40 33 20 12 14 22 17 35 Gremory 35 9 41 34 20 12 14 22 18 36 Gremory 35 9 42 35 21 13 14 22 18 37 Gremory 35 9 42 35 22 13 14 23 18 38 Gremory 36 9 43 36 22 13 14 23 19 39 Gremory 37 9 43 36 23 14 14 23 19 40 Gremory 37 9 44 36 23 14 14 23 20 41 Gremory 37 9 45 37 23 15 14 23 20 42 Gremory 37 9 46 38 24 15 14 23 20 43 Gremory 37 9 46 38 24 16 14 23 20 44 Gremory 37 9 47 38 24 16 14 23 20 45 Gremory 37 9 48 39 25 16 14 23 20 Ideally you'd run the input 100 times and generate statistics on "There's a 90% chance you'll be in this range". Honestly that's a lot closer now that the generation piece is already done. Still big thanks to all who deliver content for Serene Forest 3 Houses.
  16. I wrote a song about one of my favourite Three Houses characters, Sylvain Gautier, to the tune of Carly Simon's You're So Vain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHtGqEXPz1Y
  17. It's now time to poll the full forum on what your favorite music from Three Houses is! I've included separate polls for the Final Map themes, because it's quite variable on which is preferred by you all, so I've included them as separate polls! The songs are as follows: The Edge of Dawn: The Game's main theme, used in the opening movie, as well as several pivotal story moments. Blue Skies and a Battle / Between Heaven and Earth : Chapter 7 (Battle of the Eagle and Lion) / Chapter 17 (Blood of the Eagle and Lion) Map themes As Fierce as Fire: Post-Timeskip preparation theme Chasing Daybreak: Early Post-Timeskip battle theme The King of Lions: Dimitri's theme The Leader's Path: Edelgard's theme Dwellings of the Ancient Gods: Chapters 2, 6, 11 (Holy Tomb) battle theme Shambhala (Area 17 Redux): Verdant Wind chapter 21 (TWSITD Battle theme) Tempest of Seasons: Default Paralogue theme Tearing Through Heaven: Chapters 8, 9, 10 Battle themes (TWSITD, pre-timeskip) Awakening: The cutscene in which Unfulfilled: Battle theme against the unchosen Lords Roar of Dominion: Chapter 12 (Garreg Mach Invasion) Battle theme Scales of the Goddess: Post-Timeskip Monastery theme Any of Annette's songs: The little songs that Annette sings in Supports with Felix, Petra, and others Final Battle themes: Sorry about the long post, but I hope you enjoy the poll!
  18. Keeping up with the Three Houses content, we have a new Bound Hero Battle. Map Hard & Lunatic Infernal Infernal Enemy Data Tibarn Caineghis Blue Fafnir Red Mage Green Fafnir Troubadour
  19. So, you know those roster cards everyone but Byleth has? The ones with the likes, dislikes, and interests? Well, we are going to make some for our Byleths. I’ll start. Byleth (Male): Interests: •Fishing •Light Socializing •Teaching (developed after a while) Likes: Sweets, fishing, rest, walking, pets, his students (developed after a while) Dislikes: Hiding thoughts, lost items, failure, flirts
  20. Hello everyone, I'd like to know what you all think the best music in Three Houses is (maybe setup for a poll later?)
  21. This question mentions a spoiler. I put it in the title but idk if there was anything else I needed to do....anyway If I choose to side with the church do I lose any equipment Edelgard and Hubert have? I would like to fully utilize them in the last chapter I have them in but if I don't get their equipment back I need to take some stuff from them.
  22. How do paired endings work in this game? (non-Byleth) Is it the first A support or top person in their close allies? I'm wondering because if its the latter than some of my pairings are seriously screwed, and I've been hearing mixed things.
  23. I’m not able to find any information on how Combat Arts like Lance Jab are affected by their designated stat (Lance Jab’s is speed). What is the increase per point? Does anyone here know this formula?
