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Found 2 results

  1. It is possible to play this game using the Japanese voice acting and English text. I've seen tutorials for android devices, but I haven't seen any for iOS devices. I made a video tutorial to help those who were interested and have a jailbroken iOS device. 1) Launch game and change the game language to Japanese 2) When prompted, click to download the Japanese voice files 3) After the download, change the game language back to English 4) When prompted, click to download the English voice files 5) After the download close Fire Emblem Heroes. Open your file explorer of choice and navigate to /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/FE Heroes/Library/Caches/assets/ 6) Delete the contents in ENCommon folder 7) Navigate to the JPJA folder, and copy the Sound and Movie folder. Paste them in the ENCommon folder 8) Navigate to /var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/FE Heroes/Brave iOS Product.app. Delete the contents of the ENCommon folder 9) Copy the Sound and UI_Animations folder in the JPJA folder, and paste them in the ENCommon folder 10) Launch Fire Emblem Heroes again. Notice the game is now using Japanese audio while retaining an English UI. You can now play the game as you normally would Many kudos to shadowofchaos for posting this thread for rooted Android phones: One issue I've noticed is that some of the character audio during gameplay cuts short before their full line is finished. My theory is that the English voice acted line is shorter than the Japanese voice acted line. I.e. English Camilla says a line and the audio file is 0:01. Japanese Camilla says a line and the audio is 0:03. When using this undubbed audio file, the game will only think to play 0:01 of the file, meaning it cuts off earlier.
  2. I'm getting an error when I boot HANS with the romsf patch. I followed all the instructions to patching it correctly. How can I get the undub to work?
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