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Found 1 result

  1. So with certain contests coming up soon, I figure before I go hard I should make things easier for the parts of modding that are huge time wasters. This resource shall address Portraits this time. Like Animations, I decided to take all GBA portraits and make one set of colors the master palette for faster custom mug splicing so one can polish their hack at a faster rate. However portraits are a little different because it has 1 more constant color which is the shading (14,11,11). Also had to touch up a lot of portraits and make them 16 colors when they weren't before so if you do not like the small touch ups, you can just find the original portrait and compare what I changed to make your own edits. The point here is that it will be far easier to do just that. Quick Notes for splicers: Hair is the blue block (yellow is the 4th hair color when needed, tried to stay consistent with this), Primary color is the reds, skin color is [25,14,7]/[30,20,11]/[31,27,17]/[31,31,26], secondary color is purple [13,0,31] and yellow [31,31,7], and the constants are white, border [11,8,12], and the shadow shading [14,11,11]. Will explain more soon. Master Sheet(up here cause SF edit options have become disgusting to use)
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