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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been itching to show off my work for my ongoing Ocarina of Time Mod. Right now, I am not too keen on showing off or revealing the story, but I will share some WIP overworld areas. Some of these maps are older than others but they all retain quality that I deem to be shareable. These will and do work on a real N64, some videos were recorded on an emulator but every new video will be hardware recorded. I hope you all enjoy!
  2. It's Independence Day, everyone! For those of you who aren't from the USA, this is basically the day we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which happened 241 years ago on July 4th, 1776. It's our biggest patriotic holiday, and is celebrated across the land with cookouts, country music, and fireworks. While patriotism isn't exactly at an all-time high right now in the US, it's still a really big deal to a lot of people. So do any of you have any great memories of previous July 4ths? Any family traditions you would like to share? Please note that this is NOT a thread for talking about whatever you think is right or wrong about America. That belongs in a different thread.
  3. In case anyone wants them for anything I recorded the stats of enemies as I beat the game. Alm & Act 5: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eAkDo4Xi-6coOTH5lzPn4fJA77oJ_uSviyvui3X_H24/edit?usp=sharing Celica: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iB6Z9i-oBEt4hgOgT5Q1_IqgK06ze4PWZ7iu9BU1OcA/edit?usp=sharing There were a few terror battles in Act 5 I didn't record and I didn't do any optional stuff like the encounters, but they weren't really difficult. Can extract boss data from these too in case it's wanted for the main site.
  4. For Fates, I currently have 83:27 on my Activity Log, which is quite a lot for a mere seven times played. The average play time I have is about eleven hours-which is more than double the second place software's average time. Personally, I probably could have done more if it weren't for my job and it's rather ridiculous scheduling times, although I did manage to beat Birthright in the first week, at least.What about you guys? How much have you played Fates this past week?
  5. Just saw this article: http://time.com/4129171/nintendo-tatsumi-kimishima/ The actual new info doesn't come in until halfway through. From my read-through, Kimishima seems pretty confident in himself (“I feel that I have a firm understanding of this company,”). However, he admits that they've done a poor job of communicating about Miitomo, and notes that there's still challenges on the horizon. As for NX, Kimishima assures us that Nintendo has learned from the Wii U, and that they're "not building the next version of Wii or Wii U,” and that “[NX] is something unique and different. It’s something where we have to move away from those platforms in order to make it something that will appeal.” He also intends to personally see the company through beyond the NX launch (implying he expects he'll be re-elected as the President once his initial 1-year term has finished). As the article closes, he shares something Yamauchi taught him during his time at the Pokemon Company: "the importance of staying within one’s means. “Or ‘Don’t try to be too big for your boots,'” he says, laughing once again and adding, “I have tried to keep this in mind in the management of Nintendo" All in all, there's not a lot of new stuff; just some interesting tidbits about Tatsumi Kimishima.
  6. So I just wandered over to check out the official YuGiOh banlist to see if the new one was up. I was figuring Trishula would break free from it's ban eventually, and was relieved to see it was still banned and therefore would continue to be affordable for me to get. Wandering down the list, I saw something that basically shook apart my concept of the game. Raigeki is now not banned anymore. For 10 years, since the very first banlist, this card has not been allowed to be used. This card was the reason the banlist was put into place in the first place. The card was too ridiculous. You could topdeck it at any moment and save yourself from almost any situation, or you can use it to get rid of whatever monsters your opponent has guarding them to go in for an easy OTK. I do not understand...
  7. By what time do the Gen 1 characters have to be in love for the children to appear in Gen 2? I've been looking all over, and I can't find an answer-and for some reason the love points aren't always distributing, so I kind of need to know.
  8. I had this idea by seeing the enthusiasm for 2vs2 Multiple Battles in the other topic. What if we made a tournament? It would be something like this: Scenario A) Everyone chooses his/her mate and subscribes to the tournament. The couples will have 1 week to prepare at least 3 pokémon each, make strategies, decide various things, etc. The couples will stay the same for the whole duration of the tournament. All the matches of the tournament will be played within one day. Scenario B) Everyone who wants to partecipate subscribes to the tournament. The couples will be then decided at random. The partecipants will have 1 week of time to prepare themselves. The couples will stay the same for the whole duration of the tournament. All the matches of the tournament will be played within one day. Scenario C) Everyone who wants to partecipate subscribes to the tournament. The couples will be decided at random at the beginning of each round. Before each round, every couple will have 3 days to prepare themselves. Let me hear your thoughts. :) Also if you have some better ideas, feel free to tell us.
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