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Found 3 results

  1. Getting C**p Past the Radar, as it's referred to in TV Tropes (link below), refers to cases where a piece of media somehow manages to sneak in content that normally is way beyond that piece of media's rating and normally would be censored. Fire Emblem games usually have had one or two cases of this per game, though Awakening and Fates really ramped up the amount of stuff of this nature, despite Nintendo Treehouse normally coming down hard on stuff like that. What are some such moments in this game that you noticed? Was there a moment that may have made you laugh and think, "How did that not get censored?" To be clear, this isn't about whether or not you think it should've been censored; just something that you're surprised wasn't censored. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GettingCrapPastTheRadar Also, I'm not sure if I worded this well, or if the title I've given this thread is really the best title I could give it. Any suggestions?
  2. So I think it's no surprise to anyone that most FE Lords are or could be considered Paragons. For those wondering, a paragon is a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality. They tend to be catalysts in other character's development and influence others to follow them out of pure paragon-ness. Overly Sarcastic Productions on Youtube has a video about paragons so for a more in depth discussion about the paragon itself, she's far better at tropes than me. Anyway, the point of this is to discuss the paragonness that is inherent in all FE Lords, from Alm to Corrin, and how it was used. Were they effective Paragons? Were they subverted? I'll use two examples of characters I know well enough to actually talk about - Micaiah and Corrin. Micaiah is a really good example of a Paragon. She's upstanding and people naturally want to follow her and her example. What makes her interesting is that she happens to lead those followers down the wrong path - not because she wants to, but because she has to in order to save her country. Micaiah suffers from development issues because she isn't the main focus of her game, but what we do see about her is a really nice twist to the paragon-type character. Now for Corrin. Call it bad writing all you want (I'm not saying I agree or disagree) but Corrin is generally considered by everyone to be someone that you can and should follow, to follow their example. This may not be handled very well throughout Fates, but it's still true that Corrin is a paragon - influencing other characters to develop and change more than Corrin does any actual changing. Of course this can be applied to any and every Lord throughout Fire Emblem I'm sure, so if you feel up to it, please discuss your favorite (or least favorite) characters and why you think they are or aren't paragons. If they are paragons does it work? If they're not paragons would you change them? Also this doesn't just have to be main lords, as Emmeryn could be considered one too so go wild!
  3. Leave it to TVTropes to potentially spoil one work on a completely unrelated one. (Though I guess the more savvy really shouldn't be surprised at this.) At least they're presumably fixing that in the localization--"Corrin" apparently comes from a word meaning "spear," which has no immediate connection to the character whatsoever. Unless, like, Azura is involved or something . . .
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