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Found 1 result

  1. What the title says. In case the reader doesn't know what this is, there was a disc available with Mario Kart Double Dash. If the disc was inserted in the Gamecube, and if the Gamecube was connected with the GBA, then it'd allow "transfer" data from the disc to the game. This would allow access to some items from Chapter 12 onwards. There are save files around the internet that allow access to these items. These are: -> Emblem Weapons (free Iron Weapons with 60 uses) -> An Emblem Seal (+10% hit and avoid) -> Statboosters (one of each class, except Speedwings ._. I believe they already knew that Speedwings!Marcus would be broken) -> A Wind Sword. -> A Dragon Axe. -> A Thor's Ire. -> A Silver Card. I haven't read any consensus regarding these items in LTC context, so I wonder what impact would these items make in an efficiency environment. I apologize for the grammar mistakes.
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