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Found 5 results

  1. I'm currently looking for Vestaria Saga portraits. Preferably in the 96 x 96 resolution in the game. Here are the one's I found so far. I'm currently looking for the portraits of all the characters in Vestaria Saga. I've was able to find a good amount of them, but not all. Does anyone know where I can find all of them? Preferably in the 96 x 96 resolution from the game. And also with a clear background. Here are the ones I found so far: In 96 x 96 resolution: Zade, Zade (Beta) Athol, Troy, Garlan, Prody, Bonacel, Jean, Ash, Dune, Haldyn, Merida, Theodel, Cezar, Sheela, Zayid, Ritton, Beatrice, Dulles, Vilweiss, Nina, Aslanne, Yaeri, Rubina, Lianka, Hilda, Jemma, Cyltan, Hoelun, Gyskal, Tamthir, Naccara, Orphelia, Accorte, Roland, Syvill, Ajax, Melces, Manneus, Lanna Neere, Siegfried, Vanice, Valerius, Tyron, Therenius, Zech. In HD/sketches/other: Jamulan, Neira (Beta), Emilia, Cyltan (Chapter 12), Fivi, Sjarta, Slayne, Ma'aya (Ending), Tallan, Urven, Lilia, Merida (Promoted)
  2. So after she got dunked on turn 1 in chapter 2 I was told it's no problem and she'll be back later. Whelp later is now. Or I should say about 16 turns ago. She appeared and while I was swatting the guys chasing her she moved down and then left the map. Now I assume she'll join me later on as thanks but I feel itchy that I might have missed out on her. Halp.
  3. Hell yes, Vestaria Saga is out on Steam in English! Woooo! Go Kaga! This topic can act as both a celebration of his new game, but also... I cannot find any way to make the game fullscreen. It's fine if I have to play it windowed I guess, but I'd really rather not. Any ideas? I've tried many of the typical key commands for entering fullscreen, and there are also no settings ingame to access fullscreen. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  4. Hey guys! As some of you may know, Vestaria Saga Part 1 was released recently. Since I've done (okay, started) LPs for both Tear Ring Saga and Berwick Saga, I thought it was only right for me to also try an LP of this game. My LP completion rate is 0%, but hopefully this will be the one that I finish. Besides, it can only help that I'm starting my fourth year of university tomorrow and will most likely be very busy for the next 8 months. Some links: The general Vestaria Saga thread: this includes the download link for the game as well as more frequent and up-to-date playlogs of the game. SF's Vestaria Saga info page: a lot of info on game mechanics and links to the official website The official Vestaria Saga website I'm not going to go into exhaustive details about the game mechanics in this LP- I'm trying to keep the time I spend as much to the playthrough itself and less on rehashing stuff you can read in the links above for yourself. I'll go into it only as much as is necessary to talk about my opinions/impressions about things such as characters or maps. It's mostly going to be just screenshots- after trying a video-style for my TRS 0% LP, I realized that it's not that interesting to listen to someone (even if that person is me) talk to themselves for 10 minutes, and plus I wasn't showing any fancy way to play the game or anything. And now, onwards! I've already completed Chapter 1. It should hopefully be up later this evening.
  5. From Siliconera So yeah. For people who are less then thrilled by the way Fire Emblem has headed for the past few incarnations, here is something that may fill a hole.
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