  24. I had finished playing my first route. I had loved the game, but I wouldn't have called it my favorite fe game. Afterwards I decided to play a different route. This time I liked the fame significantly less. In fact I got really sick of playing it. I decided to drop that playthrough, and replay my first route. I still didn't like the game, and I was only getting more sick of playing it. I put the game away, and decided to play other fire emblem's. While playing them I was wondering why I liked my first route, but hated my second and third. I came to a conclusion and would like to flesh out the biggest problem I have with three houses. That problem is the lack of limitations.that is to say. The only time I liked playing three houses is when I artificially limited my resources. From banning fliers, banning turn wheel, and never doing paralogue's or auxiliary battles. Fire emblem, as a strategy game, gives itself well to limitations and how you solve puzzles. Either trying to work around those limitations, or embracing them, these games don't only have just one answer; these games have multiple answers that all are valid strategies to get through special situations. From deciding to buy that silver sword to having a unit die. The situation your in is special, because the money you spend and experience given is all limited. In fire emblem three house your choices don't matter. It doesn't matter if Sylvain died; Just turn back that clock till you pull through. If you bought too many stat boosters, weapons, repaired some items, bought some seeds, etc. You can just play some auxiliary battles to get some money back. You're given the freedom to make everyone the best class in the game, and no amount of money is stopping you from getting the best weapons or battalions. There's only ever one right way to beat any chapter. I get that they try to limit such things sone what, but giving you the ability to hit the battle icon twice a month, and the fact you can do up to 3 maps in the later games, means you never have to go without experience or money. Advanced seals may cost quite a bit of money, but you have so much money anyway. Another resource that is given to you too much are forging stones. Of course special forging stones are harder to get, but normal forging stones in particular are practically just handed to you. Group tasks are a good example of this. They give you proficiency in certain skills, they don't take any resources to use, and they give you forging stones. You get given, and have too many, of these valuable resources. So much that I question why things like regular forging stones exist instead of allowing you to just forge with money alone. I do think I would enjoy three houses more if they were restricted, but I do not require them to, nor do I expect them. I would be fine if they went into the next game with that in mind. Finally, the turn wheel. I have my idea as how to fix it, and I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Each use of the turn wheel allows for you to go anywhere on the time line, even back to the beginning of the map. I've seen two good reasons for its existence. 1. It means those who don't ironman never have to restart an entire map. 2. It gives a safety net for new players. It does indeed allow for corrections of mistakes without replaying the entire map, but it's not the best system to put in place. I would impose a limited resource. One that saves your game in the middle of a chapter, that can't be repaired, and incentives you not to use it. I would propose for this item to be the main characters sword. It is a good weapon, it saves the game, it has about 15-20 durability, and can't be repaired. In my mind this gives an incentive to new and old players to take their chances. It also acts as a safety net if they ever needed it. This gives you an option as to what you want to do. Do you want to save your game, or take your chances and use the weapon to kill bosses.
  25. Despite skepticism I grabbed this Fire Emblem Three Houses after all. This will become a blind run. Blind means blind. I have like zero preknowledge about this game. I know the Three Houses and who their leader is, but this is basically it. I never ever visited the Three Houses section because I did not expect to purchase this game. But since people praised it without spoilering any story and gameplay details and compared it to games I really like, I give this game a chance. Since as said before that I have no knowledge about the Houses and characters, you can decide which House I shall support and whom to marry - if pairing exists what I am assuming it does. I also warn in advance that I am out of practice regarding Fire Emblem, so you might see the one or other move by myself. Since I am bad and out of practice in Fire Emblem I think it is a fair compromise. Also to make this run a bit challenging at least, fallen units will stay dead. I will not reset for any death unless it is connected with a Game Over. So be prepared for a massacre and low-units-run. Nah, I will do my best to not let it happen (all that often). Introduction cutscene A big fight between at least two armies is going on with these guys as their leader: Man attacks the woman....... and this is how it ends: Probably not only for the started fight by him, but we will see later hopefully. Anyways it starts really dark and violent, so (hopefully) a darker FE game? ........ This girl is shown up (looks like a manakete). It looked like to me as if she dreamed the cutscene. Anyways She talks to me (the avatar) and then the avatar selection is coming up. It is up to vote for their gender, this will be continued in the next part.
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