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Found 3 results

  1. to this place… it used to be so alive… so robust… where is everyone…….
  2. So here's a little fic I've been working for a while now on Ao3 and Fanfiction.net and I'd thought I'd post it here as well. It's a story revolving around the future kids and exploring what their lives were like before jumping back in time as well as chronicling the events that lead up to that point. Now any and all feedback is very much appreciated and should be put into the feedback thread which I'll link to in the spoiler. Anyway without further delay here is Fire Emblem Awakening: One Last Chance Chapter 1: A World of Despair The blood red sky loomed over the fires of a burning village. A demonic chorus of moans harmonized disgustingly with the screams of terror echoing through the wind. A teenage girl with long blue hair and a tiara backed further into the alleyway. Two purple and monstrous humanoid figures stood before her and blocked her only exit. The one in the front wore nothing but arm gauntlets and torn up brown pants. Its abdomen was well defined and muscular and it looked clearly strong enough to cleave a building in half with the axe nestled into its hand. The one behind it, however, was thinner and wore much more clothing as torn up as it was. Instead of an axe, this one opted for use of a long silver broadsword. However despite the differences a couple things remained the same. Four glowing red dots glared at her through the decrepit old masks mard with rows of jagged teeth. A purple mist billowed forth from their bodies and oozed onto the floor. Several ragged breaths escaped her mouth in seconds. Thick drops of blood trickled down from the endless amount of scars coating her body. Pain seared through every point of her body. She gripped her sword and winced as her legs spread into a fighting stance. Her body was beginning to reach its limit. A tug at her shirt prompted Lucina to look down. A little girl with short brown hair gazed at her. Her eyes sparkled with tears glistening in the glowing flames around them. A mix of blood and dirt stained her small brown dress. She smiled down at the girl. “Don’t worry, I promise everything will be okay” The girl smiled back but not soon after a sharp growl pulled their attentions forward. The sharp edge of the axe met her gaze and immediately her sword darted through the air. With a clang of metal, Lucina blocked the risen’s strike. Her teeth grinded against each other as her feet slid backwards from the force of the strike. “G-get back, now!” She ordered. The child simply nodded and ran further back into the ally. Lucina took a deep breath and after mustering her strength, rammed her shoulder straight into the risen. The undead monster staggered back and wobbled for a bit before swinging its axe once more. However, this time Lucina expected it and swerved to the side causing the axe to crash into the ground. Now without any hesitation, the young lord lined the tip of her blade with the center of the risen’s chest and lunged forward. The risen’s entire body halted for moment as it glanced down at the long golden blade protruding from its chest. Lucina gripped her sword’s hilt and with a yell pulled the blade up and through the risen’s neck and face. With a shriek of pain, the undead monster dissolved into a purple vapor. Heavy ragged breaths puffed into the air as she winced from the pain pulsing in her arm. Alright that’s one down. She looked up and for a moment her heart stopped. Nothing but flames and corpses met her gaze. Where’d the other one go? “Heeeelp!!!” A painfully familiar high pitched voice rang through her ears. Her eyes widened at the realization. Quickly she spun around only for her heart to sink. a large purple mass loomed over the small girl quivering against a hard wall of cobblestone. There’s no time! Lucina charged the risen only for a sharp pain to cause her to faceplant into the stone pathway. She tried to push herself back up only to be met with more throbbing pain. She managed to lift her head and met eyes with the terrified girl. At that moment timed slowed to a crawl as the world around her crumbled. Tears filled the girl’s eyes as her lips began to move. “You promised” she said as the risen’s sword began to fall upon her. Her heart stopped at the utterance of those words. A torrent of despair slammed into her body and whipped through her anxious mind. There was a loud scream, followed by blood spatter and then silence. The promise was broken. The two halves of the girl’s body slumped to the ground as a dye of crimson dripped from the risen’s blade. Her stomach yanked at her throat as she suppressed the bile rocketing upwards. Her eyes screwed shut as she turned away from the sight. She couldn’t stand death. The mere thought of it filled her dread but it was something that was all too common in this despair ridden world. However, slow footsteps pried her eyes open and back towards the risen slowly advancing on her. Her heart began to sprint through her body as every instinct in her body screamed at her to move. Though any attempt to do so was only met with an excruciating pain. Was this it? Suddenly, A loud shriek of pain pierced the sky as a javelin whizzed through the air and struck the risen clean in the face. “Bullseye!” Lucina heard a familiar voice shout out. Large feathered wings slowed to a stop as a bright white pegasus landed beside her. A young girl in pegasus knight armour with short hair in pigtails colored in the exact same shade of blue as Lucina’s own rode atop the mighty steed. “The great hero Cynthia Strikes again!!” the girl said as she hopped off her pegasus. “Woah woah woa-ahh!” Her arms flailed about in