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Found 3 results

  1. I've been slowly amassing a fair bit of Fire Emblem related art the past few months I've been hanging out here, so I figured I might as well post some here. If you want to see more of my non-Fire Emblem related stuff its floating around my deviantart mostly, and in my art tag on tumblr. Suggestions: Yes Please | No Thanks (Please keep suggestions Fire Emblem related, and don't be mad if I don't take your suggestion) Smaller Stuff: Some big stuff(digital): Other big stuff (traditional): And one non-FE thing I'm particularly happy with at the moment: New Thing:
  2. So here I am, finally making an art thread. For the most part, I'm hoping to amass constructive criticism and hopefully strengthen my art style along the way! Before we get to the actual art, I apologize in advance for any low quality images, 99% of the pictures for the traditional art are taken with my phone. [spoiler=Old stuff] It sucks that I don't actually have the actual image for this next one but whatever, right? All that stuff is maybe a year or two old at this point and my art style has changed since then so none of it is really 100% relevant anymore. I could use more stuff for that last spoiler but it's not really necessary because I'm here to talk about more current pieces. [spoiler=More current art, Cutesy things]Okay so this is all going to be my more cartoony chibi stuff, which is for whatever reason the stuff I color most. Over the summer I drew up a boat load of mermaid designs that i sometimes still draw so yeah! The original drawing of this particular mermaid will be further down in the post. Edea Lee from Bravely Default Meduka Pitty Pat And to finish off this little chunk, have a little Agatha I drew for a friend. And now for my most preferred style, the not-chibi one. [spoiler=How Many Ways Can I Draw Myself Before You Get Suspicious]I'll might as well start with this one Up next we have random OC Anglerfish Mermaid Maybe I'll color that someday. Different OC that ended up as practice drawing butts. I'm never finishing this. And, to finish off this spoiler, something I drew yesterday! Because this is a Fire Emblem Forum, the obligatory Fire Emblem art! [spoiler=I'm hoping to expand to other FE characters but I've been lazy as of late so it's mostly Awakening characters right now]Lets do this! Henrizzle the Birb Wizzle Tiki The Actual Five Year Old MU, because why not? Ryouma from FE14! That all barely scratches the surface (especially the Fire Emblem Portion, my god), but I think it's a relatively good mix of my range of art styles and a good place to start. I hope to be posting mainly Fire Emblem related works, because we all can relate to Fire Emblem for the most part, right? Comments and criticism are welcomed and encouraged!
  3. Hello everyone, I will post stuff I draw about FE and random stuff, from doodles to actually finished stuff. I decided to change my art thread into a full art thread instead of a FE fanart thread, so prepare yourselves for a lot of random stuff. Ah, some of the pictures are really big :P and some are actual photos, other are just scans. Lucina: Lyn (Awakening Style): Anna (Awakening): Cordelia: Eirika and Tana: Eirika looks weird for some reason Emblem Warriors (because I had to do it): Random Awakening stylized mage: Original Characters: Marceus, the ''Tome Raider'': Nameless Pegasus Knight: Random OC ''party'' (Assassin, Paladin, Knight and a Mage): Random Chibi units: The paladin looks weird I guess xD
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