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Found 2 results

  1. Fire Emblem Fates: Upgraded, the way Fire Emblem Fates is meant to be played. About this hack: What this hack plans to do is change a lot of things in the game to balance it better, make the game harder, fix the story, and fix many inconsistencies with the localization, so you could call this Fire Emblem Fates Deluxe, or Fire Emblem Fates Definitive, I intend for it to have a feel like that, some of the changes are: Katanas give avoid and effective speed but have lower strength. Most Nohrian weapons are given more might and a little less accuracy. Bows were given more accuracy, and might. Silver weapons no longer debuff after use. Daggers have a new small edit. The Yato gives some stat bonuses. Weapons like the Kodachi can now follow up! But weapons like the Spear cannot. Most Birthright Boss’ weapon placements are changed. Some boss themes are moved around. Xander and Ryoma can now have a special theme for their final fight in Birthright and Conquest! (Information at the Questions and Answers section, and link is in the downloads section) Xander has been buffed at his final fight in Birthright, as well as a new gameplay change was added for it (Lunatic and Hard Mode only). All Birthright bosses have been buffed. The Siegfried and Raijinto have been differentiated more. The Fujin Yumi and Brynhildr give a very small bonus. Birthright, Revelation, and Hero Battle enemy stats are now decreased slightly on Hard mode and greatly on Normal mode. Many translation errors, like Setsuna’s personal skill, Nyx’s death quote, Hinata’s death quote, Oboro’s death quote etc. are fixed. Changes the unit creation screen Boon and Bane text to be like Awakenings. Changed the main lord’s death theme. (Information on how to change it back is at the Questions and Answers section, Question 6.) Most Vallites are buffed, on Lunatic and Hard mode. All Invasions are edited. Added Scaling to the Hero battles plus change 14! Lilith now has Dragon Ward as a personal skill! As a result of change 1 and 5 the Yatos changes are much more varied. Xander has a new description. Ryoma does too. So much more... It also plans to add in plenty of new supports as well as audio in supports, chapters, paralogues, and perhaps some characters, as well as use some of Team IFs translation text to change the games text to properly express the characters different feelings and make different supports clearer, this hack also plans to add recruitment methods for characters in the Birthright path (such as Sakura being able to recruit Hinoka), and mothers being able to recruit the children characters, this hack also plans to add a few custom DLCs, as well as add Hoshidan and Nohrian Festival of Bonds and a new Apotheosis called “True Apotheosis”… yes I know that’s a lot, maybe I should go ahead and call this Fire Emblem Fates Ultimate. (Everything in the hack is bound to change, and is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or Intelligent Systems.) Previous version: .4827 Current version: .4848Rev5 Hack Status: Stalled Be sure to take a look at the screenshots. The change log, and logo are present in the links below, if you enjoy the hack be sure to follow me to stay up to date with the latest releases of Fates Upgraded, and give it a like. Also feel free to comment, ask questions, make suggestions and whatever else, but most questions can be answered by reading the change log, or the Questions and Answers section, thank you and enjoy! Hack progress: I split the hack currently into two version, the Faithful version, and the Upgraded version: The Faithful version: The version that is currently being worked on, is a version that does lots of edits but doesn’t change the game too much. The Upgrade version: The version that changes a lot about the game, to make it more varied and enjoyable, such as every chapters goal in Birthright not being Sieze, Rout, or Kill Boss. Faithful Birthright Edits: Complete Faithful Birthright My Castle Invasion edits: Complete Faithful Birthright Paralogue Edits: Complete Faithful Conquest Edits: Chapters: 25, 27, EG done. (I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore edits to it.) Faithful Conquest My Castle Invasion edits: Complete Faithful Conquest Paralogue Edits: Complete Faithful Revelation Path Edits: Chapters 6-15 are done. Faithful Revelation My Castle Invasion Edits: Complete Faithful Revelation Paralogue Edits: Complete Upgrade Birthright Path: Not in production… Upgrade Conquest Path: Not in production… Upgrade Revelation Path: Not in production… DLCs: Not in production… Items and Descriptions Editing: Complete (Until further notice.) Support editing: Not in production… Script editing: Not in production… Recruitment Methods: Not in production… NOTE: Though this hack is made for the US versions of the games, you might be able to use them with any regions files with a bit of work. Screenshots: There are too many screenshots to