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Found 1 result

  1. It's been years since a Hurt and Heal has occurred on this forum, and 2018 seemed like a mighty fine time to bring it back! Rules: - The theme is Echoes and all characters on this list are playable characters (DLC included) or notable villains and NPCs. - Every character starts at 20 points. - Heals increase a character's score by 1, Hurts decrease a score by 2. - You may Hurt/Heal once every 5 Hurt and Heal posts (not including your own); that is, you may do so every 5 people posting a hurt/heal; alternatively, if the thread has low activity, you may also post once every 24 hours. - Announce your actions at the top of your post. - Color and bold your hurts red and your heals green. Color kills (reducing a score to 0) blue. - Copy and paste a person's old post and remove formatting (and dead people). Deaths (in order): (1) Est, impaled by Bartozio's lance! (2) Deen, tragically sniped by Sborge! (3) Clive, struck with Iris's lightning! (4) Sonya, burned to death by Iris's fire! (5) Alm, learned the horrors of Rex Glacies' Night 2 Curse! (6) Tatiana, stabbed with Conqueror's sword! (7) Yuzu, pushed off a cliff by Iris! (8) Shade, brainwashed and sent to her death by Rex Glacies! (9) Randal, snapped in half by Rex Glacies' command! (10) Emma, frozen to death by Purple Mage's ice spell! (11) Jedah, silent assassinated by Hecatia Lapislazuli! (12) Rudolf, stabbed by Purple Mage's Rapier! (13) Jesse, killed by DefaultBeep's sheepiness! (14) Slayde, killed by Conqueror's quest for revenge! (15) Nomah, set on fire by Iris! (16) Duma, last health sucked by Purple Mage's Nosferatu! (17) Leon, had a boulder pushed on him by Conqueror! (18) Kliff, axed to death by Irony! (19) Conrad, died in a mysterious horse riding accident that was arranged by Conqueror! (20) Kamui, cut in half by DefaultBeep! (21) Mila, hit by a super effective Ice Beam from Purple Mage! (22) Valbar, also stabbed by Purple Mage's Rapier! (23) Faye, killed by the mob but sniped by Ginko! (24) Delthea, frightened to death by Iris! (25) Tobin, crushed by Ginko! (26) Mycen, sung to sleep by Rex Glacies! (27) Rinea, mercy killed by DisobeyedCargo! (28) Fernand, rightfully killed by Ginko! (29) Luthier, drowned by Ginko! (30) Berkut, killed by Conqueror's insanity! (31) Forsyth, scythed by Ginko! Kill Count: (5) Conqueror: Tatiana, Slayde, Leon, Conrad, Berkut (5) Ginko: Faye, Tobin, Fernand, Luthier, Forsyth (5) Iris: Clive, Sonya, Yuzu, Nomah, Delthea (5) Purple Mage: Emma, Rudolf, Duma, Mila, Valbar (3) Rex Glacies: Alm, Shade, Randal, Rex Glacies (2) DefaultBeep: Jesse, Kamui (1) Bartozio: Est (1) Hecatia Lapislazuli: Jedah (1) Irony: Kliff (1) SB: Deen (1) DisobeyedCargo: Rinea I'll go first to show an example of how to post! May the best Valentian character survive!
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