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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Today I'm thinking of why should I ever use Kaze when Jakob has way more utility, damage, skill access, pair up bonuses for Corrin, doesn't need Rinkah's support just to have a decent strength, has natural access to a mirror healing skill, tomebreaker to completely shit on tome users, base 6 movement, no movement restriction on desert tiles, better stat distribution including caps (dat -2 str mod really destroys Kaze forever in my book)...and he has 2 more levels to grow out of his bases (with better base strength and def than Kaze and a royal lead in luck at any point in the game), his major problem, speed, being solved by fixing a shuriken instead of a dagger on him and alternating between healing and debuffing/Killing to level up, while Kaze has only access to combat exp. What are your arguments in favor of Jakob or Kaze? Outside from Poison strike, which I already know of, is good, but better used by other units who can actually damage all the ennemy types, not only mages. This is an all routes contest, even if Jakob is the clear winner in revelations due to being overlevelled thanks to several more chapters of utility duty before Kaze joins/rejoins. I should add that in Rev I just put base Jakob with +hp/-res Corrin as his C-support backpack and he solo'd ch7 at base with an iron shuriken>steel shuriken, going the Northern path first to grab Gunter for the Western path, used Gunter instead of MU as Jakob's backpack (my Jakob has15 str and 18 spd instead of 12-13/14-15 at level 12 after this, but got -1 def and -2 HP), without any tonic other than the free HP tonic given in the opening maps. all this while keeping him as a butler, AKA one of the weakest physical classes in the game, both offensively and defensively (25 HP 9 def at level 12 ain't anything special, even the supposed 26.5/10 ain't very good). PEMN, but being able to do this from level 1 should mean something still, especially when you fight ninjas on about every portion of the map on top of cavaliers/archers/fighters/lance fighters/Knights and a few samurais who are totally not a problem.
  2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApPT0N9WtHcKdDNpTW1STTZCQXNFMF9lVFdlZ2hnSWc#gid=0 (Note: To avoid people messing up the sheet itself it's read only. Just save a copy into your google docs (if you don't have one, you'd need to make one, or just admire the sheet I guess). The basic idea is, you enter a weighting for each stat (how valuable you think they are) and the sheet gives you an adjusted growth valuation, and in particular ranks the characters on how good their growths are for that particular weighting. The most important columns are X and Y. These basically tell you roughly how good that character's growths are for a given weighting. The sheet currently has example data of what I think most people would consider a fairly standard weighting: Str/Mag (stronger stat), Spd, Def * 30 Res * 20 HP, SKL * 15 Str/Mag (weaker stat), Luk * 10 So a character's speed growth is considered three times as important as their luck growth, for example. With that weighting, you can see that characters like Kellam, Basilio, Cordelia and Vaike do better than their growth total suggests, while characters like Henry, Chrom, Anna and Maribelle are worse. And this is why Anna (ranked 6 unweighted, ranked 20 weighted) never really gets mentioned for her 'fantastic' growths, while Panne (ranked 5 unweighted, ranked 4 weighted) is. Because Panne's growths are good where this weighting cares, while Annas are good where this weighting doesn't. Anyway I don't expect this to be of huge use to many people, it's more of a novelty, but I use things like this occasionally when talking about character growths, and others might too. But I made it and I'll be using it, and on the off chance it's of use to others, might as well make it available, right? I'm thinking of adding classes in, but that's a little bit of work. (Note: This post refers to the original version of the sheet. The link now links to an updated version.
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