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Found 2 results

  1. ... because new old information is better than what we've gotten recently, aka nothing. If any of this is common knowledge already, do tell me, and I'll turn my profile pic the other way to symbolize my everlasting shame. Also quick disclaimer... long three parts post ahead. It's mainly images, though. TIDBITS 1: This looks familiar This is the first environment we see in gameplay. Shot 1, the player is about to select Edelgard, shot 2, it zoomed in and Edelgard is about to attack Mercedes. On the first shot, notice the fork in the road in the top left. On the second shot, the fact that it keeps going to the right at both top corners of the screen. Also note the specific 7 trees formation visible on both(top of shot 1, left of shot 2), and the darker path, above Edelgard on shot 1, and under her on shot 2. Now here's a shot of another environment we see slightly later, which I'll turn around 90° and touch up a bit ... fork in the road, path that goes to the right, specific seven trees formation, and the darker path(which isn't too visible here, so here's a bigger version : https://i.imgur.com/OBEOpHb.jpg So yeah, it's looking like the same place. To further prove it, here's one combat shot from each, of Edelgard attacking Mercedes, and Byleth attacking Hilda; both are fighting an enemy further down in the direction of the path, and the camera is showing what's behind them. -> -> The angle is slightly different, but you can clearly see a really specific rock formation on the left(which I'd guess is also where that fork in the road leads to). I think this is pretty definitive proof so I'll leave it at that for the sake of brevity, but there are more details if you're not convinced, such as boulders, the moving camera as Mercedes counterattacks Edelgard, etc. Just to commentate on this real quick, at first I wondered if it only meant that this was the same chapter and we'd get a camera rotation feature. But, that doesn't seem too likely. Look at the minimap on that Byleth screenshot, and you should spot a reversed L-shape made of six grey squares, with a red sword unit at the tip. Considering the seven trees formation is also visible on the map, and we can see in the distance that those grey squares are in fact rocks, those are the same ones Mercedes' squad is standing close to... But those characters are not here. So, this specific place is likely being reused in two distinct chapters, which, when you think about it, is not that common in Fire Emblem. Maybe a sign of things to come, maybe not. Tidbits 2: Okay, but where's the castle? For anyone wondering if the castle we see Byleth free roaming through in the trailer is nearby, and where, I have a relatively conclusive answer... it's at the end of the road I mentioned earlier, and I can tell because of landmarks(as well as the general topography of the place) that are visible both on the shot of the castle in the distance, and the one right before Byleth attacks Hilda. That being said, they're pretty small and partially covered by trees, so I'll try to convey them as best I can with color coding and bigger screencaps(sorry). So first, the basic images: ... and now the color coded stuff Now assuming you're not busy thinking I'm stretching, you might have noticed the small orange circle. This is the house. What house? Why, this one of course: (went with a big image here too so that you could spot the path going up the mountain behind it, reinforcing the idea that there is something up there). So yeah, a house with blue walls(and potentially the objective of the map). On the image above, what I circled is a dark blue part that stands out behind the trees, though it might not be too easy to see without zooming in. Pretty strong chance they're one and the same. And this is all I have. So clearly it's not 100%, but I feel it's pretty decent proof, and in this case too there are more smaller details here and there, on top of, again, being a bit more obvious in motion than with still images. Now about the castle itself. I tried really hard to map the thing out with the various shots we got throughout the trailer, but... I failed, basically. I've concluded that the faraway shot displayed above features a low quality model that's not exactly going for incredible visual fidelity; and overall, we just got too little for something that appears to be decently big. I still have two little somethings, though. Shot two especially is much easier to see in motion plus the music at this point of trailer is glorious so you have no excuse. But anyway yes, apparently what we can probably call the entrance of the castle leads directly into that building. And for thing two... see that silhouette in the lower left of that last image, near the throne of sorts? ... now I will admit that this one is a bit of a stretch, but enemy-induced shade of red aside, there's definitely a