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Found 1 result

  1. At first, I was afraid of posting this due to reasons, but I cannot keep it to myself any longer. So, in order to do so, I've been studying all the manuals regarding hacks and stuff, as well as spriting and some other things. I want to try doing this hack of mine, even if the progress is going to be so slow (like years slow), but here we are. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows The story takes place in the continent of Michelty, in which the entirety of the continent was ruled by a single political entity instead of having independent kingdoms. Thousands of years ago, the continent was united under the rule of King Eriel of House Nightross who was also known as the Shadow King and Hero of Twilight. Under the might of the Shadow King, all the previously-independent kingdoms were conquered and the kings of those kingdoms bent their knees to the Shadow King, abdicating their kingship in return of maintaining their realms as the Highlords and subjects to the authority of the king. For thousands of years, Michelty was ruled by House Nightross, with the Highlords ruling their respective realms as the enforcers of the king's wills. House Nightross brought an era of prosperity throughout the continent, but the peace did not last long as King Veridic, the last of the king of Nightross dynasty, turned insane and started multiple ethnic purges and genocides throughout the continent. In retaliation, several Highlords united under a banner and started a rebellion. Ultimately, the mad King Veridic met his demise and House Nightross was utterly destroyed. One of the Highlords, Jason of House Duskfield, took the throne and became the new king to start a new dynasty after the destruction of House Nightross. Plus, House Duskfield used to be an offshoot of House Nightross, thus making them the descendants of King Eriel, strengthening their claim for the throne. But, not all the members of House Nightross were slaughtered during the rebellion. King Veridic's grandson, Prince Allen, and daughter-in-law, Princess Adelene, survived the rebellion that destroyed their family, thanks to Prince Nero, King Veridic's son and heir, who sacrificed himself in order to safely smuggle both his son and wife out of the capital. Both Prince Allen and Princess Adelene lived in peace in Saeguca Village. The former princess consort discarded her former identity and married a kindly apothecary and priest, and both of them had a daughter named Sella. For fifteen years, Allen and his family lived in peace in the village until a series of events forced him to return to the capital. Will he reclaim his birthright and throne? Will he realize the true purpose of his return? Will he realize that he's not the only lord of the shadows left in the continent? Time will tell. So far, I have planned two chapter, Prologue and Chapter 1. I'm still working on the hacking, so I will post the screenshots soon, but because I'm just an amateur, it'll take a godawful amount of time. Well, I have made the sprites for some major characters, though. So, here are the characters [spoiler=Nero] Nero, Allen's father. He is King Veridic's son and heir. While honorable and kindhearted, he sides with his father during the rebellion due to the insane king being his family. He will be playable during the prologue, which is essentially an escort mission to ensure his wife, Princess Adelene, and son, Prince Allen, escape the castle. Ultimately, he will meet his demise at the end of the prologue after ensuring his wife's and son's safety, at the hands of his own best friend, Lawrence. But before drawing his last breath, he asks for a favor from Lawrence to make sure his family is safe while in hiding, and Lawrence promises to do so. The prince then dies in his best friend's arm, feeling relieved that everything will be alright despite the destruction of House Nightross. As a playable prologue character, Nero's Class is Shadow Lord, which means he wields both swords and dark tomes in combat. He also wields a holy sword, Sanat Kumara, which can fire dark energy beams. He entrusts his son, Allen, with this sword before he meets his end. [spoiler=Allen] Allen, the Lord of the story. He is the grandson of King Veridic, and the son of Prince Nero and Princess Adelene. Despite inheriting his father's kindhearted nature, he is a little brash and cocky in battles, and he considers them to be his embarrassing flaws. Like his father, he greatly cherishes his new family and is willing to kill in order to protect them. He is also quite overprotective to his half-sister, Sella, which sometimes annoys her. Allen's Class is Lord and he wields swords in battles. He also wields his father's holy sword, Sanat Kumara, which was entrusted to him by his father before his death. At some point, he will promote into Shadow Lord, just like his father, which allows him to wield dark tomes. [spoiler=Sella] Sella, Allen's half-sister and the first Cleric. She is outgoing and cheerful, but is often annoyed by her half-brother's overprotective tendency. At the start of the story, she is unaware of Allen's true identity. As for her Class, like stated above, she is a Cleric. [spoiler=Adelene] Adelene, Allen's and Sella's mother. She was Prince Nero's wife and princess consort before the rebellion. After fleeing the capital and hiding in a rural backwater village of Saegusa, she married a priest and had Sella with him. In the story, she will be one of the factors of Allen having to return to the capital. In-game, her Class is Sage. [spoiler=Ennis] Ennis, a mysterious young woman who has been stalking Allen for quite some time. Actually, she is Lawrence's daughter who is sent to monitor both Allen and Adelene due to a few events happening in the capital. A bit blunt and harsh, but she means well. A very honorable person. Loves her father dearly. Her Class is Myrmidon. That will be all for now. More things will come later.
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