the air before she fell face first into the cobblestone path. Lucina sighed at her sister’s clumsiness. “Owww” Cynthia whined as she pushed herself up and twirled around. “you okay Lucy?” She asked with an outstretched hand. “I’m fine, thank you Cynthia” She said as she was pulled to her feet. “Are you sure?” Cynthia raised an eyebrow, “cause it looks like you can barely stand!” “I’m fine really” Lucina reassured as she sheathed her sword. She then turned back to Cynthia, “Besides I thought I told you wait for me back at camp” Cynthia’s eyes glided to the floor, “Yeah I know but you were taking so long that me and snowflake got worried and besides...” She faced her sister once more as she struck a heroic pose, “A great hero is never idle!” Lucina’s heart fluttered a little at her sister’s beaming smile. She’s just as cheerful as ever. The young lord sighed, “Alright I suppose it’s fine” “Sooo where’s that woman’s daughter you went to go save?” Cynthia asked as her eyes wandered about the alleyway. The question stabbed through Lucina’s chest as no answer followed. Cynthia’s pigtails drooped as her eyes landed on her answer laying behind her, “Oh…” “We should go back” Lucina said. Cynthia simply nodded as she helped her sister onto Snowflake’s back. In no time at all they were airborne. -------- “Wh-what do you mean you couldn’t save her?” A village woman in tattered clothing and brown hair stared at Lucina in disbelief. “I’m so sorry I…” Lucina hesitated for a moment as chains began to wrap around her heart. “...the risen overwhelmed me...th-there was nothing I could’ve done” Pools of tears began to sparkle in the woman’s eyes. Lips and eyelids quivered uncontrollably. Hand-like gates erected over her face as a loud heart wrenching wail of despair exploded into the air. Lucina’s heart sank as she watched the scene unfold before her. Her fingers wound tightly into a fist as her nails dug into her palm. The slaughtering of that girl clawing at her mind. “Emily!!!!” The woman cried out her daughter’s name. “I’m so sorry” is all Lucina could say as she moved a hand to the woman’s shoulder. The distraught mother swatted the lord’s hand away. “Sorry?” She said before glaring at Lucina with her tear ridden face, “YOU’RE SORRY?!?!? SORRY WON’T BRING EMILY BACK!!! SHE WAS ALL I HAD LEFT IN THIS DAMNED WAR TORN WASTELAND!!!!” She shoved her finger in the young lord’s face, “AND YOU LET HER DIE!!!! IT’S YOUR FAULT SHE’S GONE!!!!” Lucina could only stand in silence. There was nothing she could say. The woman was right after all. If only she hadn’t been so weak, then perhaps she wouldn’t have failed to save little Emily. “Hey! Lucy tried her best ok!” Cynthia suddenly interjected as she pushed herself in between Lucina and the village woman. “Cynthia” Lucina whispered to herself. “Well she should’ve tried harder!!” The woman spat as her glared smouldered down to the younger of the two sisters. “It’s baffling to think that she is the heir to the exalt name!! Had lord Chrom been here instead, this never would have happened!” Her glare then rose back to Lucina, “He was a strong and model leader that cared for his people” She pointed at Lucina once more, “She is weak and will never be the exalt her father was!” Those last words slammed into Lucina like a hammer smashing through plated armour. Again the woman was right. Cynthia’s face scrunched into a glare “Well I’d like to see you do better! You probably wou-” “Cynthia that’s enough” Lucina grabbed onto her sister’s shoulder. “B-but Lucy-” She looked up and her pigtails immediately drooped into a whimper as she looked into her older sister’s hard stare. The young lord then addressed the village woman, “I apologize about her” The woman merely scoffed and turned to fade into the darkness. Cynthia swatted Lucina’s arm away as she turned to face her older sister. “Lucy why’d you let her get away like that? She was saying so many mean things about you so why? Why didn’t you say anything?” Lucina looked down at her sister’s wide eyes that sparkled with concern. Those same eyes that sparkled at her when their father died. “Because she was right” Lucina said without a hint of emotion in her voice. “Whaaa?” She reeled back in surprise, “Don’t say things like that Lucy!” Cynthia grabbed Lucina’s shoulders and began to shake her sister, “You’re the exact opposite of what that lady said! You’re super strong and a fantastic leader! Father would be nothing but proud of-” “ENOUGH CYNTHIA” Lucina shot out. The shaking came to an abrupt stop as Cynthia let out a terrified squeal. Lucina brushed off her sister’s hands, “I am weak” She said, her voice laced with venom. She put her hand to her chest, “I failed to save that girl because I was weak! All I could do was watch as she was mutilated right in front of me! So no, I’m not as strong as Father so please repent from telling me otherwise!” Cynthia’s eyes dropped to the floor as she noticed a couple tears drip from her sister’s chin. Maybe she had gone a little too far. Lucina took a deep breath and began to move a hand over to her little sister’s shoulder only for her sprint away into the darkness. And just like that, her heart slammed into the abyss. Her eyelids began to twitch as her vision began to blur in a foggy haze. Hand-like gates covered her face as a desperate wail began to crawl out of her mouth. “F-father why did you have to die?”
  3. Does anyone have a save file for after ch22? 19, 20, or 21 would be alright too. I don’t even want to talk about what happened it makes me too depressed... Also, I was close to getting Ike and Soren to A support (I want those extra sequal scenes!) so if that’s still possible I’d be really grateful.
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