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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, today I decided to download Tiled to create a map, as long as I found a problem, after having imported some graphics to test tiled I found this problem (Go to see the image)… Can anyone help me to resolve this problem?
  2. I was modifying an FE8 map using the PNG converter with Mappy. After exporting the map, I inserted it using the MAR inserter and updated the pointer on the event data table (I didn't forget to add 0x08000000). Now when I start up the game, all the map tiles seem to be mapped incorrectly... So when I exported with Mappy, I asked it to give me a screenshot, and this is what I have (and what I expected): So the PNG shows the correct tiles. But when I open up the map in game, this is what I get: All the floor and wall tiles got mapped to the "blank" tiles, the unopened chests are now opened and all the water tiles turned into some green/white grass tiles (the grass tiles are actually from the same tileset, so the tileset should still be the correct one). It seems like the pointer is pointing to the correct map, but the tiles in the tileset are messed up. Since I was modifying an existing map, I am still using the exact same tileset. So I am thinking that maybe something got messed up when Mappy was exporting the map as MAR. Does someone have an idea what I might be doing wrong? P.S. This seems to be a similar issue to this other post here
  3. So I want some tiles to change within an event such as the opening or ending of a chapter (like in FE8 chapter 9 on Ephraim's path when Tana is captured by Gheb). Thing is I'm not entirely sure how to do it, I tried reading Arch's guide to chapter construction as it has helped majorly but I inserted my tile changes using tiled...sooooo I don't know what to do because I did my tile changes the easy way...
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