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Found 2 results

  1. DB4D

    Hey Im New

    I've known of this site's existence for a while, but I only now decided to make an account. So hey guys. My fav fire emblem game is Sacred Stones, and all of its broken design choices, and my fav character is Cherche (but I didnt see a Cherche alliance thing in edit profile wth?). I've played FE 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 (Conquest and Birthright), Warriors, and Heroes. I'm extremely excited for Three Houses and can't wait to finally get my hands on Shadows of Valentia. Thats it really
  2. For years, I thought it was a joke. "It can't be that great," I told myself. "It would be popular if it was that great." But after spending a year on a Fire Emblem forum where the "Trails of" series is more popular than Fire Emblem, I finally gave in. And I emerged... a Falcommie. So I just finished Trails in the Sky FC and I'm going to start on SC after my vacation. You guys were right. I shouldn't have resisted. I now know what I was missing out on. I will now join your ranks and incessantly sing the praises of Aidos all throughout the forums.
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