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Found 3 results

  1. For those who don’t know JFK is the president who got assassinated. I think The driver is secretly his husband who had an umbrella and was Ted Cruz’s dad with a sugary drink apart of the CIA and the Illuminati and plays baseball who was hired by JFK to kill JFK. I have backup support, would you want to be known as the president who got assasinated or the president who committed suicide. If you want me to add something Fire emblem okay.Does anyone have a link to the Best worst Fe5 rom it would be nice if you shared it with me.
  2. Regardless of where you stand on politics, the current POTUS right now has very little political experience prior to sitting in the highest office in the most powerful country in the world, if any, at least compared to his predecessors; whether you think that's a good thing or a bad thing is for you to decide. So I say we should start a new movement: America should allow persons as young as 18 years to run for political office. Barring the rare cases of prodigies (which honestly I could see as the kind of young people running for office) there aren't any rules stating that a [relevant] degree is required, it's just that they would likely help a lot with getting votes. If you think a type of person wouldn't win any elections anyway, why prohibit them from at least making attempts? Young people running an entire nation is by no means a new thing. In history, there have were kings who had to take charge of entire kingdoms/empires while they would still be in their teens, and unlike today, since they were absolute kings instead of democratically elected officials, they had a lot more weight on their shoulders compared to the majority of world leaders today, so really, an elected 19 year old would in actuality have an easier job than a very long time ago because other people could impede on their decisions, as America is not an absolutely ruled. People of this age group are allowed to vote, which is where the majority of the power for the US lies in, so in a way, people that young already can impact what happens in this country anyway, they vote because they can make good decisions for the country. There are also 18 year olds in the most vital part of any society, the military. If we can trust people that age to be in the most stressful and life threatening task that takes a lot of disciple, cooperation, bravery, and coherency in stressful situations, then they can definitely take working in a public office. I think, should this become law, what we'd actually see is people in their 20s and 30s running for office, I don't think old people should have a monopoly. Mental health isn't even checked when an American runs for office, even the highest one; why not just let the best candidate win and become a mayor, govenor, senator, president, etc? It should be the people's choice.
  3. Liquid Snake 2:31 PM On 5/10/13, at 2:14 PM, jaybee wrote: > someone create topic 40000 i should make topic 40000 a vaike hype thread to spite you SBIGINT 2:31 PM yes Major Xinny 2:32 PM do eet PKL 2:32 PM lol 2:32 PM do et
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