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Found 3 results

  1. 1. Guns: Stuff like Machine guns and sniper riflea 2. Explosives You can bomb your enemies instead of placing landmines like in Fire Emblem 7 3. Flails Has awful accuracy but high might and the brave effect 4. Cudgels Like staves but are weapons And the most important one: 5. Whips: NOW WATCH ME WHIP, NOW WATCH ME NAE NAE.
  2. 1. Literally every single Fire Emblem fan hates them (Except for ones on YouTube but that's besides the point) 2. People think that it rips off Buzzfeed and WatchMojo! 3. They get stale after a while 4. Most of them complain about the bad stuff and not the good stuff And the most important thing: 5. People use them as clickbait!
  3. by 'collection' I mean 2-4 games in one disc/cartridge/package/etc. so yeah 1. Super Mario All-Stars 2. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection 3. Mega Man X Collection 4. Metroid Prime Trilogy 5. Devil May Cry HD Collection
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