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Found 1 result

  1. YouTube playlist with all videos uploaded thus far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbSv8zSDR9c0vdilWtzzTZ-LQnP2krgFm It's been approximately a year since I last visited the forums so I don't have a very clear understanding of the new topic division criteria, but, as far as I understood it, posting to specific game subforums (as opposed to the LP forum) is advised when the focus isn't on socialisation but rather development of intricate strategies and planning closely intertwining with the games' mechanics, enemy behaviour and other peculiarities. Mods reading this are free to correct me if necessary. (will insert YouTube playlist here when there is a sufficient number of videos to make one) I'll just copy the description off YouTube here: I generally have excessively lengthy video descriptions covering the video log on YouTube (applies not only to this PT but all those other challenges I've done throughout the years), so, while I will go in-depth with things bothering me in this topic, more detailed analyses and things generally easier for newcomers to grasp can be found by following the embedded video to its YouTube page with an elaborate description up. The reversed characters' base stats (and the characters they replace) courtesy of Lord Raven Chapter 1 video (5 turns; 3 definitely possible via manipulation as seen in the screenshot below the post): I did try to have Yuno carry Karel all the way north, and she was able to carry Karel to a place where he can seize on turn 3. Yuno needed to get sniped by an Archer prior to crossing the river (easily accomplished when weighed down), causing the Archer to attack her instead of Karel, and Karel also dodged two 63s from one of the Fighters (each axe swing OHKOing his 8HP/0DEF with ease). However, Yuno needed a 4% crit to ORKO the boss on turn 3, and such an RN wasn't available. Various players have their own preference towards RNG exploitation and, while my playthrough very much deals with the RNG (or vice versa rather; it's hard to say, between the RNG and me, who is owning whom), I refuse to do the really TAS-like RNG burns (or any movement manipulation to rig stuff at all). Sticking to this rule ("no visible path manipulation") ensures that I'm not expected to do stuff like have a weakling dodge an enemy phase of impossibly overpowered enemy units, critting a bunch of them in counterattack and gaining a few perfect levels (though I'd obviously kill for a situation when the RNG just happened to give me such a turn out of the blue). Without forcing my views upon anyone, I just feel such a playstyle is a bit distant from the actual playing of Fire Emblem "as it is", so the low turn direction of the run is secondary to the playstyle chosen herein. Because I enjoy low-turning (which I've taken a long break from) and I enjoy playing FE "as it is". I haven't progressed very far yet - I've done chapter 2, then redone it again by conserving Armorslayer uses (a ridiculously finite and invaluable item when Oujay doesn't bring a second one at all, and the Hammer can be effectively used - i.e. by a mounted unit - only by promoted Percival for an extremely long period of the runthrough. I have a lot of concerns that will be expressed at length in my further posts here, and, as per usual, I welcome all feedback, input and other comments related to the playthrough showcased here. Perhaps the most pressing issues to be addressed as soon as possible would be: - how to prevent the manually promoted Karel from demoting during chapter 21. I believe I have to cut something out of the game with a program that is possibly called an "event editor" but that's about all I know about this based on intuition alone. - with three competent fliers in the party, I'm looking forward to going to Illia rather than Sacae with its awful maps, nomads and terribad hit rates. However, I haven't establishes whether it's the levels of the original characters (Sue/Shin and Thany/Tate) that determines one's route or the levels of their replacements. The latter would be difficult considering Elphin, one of the two simultaneously available dancers, joins at lv. 1 and is most certainly seeing heavy usage. It is dubious whether Sophia (Thany's replacement) and Noah (Tate's replacement) can compensate for the amount of experience Elphin gets (should he co-operate with Lalum for double-dancer strategies or even level up to lv. 20 together with Lalum for more reliable hyper-offensive chapter clears). I put up a poll with some potential things of note to be pondered. [spoiler=Current turn counts] C1 5 turns C2 4 turns C3 6 turns C4 5 turns C5 4 turns C6 4 turns C7 5 turns C8 8 turns C8x 3 turns C9 3 turns C10 3 turns C11 2 turns C12 3 turns C12x 3 turns C13 3 turns C14 2 turns C14x 2 turns C15 2 turns C16 3 turns C16x 2 turns C17s 2 turns C18s 2 turns C19s 2 turns [spoiler=Stat boosters] 4 Angelic Robe - hoarding 11 Speedwings - sold 13 Body Ring - Elphin 14 Boots - Zeiss 14 Talisman - sold 14 Speedwings - hoarding [spoiler=Promotions] 7 Hero Crest - Karel 8 Knight Crest - Percival 8 Guiding Ring - Clarine 8 Elysian Whip - Zeiss 11 Orion Bolt - Dayan 12 Elysian Whip - Miledy 14 Guiding Ring - sold 15 Knight Crest - sold
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