resemblance. And assuming I'm correct, this could strengthen the theory that the battles we've covered so far are just training between students, because what would an enemy be doing peacefully hanging out right under your nose? Of course, there are other possible explanations, though. Anyway that's it for tidbits 2. One more to go. Tidbits the third: Mapping that foggy chapter we see a few battles in So out of the 5 gameplay environments showcased in the E3 trailer, only two really gave us anything to work with: the one I've covered above, and a cloudy riverside area we see three combat clips in. Well these can all be located relative to one another, getting us a decent part of the map through the process. So let's start with the third and last clip because it gives us a nice, convenient angle; you can see the enemy leader's feet right under the mage's dress. As for the map(s), in blue are the allied units, in red the enemy they're targeting, and the grey lines are the limit of our sight. The rest is scenery; azure for the river, green for trees, etc. What's out of sight I left blank because... well we don't see it, simple as that. This river is nice and all, but it's completely out for the remainder of the clips, so maps will be flipped vertically from here on, and the river will be to the south instead of north. Oh and by the way, nobody carries a tome in the above shot. Does that mean anything? Who knows. The mage then throws a fireball and we get the enemy's viewpoint. For a larger version: https://i.imgur.com/DNk1D9z.jpg Most of the interesting stuff is to the left. There's a boulder there, with a mountain in the background(both in brown on the map), and even further away, barely visible here, a castle can be spotted(black tiles). I'll detail why the castle in particular is important afterwards, for now what matters is that they're here. Okay, so now we go to Dimitri... but wait, that looks familiar doesn't it? Same boulder with a mountain behind, same trees to the right, same castle in the background. Indeed, it's roughly the same place, I've estimated thanks to specific trees visible on both that this is merely one space away. In fact, since this is close range combat and we're getting a view of the enemy space, I'd say Dimitri and the mage attacked from the same tile. You may have spotted a problem with the map though. Dimitri attacks from 2 range here for the angle to work, that shouldn't be possible when he's fighting with an iron lance. I chose to assume things were the other way around, and the mage is the one attacking diagonally, since of the two only she should be capable of doing that. So let's flip the map 45° degrees. Last time, I promise. Also, we can see that the mountain keeps extending to the right, so I put that in. And finally, the last clip, starring Claude: Now I believe the mountain to the right of Claude's shot to be the same as the one in the other two. Unfortunately even by zooming in, trees partially block the way and this cannot be established with 100% certainty. They share the slanted shape however, and match geographically in the end, so I rolled with it. Regardless, the big thing is the castle in the back. Oh, and I didn't show it on the map because this thing is speculation heavy enough as it is, but judging from everything else, Claude seems to be attacking from 3 range here, with an iron bow. Anyway. From Claude's clip, in the top right: Now from Dimitri's, in the top left: From the mage's, same And the two fused: Seems specific enough that it's no coincidence. So, taking into account that the castles in the back of previous maps are seemingly one and the same, the complete thing looks like this: ... give or take a bunch of spaces here and there at least, and it could be flipped 90°, 180°, or 270°, too. But I think I got relatively close(barring the 50% or so we don't get to see:p). Ok that's the bulk of it, thanks for reading this, hopefully it was worth your time. Here's one last thing I spotted after a while that I think bears mentioning, from Claude's clip: ... some sort of rune on the ground. Not sure what it could be, since things like healing tiles and such tend to only appear on the map, not in actual battle. I guess it's a new game though so who knows? Anyway, that's it, now to continue waiting for more info from Nintendo... sooner than later hopefully. Y'all have a good one.
  2. What keeps your Fire Emblem gears turning? After reaching two hundred recorded hours of playing, I asked myself this, and I'm curious, what keeps everyone else going? Characters? Enjoyable grinding? DLC? (I wouldn't know too much about that)... Fanservice (ie. Summer scramble)? Or do you just enjoy maxing out your stats and skills? I enjoy having my units reach ridiculous levels of strength and throwing them into the final chapter alone, watching them wreck shop with all those grimleal, but what about you?
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