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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I wanted to try a run with Witch Rinkah, no skillbuying for her, reclass as soon as My Castle is accessible, and Malig Knight/Wyvern lord Felicia (wen for Malig knight for magic growth but might end in wyvern lord with magic weapons). Well, doing that on hard in BR, and so far it's very easy, Rinkah has approximately the same defence as average Silas, enough speed to double every ennemy except swordies/thieves/ninjas, average mag (although with witch base mag she has about the same magic as Orochi, while having more HP, def and way more speed). So we have a hard hitting magic unit with cavalier level defensive abilities, free tonic/potions seeking to save money, and she kills everything except anti mage units in 1 round. Felicia has average strength and def with above average magic and resist compared with similar units, early access to str+2, lv 10 wyvern skill to switch places, savage blow, soon trample, giving her 7 physical damage vs non mounted ennemies and 5 magic damage. She can also get rally def whenever I switch her to wyvern lord and then sword breaker for easy axe berserk. I also picked up Setsuna, don't know which class she's gonna go into, maybe ninja after lv 10 archer for quick draw and more strength/def/HP so she can pick locks and poison strike. I guess she makes a good master ninja/mechanist depending on what you want her to do (mechanist allowing her to use her bow rank and stronger weapon type is nice too with bonus movement being quite useful in some situations with BR open maps). I also found out how useful it was to pair Hinoka with Setsuna in their intro map since Setsuna can double and tank mages and double onis with Hinoka backpack (she 3HKOs the onis in this chapter at base). Don't know who I'm gonna use on top of them. MU is really stat screwed (only stats that got more than 2/3 level ups at lv 8 were HP and strength, making him/her a fighter with swords and dragonstone...with Charlotte level defensive stats and Silas/Effie level speed, so I'm not using MU outside Felicia backpack, which he does well anyway). I like the vanguard and Lodestar skins so I might use some males with DLC classes. Just don't know which ones are gonna be the chosen ones. Now I let you suggest things to try since I've largely seen in my diverse playthroughs that weird class paths often make the best units. Who should get lodestar in your opinion? The class is really poor growths-wise and sword locked, a poor man's swordmaster/master of arms.
  2. .... It's called making FE4 into an Awakening styled game so Sigurd and co. can just come back in endgame sidequests. Even though they got BBQ'd. And breaking the plot. Wait! How about using that old reviving stick! The Valkyrie Staff! .... What do you mean I can't revive him because he died in Gen 1? Stupid technical limitations. Maybe you can get back on Arvis by stealing your wife back off him! Just imagine the look on his face! "HAH HA I STOLE YOUR- Hey, where'd she go?" .... Oh right, no rescue command. How about just straight tanking the Falaflame? Averages say Sigurd's OHKOed. And having Tyrfing equipped makes that a 2HKO and the Meteors will be fatal anyway. Alright, any more ideas?
  3. Note: These are my OPINIONS. This is also taking into account recent feedback. So you want to build a StreetPass team that will give your opponent a run for their money? It ain't easy, that's for sure. First of all, we need to assume a couple of things. First, we should assume your opponent is playing on Classic. Second, their units are paired up. Third, they are relatively competent FE players. Pairing up murders hit rates. We know this for a fact. So, a skill that is absolutely necessary is Limit Breaker. Limit Breaker will allow you to actually have a chance of hitting your opponent, even if they are paired up. However, Limit Breaker alone won't save you. Just look at this "amazing" StreetPass team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ijdawoAVVc Look at some of these skills. Now, remember assumption #1? This person did not think their team through. We see skills such as Galeforce and Lifetaker. These skills, while great when you use them, are useless in SteetPass teams. I shouldn't need to explain why. Other skills that don't work are support skills (DS+, DG+), Locktouch, and Critical skills. Especially Gamble. DO NOT USE GAMBLE. In addition, HP related skills such as Vantage and Sol don't work either. Your unit most likely won't last the turn, so don't bother. So what skills should you use? Well, besides Limit Breaker, Counter is another good one. For those of us who don't use bows, Counter is a very scary skill that can and will leave you near death. Another good one is shockingly Hit +20. Let's face it, your hit rate's going to suck. If you are below the 60% threshold, you're praying for hits. Hit +20 should alleviate some of that. Here's the small list: Anathema: Hit rate. Lethality: Don't base your team around this. It doesn't work. Otherwise, it's a good backup. Luna: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Limit Breaker: You need this. Counter: I'm taking you down with me! Miracle: I might attack again! Hit Rate +20: So you can actually hit. Aggressor: If you're gonna hit, might as well hit hard. Quick Burn: Once again Hit rate. The map should be over before it stops working. Lucky 7: Same as Quick burn. Now, what about weapons? A common tactic is to just distribute all of your A rank weapons among your units. It's also a stupid one. Remember hit rates? Sometimes you can forge better weapons. For example, a Forged Hector's Axe has overall better stats than Hauteclere. A forged Alm's Blade sacrifices 5 hit for 3 might and 5 crit over Mercurius. A forged Aversa's Night is infinity better than Goetia. And don't forget brave weapons. Now, what is the problem with most of these weapons? Their low durability. Now, your unit will probably will be dead before their weapons break, but you could prevent that from happening with Armsthrift. It's up to you to decide. Then we get to throwing axes. The best throwing axe is Helswath (Unless you're Walhart in which case you use Wolf Berg). Helswath has a high might and is overall better than a Tomahawk. Unfortunately, there's a problem. 60 hit. Ouch. This is where you would want Hit +20. Now you might actually have a shot of hitting. Short List of Good Weapons: Any Brave Weapon. Alm's Blade: Monstrous might and hit. Use this over Mercurius. Ragnell: If you have a Swordsmaster, put this in. Don't use Amatsu. Gradivus: The best lance. 1-2 range and functions as an elixir. Hector's Axe: Same reason as Alm's Blade. Helswath: Hit +20 will be really useful if you use this. Wolf Berg: If you put Walhart on your team, he needs to use this. Double Bow: A must for Snipers. Parthia: If you aren't a sniper, use this instead. Valflame: Definitely use instead of Mjölnir. It's got a better hit rate and the highest Might. Excalibur: Very high hit rate. The critical rate doesn't matter as much. Celica's Gale: There's a reason why people use this on Apotheosis. Aversa's Night: Same as Alm's Blade. The life-stealing property doesn't hurt either. Goddess Staff: . Otherwise Fortify. Elixir: I know it's not a weapon. But . Now with all that said, will your team still lose? Yes. Dual Guards and Dual Strikes will destroy your team no matter what you do. All you can do is just make it more difficult.
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