display so click on the link here and choose which ones you' d like to see. For Version .4825 Very few screenshots are outdated: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/w14wsf1xec0s8/Version_.4825 For Version .4848: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/7ny099s8efoq3/Version_.4848 Downloads: Fates Upgraded Change log version .4848Rev5 link with Notepad ++ text colors: https://www.mediafire.com/file/b6uhc32n113uymt/Fates_Upgraded_Version_0.4848Rev5_Changelog.rar/file Fates Upgraded Special Iron15 and new song link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/15i1nzookc41u61/SpecialIron15AndNewSong.rar/file Fates Upgraded Faithful Edition Version .4848Rev5 for the Birthright game link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ja2zb8pwkd9obf6/FatesUpgradedFaithfulBirthrightGameVersion.4848Rev5.rar/file Fates Upgraded Faithful Edition Version .4848Rev5 for the Conquest game link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hqw6skteulcr13j/FatesUpgradedFaithfulConquestGameVersion.4848Rev5.rar/file Fates Upgraded Faithful Edition Version .4848Rev5 for the Special Edition game link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2imgl9p379psng7/FatesUpgradedFaithfulSpecialEditionGameVersion.4848Rev5.rar/file Special thanks and credits to: God (Jesus, for always leading and encouraging me), SerenesForest (for the use of this site to publish the hack), GBATemp (for the use of that site to publish the hack), FEUniverse (for the use of that site to publish the hack), Thane98, DeathChaos, Merrill lianne, Geodude, and everyone else that helped out. Again, thank you all! ☺️ Questions and Answers: Question 1: How do I even load the hack!? Answer: You will need to use a file patcher, like the LayeredFS in Luma CFW, if you haven’t installed Luma yet here is a link to all the information for it: https://github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/wiki Question 2: How do I open the .rar file? Answer: You can use WinRAR for that (even after the trial period you can keep using it for free). Question 3: Why isn’t the new theme for Ryoma and Xander already loaded in the hack? Answer: EDIT: The theme sounds good, but the Iron 15 file is really large and could take up too much room on a SD card so I left it out of the hack, but it can be put in and used in the game, instructions are around the bottom of the Changelog. Question 4: Why don’t I see any changes in Birthright? I’m playing on hard mode. Answer: EDIT: This is a problem on version .4792, but with the release of .4825 this problem should be fixed. Question 5: You composed the theme for Xander and Ryoma yourself? Answer: No. It was taken from another game and added to Fates Upgraded same with the main lord’s death theme. Question 6: How do I add the changed main lord death theme? Answer: 1. In the hack files either: FatesUpgradedFatesBirthrightGame.rar, FatesUpgradedFatesConquestGame.rar, or FatesUpgradedFatesSpecialEditionGame.rar 2. Go in the "LumaLayeredFS" hack folder of the game hack (eg. FEFatesBirthrightFatesUpgradedLumaLayeredFSFiles) navigate to and then enter the folder "stream" in the folder "Sound", once inside delete REMOVETHISMESSAGETOADDIT from the filename "sys_gameover_E1.dspadpcmREMOVETHISMESSAGETOADDIT.bcstm" and you're done. Question 7: Is this hack compatible with Gay Fates? Answer: I’m not sure, but I don’t think so, it would probably require some effort to make the hack work with it, whether it’ll take little or a lot again I don’t know. Question 8: How do I revert the changed chapter names? Answer: 1. In the hack files: FatesUpgradedFatesBirthrightGame.rar, FatesUpgradedFatesConquestGame.rar, or FatesUpgradedFatesSpecialEditionGame.rar 2. Go in the "LumaLayeredFS" hack folder of the game hack (eg. FEFatesBirthrightFatesUpgradedLumaLayeredFSFiles) 3. Navigate to and then enter the folder "@E" in the folder "m", once inside delete or what I recommend, rename the file "GameData.bin.lz" to something else and rename "GameDataWITHVANILLACHAPTERNAMES.bin.lz" to "GameData.bin.lz" and you're done. Disclaimer: Everything changed by the hack is bound to change, and is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Co., Ltd., Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd., Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc., or Namco Tales Studio Ltd. in anyway. All non-original Nintendo Co., Ltd., Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd., Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc., or Namco Tales Studio Ltd. materials including but not limited to characters, images, music, ideas and specific expressions thereof are copyright, the usage of such materials in the hack is transformative, for non-commercial purposes, and will not have a significant effect upon the market for or value of the materials, and is thus exempted from liability under the Fair Use Doctrine. Taken from my post on FEUniverse: https://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-fates-upgraded/5093 Which is taken from GBATemp: https://gbatemp.net/threads/fire-emblem-fates-upgraded.502519/
