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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am not sure if this is the right spot to post this but I joined the forum mainly because I want to interview someone who worked on the Fire Emblem fates translation patch. I am writing my diploma thesis about videogame translation and I would like to make the Fire Emblem fates fan patch is a major part of my work. So I wanted to ask if someone has contact on anyone who worked on it. Here is a link to my discord server in case you do not want to post here: https://discord.gg/dykRPzCT Thanks you in advance for any replies.
  2. Edit (2/22/2022) I've just created a major update to this retranslation! This should fix a great number of bugs present in the original. I've also revised some of my previous translations choices for accuracy. You should definitely use this version instead, which is now also being hosted here until the RHDN page is updated. The numerous revisions this version has undergone may have resulted in a few bugs slipping through the cracks. Please let me know as soon as possible if you encounter a game-breaking bug! Newest release here: https://www.romhacking.net/translations/6087/ Hello! I just thought I should get the word out there. I've created a brand new translation of the first Fire Emblem game. The two main goals of this project were: 1. Accuracy: This translation tries to remain as faithful to the original Japanese as possible. To this end, the Mystery of the Emblem Book 1 script was used for reference and as a base. However, I also checked it against the original Japanese text and did some translation of my own in the content that wasn't featured in that remake. I also made a few edits for accuracy, like changing "Big Bro" to "Chief". The official localization terms were used only where accurate and appropriate, and I tried to find a middle ground where I could. 2. Expansion: I did some ASM hacking to allow the game to store a lot more text, so very little remains abridged or cut. Also, I expanded the text windows to fit as much text as possible on the screen. Here's some screenshots for comparison with the old translation. I also did a trailer as a parody of the Switch "translation, which shows the translation in action here: Your feedback is appreciated!
  3. If you find a typo or bug in the currently translated text, please report it on the translation Github. Please do not ask for features or additional translation work. What's this? This is an update to Quirino's Updated Mystery of the Emblem Fan Translation patch. This release is mainly focused on fixing/polishing many of the technical issues with the original patch. For more details see the Changelog section. Credits Original Translation: RPGuy96 - Rom hacking VincentASM - Translations Updated Translation: Quirino Current Project: Robert of Normandy Special Thanks to: Neill Corlett - For the translated title screen. Changelog: Instructions: The ZIP file includes a transition path from v0.14 of the Quirino patch. No 1.1 transition patch was included because the Quirino 1.1 patch converts the ROM to 1.0. This patch also assumes a headered ROM, since that was the format Quirino's patch used. The from_jp folder includes .ips patches for Japanese headered and unheadered ROMs of both v1.0 and v1.1 of Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo. To see which version of FE3 you have, open the ROM in SNES9x and check the Revision under File -> Show Rom Info. To see if your ROM is headered, check the file size. A unheadered, untranslated rom should be 3 MB exactly, or 3,145,728 bytes. A headered ROM has 512 extra bytes(3,146,240 bytes for the total filesize). There is no difference in size between 1.1 and 1.0. Apply the patch to an untranslated FE3 ROM. You can use a patcher like Lunar IPS or Flips, or put the patch file in the same directory as your ROM and give it the same name as your ROM. Most modern SNES emulators should support softpatching. I only had a chance to do spot testing, so it's likely there are some issues I missed. Please report any bugs/other technical issues you find. Reporting issues specific to the 1.1 patch would be especially appreciated. Please do not request any name changes or other script changes. These are out of scope for this project at the moment. The only exception is for cases of inconsistencies in different parts of the game. Sample Screenshots: Download on Github You can also get it on RHDN, but it may not be the latest because of the submission process.
  4. Hello! Recently I hacked my 3ds to install the Fates translation patch. I have the digital edition, where you can choose a path after chapter 6. The problem is that in this version, the paths appear as DLC in the archives, so the patcher doesn't work with the base game nor the DLC (with Conquest and Birthright). I don't want to download any rom from internet, so I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to merge the base game and the DLC to make it work, can anyone help me? Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to play the patched rom on Citra, because I don't want to risk the original in my 3ds. Sorry for my English ^^'
  5. In this scenario, Hardin of Orleans had married Nina, but she did not return the favour. In truth, she loved General Camus of Grunia, who was thought to be long dead… That is how it goes in the original Mystery of the Emblem. But what if Nina chose the other option available to her? What if she chose to wed Marth instead, regardless of any grieving Sheeda might go through? Biraku Emblem serves to explore this alternate history of Akaneia. Join Biraku, loyal knight of Hardin, as he tries to make sense of it all… Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/23q7egq2b1q8ar6/Biraku Emblem English 1.0.zip?dl=0 This patch translates the menus of Biraku Emblem. These should all be translated. Please be aware that the dialogue is entirely in Japanese. Screenshots:
  6. I have a bit of a problem with the Mystery of the Emblem (Monshou no Nazo, if you will) translation patch. I can't tell if the ROM I have just isn't a header or if my emulator just sucks (I'm using SNES9x). The ROM works fine when I don't patch it, but it won't work when I patch it. I know there are two versions of the game out there, and I've gotten them both and patched them with their respective patches, but it's the same result with both of them. I'm using Windows 10 and can't seem to find a version of SNESTool that works, so I have no idea of what to do.
  7. I always wonder how well translation patch aged after the release of Shadow Dragon and Awakening. For me, I think the patches, specifically Mystery of the Emblem, Genealogy of the Holy War, and Thracia 776, didn't age well. Firstly, the dialouge, for me, kinda sound very awkward to say the lines and there are some lines that doing some google search show that some were mistranslation or lost in translation, like Lex's comment to Azel in the prolouge and translation of Lopto Sect to Lopto Church in Thracia 776. Second, bunch of graphical hiccups appear in some patches like level up panel shaking in certain emulators and especially, the menu in Thracia 776.They are minors problem but they are very distracting to me. And lastly, the name of the setting and characters. This might be from being spoiled from the games that did get english translation, obviously, so while there was name like Shiida/Sheeda amd Navarre/Nabarl/etc. there are names like Biraku/Vyland and Homeros/Homers and Seram/Salem. Anyways, I want to know about your opinions on the translation patch, whether they are still good or they aged poorly.
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