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Found 3 results

  1. I decided to try out vanilla Lunatic for Awakening's 10th anniversary, and this chapter is a massive roadblock (no pun intended). Any ideas for how I can make it through? Since this is a quasi-ironman run (i.e. I'm allowed to reset from my last save if I get a Game Over instead of starting the whole run from scratch), I'm open to any plan that requires sacrifice, though I'd obviously prefer keeping everyone alive if I can. I know Lunatic doesn't really have any consistent strategy and requires you to rethink your plan on the fly, but even just an idea for what to do on Turn 1 would be a huge help. NOTE: This is NOT Lunatic+; this is regular Lunatic. No worrying about shit like Vantage+, Luna+, Pass, or Hawkeye. I'm masochistic to a certain extent, but I have my limits, and Lunatic+ sounds like CBT without the CB. (Plus, I haven't unlocked it yet, so I couldn't play L+ if I wanted to.) My current team (not including Stahl, Vaike, or Miriel) Chrom Level 3 Lord (36 EXP) 22 HP 8 STR 2 MAG 9 SKL 10 SPD 7 LCK 8 DEF 3 RES Inventory: Falchion, Rapier (34 uses) Supports: Frederick (C Support) Weapon ranks: D Swords Skills: Dual Strike+ Robin (female, +Spd/-Def) Level 5 Tactician (98 EXP) 21 HP 9 STR 7 MAG 8 SKL 11 SPD 8 LCK 6 DEF 4 RES Inventory: Thunder (25 uses), Vulnerary (1 use) Supports: Lissa (C Support) Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Tomes Skills: Veteran Lissa Level 2 Cleric (19 EXP) 18 HP 2 STR 5 MAG 4 SKL 4 SPD 9 LCK 3 DEF 4 RES Inventory: Heal (23 uses) Supports: Robin (C Support) Weapon ranks: E Staves Skills: Miracle Frederick Level 1 Great Knight (76 EXP) 28 HP 13 STR 2 MAG 12 SKL 10 SPD 6 LCK 14 DEF 3 RES Inventory: Silver Lance (18 uses), Miniature Lance (10 uses), Bronze Sword (50 uses), Elixir (3 uses) Supports: Chrom (C Support) Weapon ranks: D Swords, B Lances, D Axes Skills: Discipline, Outdoor Fighter Sully Level 2 Cavalier (93 EXP) 20 HP 7 STR 1 MAG 8 SKL 8 SPD 6 LCK 7 DEF 2 RES Inventory: Bronze Lance (47 uses) Supports: None Weapon ranks: E Swords, D Lances Skills: Discipline Virion Level 2 Archer (0 EXP) 19 HP 6 STR 0 MAG 11 SKL (9 naturally, +2 granted by Skill +2) 5 SPD 7 LCK 6 DEF 1 RES Inventory: Iron Bow (40 uses) Supports: None Weapon ranks: D Bows Skills: Skill +2
  2. Just looking for some advice on doing an ironman run of Conquest on Hard mode. (In case you didn't know, ironman means no resetting under any circumstances, and if I get a game over due to my avatar dying or me failing a specific map objective, the run is over.) Examples of things I'm looking for: -Avatar builds -Which characters are worth using and investing into -How to deal with death/permanent injury -Utilizing DLC items (only the free stuff like the Exalt and Hero Brands and the gifts from Anna) -General strategy -Good couples -Building support -When to recruit children -Best generic units to capture and where to find them -Forging
  3. I've been thinking about getting into Fallout 1 and 2 again, as it's been a while since I've last tried them out, and I never got very far in either game. I started playing Fallout 1 yesterday, and I have a few questions for both games: - Are there any advantages to playing with a balanced character, or is it better to run a specialized one? - Are there any "You must have this skill/perk/whatever or else you may as well be doing a challenge run" kind of deals? I know that "Gifted" is called this, but I'm curious if there are any others. - Conversely, are there any skills and perks I should avoid? - How important is charisma and speech in these games? I know that several other games oversell how much you can talk your way out, and I'm curious if Fallout falls into that category, or if those skills actually do something in these games. - How are the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats increased? Do you get another stat every few levels, or are certain events/items the only way to increase them? - Trying to remain spoiler-free, what is the best course of action to obtain the water chip in the first game? - How much ammo do you get for weapons? Is it wise to only use them when you need to, or is it plentiful and you can afford to be a little loose with firearms? - Aside from shooting me in the back (although I quickly found out tricks to avoid that), are there any real advantages to having a partner? - Are there any ways to cheese the final fight in the tutorial area in Fallout 2? The rest of the level is okay, but I remember passing the final test through sheer luck the last time I played, and I'd rather not repeat that. Any general tips and tricks would be much appreciated.
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