  2. As everyone of you knows Sacred Coins arent in use at the moment. So i thought: "What if there was a Blacksmith-Shop to strengthen/create your own Weapon". Of course such a System needs some restriction otherwise we would end up with very unbalanced units, so here goes my Idea! In Order to upgrade your Weapon to the next level (as in inherit a skill to it) the following conditions have to be met: 1. The Units needs to have the weapon learned and equiped 2. You need a Unit you want to sacrifice to inherit a skill. The skill can be picked directly, but you can only pick the Skill rank up to 2. tier (silver circle) and not higher. Skills have a different point values. Your Weapon can only have a maximum of 4 point values inherited, so you can match and mix skills until the maximum amount of Point Values is reached. Some Skills can not be inherited to some Weapons. Please note that normal skill-inheritance prohibitions apply here too, you cant inherit Lance Breaker to a Sword weapon. Or you cant inherit Shield Pulse 2 to a Tome because its restricted to Infantery Units. 3. You need Sacred Coins to pay the Blacksmith for the forging, 50 coins per craft/Skill inheritance 4. You need a large amount of Great Badges in the corresponding weapon to upgrade them! The Amount of Badges needes i SP Cost of the Skill in question divided by 2. For Example: Distant Counter needs 300 SP to be learned, so you need 150 Badges if you want to forge the skill into the Weapon. 5. Different Weapons have different Max point Values (see point 2) The Following Max point Values apply: Melee and Bows: Currently Existing Legendary Weapons: Max point Value of 2, CYL Banner Legendary Weapons have a Max point Value of 0, they cant inherit any more skills Silver Weapons: Max point Value 4 Slayer Weapons (effectiv against, without bows: Max point Value 4 Brave Weapons: Max point Value 2 Slaying Weapons (new cooldown -1 weapons): Max point value 2 Killer Weapons: Max point value 4 Wo dao Weapons: Max point value 3 Gem Weapons (Ruby, Saphire): Max point Value 4 Firesweep weapons: 2 Tomes: Legendary tomes. 1 Litrblade: 1 Litrowl: 3 Litrraven: 4 Litrwolf: 4 Mt 13 normal tomes: 4 Breaths: Fire Breath: 4 all other Breaths: 2 Staves and Daggers: Assault: 4 All other Staves: 3 Poison Daggers: 3 Legendary Daggers: 3 Remaining Daggers: 4 Following Skills (only Tier 2 can be inherited, neither Tier 1 or Tier 3) can be forged (inherited) into a Weapon and their Point Value they use up on the Weapon Slot: A Passives: ATK+/SPD+/RES+/DEF+/HP+ 2(This includes skills like "Attack and Def+") : 1 "insert" Blow skills 2 (Death Blow 2 for exampled, includes also the new combined Blows): 2 Heavy Blade 2: 2 "insert" Boost 2(Earth Boost for example): 1 Close Counter: 2 Distant Counter: 2 Defiant "insert Stat" 2: 1 Distant Def 2: 2 Close Def 2: 2 Fortress Defense 2: 1 Fortress Res 2: 1 Fury 2: 3 Life and Death 2: 3 Steady Stance 2: 2 Following A-Passives cant be forged into a Weapon: Triangle Adept, Steady Breath, "insert" Shields (Iotes Shield for example) B Passives: "Insert" Breaker 2: 2 Brash Assault 2: 2 Dazzling Staff 2: 3 (Stave exclusiv) Desperation 2: 3 Escape Route 2: 3 (Stave exclusiv) Guard 2: 2 Live to Serve 2: 2 Obstruct 2: 1 Pass 2: 1 Poison Strikes 2: 2 Quick Riposte 2: 3 Renewal 2: 2 Seal "insert Stat": 1 Seal "insert double stats": 2 Shield Pulse 2: 2 Vantage 2: 3 Watersweep 2: 2 Windsweep 2: 2 Wings of Mercy 2: 3 (Stave Exclusive) Wrath 2: 4 Wrathfull stff 2: 3 (Stave Exclusive) Following B-Passives cant be forged into a Weapon: Wary Fighterl, Sacae's Blessing, Lunge, Knock Back, Hit and Run, Flier Formation, Drag Back, Cancel Affinity, Beorc's Blessing C Passives: "Insert" Ploy 2: 2 Breath of Life 2: 2 Drive Attack 1: 2 Drive Def 1: 2 Drive Spd 1: 2 Fortify "Insert Stat" 2: 2 Hone "Insert stat" 2: 2 Infantery pulse 2: 2 Savage Blow 2: 2 Spur "Insert stat" 2 (this includes the new double stat spur skills): 1 Threaten "Insert stat" 2: 1 The Following C-Passives cant be forged into a Weapon: Atk Smoke, Armor March, All Fortify Emblem and Hone Emblem skills, Goad Emblem and Spur Emblem skills, Guidance As an example: Silver Lance has a max value of 4, Therefor it would be possible to forge Desperation 2 (3) and Defiant Spd 2 (1) into the weapon and reach the max value of 4. There are 2 forges, so you would need to pay 50 coins for each forge: Total 100 coins Desperation 2 costs 100 SP: so 50 Great blue Badges needs (since its a Lance) Defiant Spd 2 costs 80 SP: so 40 Great blue Badges needs (since its a Lance) Total amount of Great blue Badges needed: 90 A Brave Weapon with a max value of 2 would not be able to put Desperation 2 (3) on it, because Desperation 2 (3) allready exeeds the max amoutn of point Values, but you could put Distant Counter (2) on the weapon if you wanted. Thoughts?
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