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Found 5 results

  1. I don't know if its age or this shity year, but games to me are losing there magic. I feel guilty playing them. They are not as impactful as a good book or art in me at this point. Plus my brain keeps telling me to focus on working out, self improvement, art, writing or studying instead of playing a game. Even then if i play a game just change difficulty if things get too hard on them now to save time. Its getting to the point where my favorite games like Xenoblade aren't doing it for me. Guess I will have to accept the fact I'm not longer a hard core gamer and more casual. I'm at this line where the only thing that will make me buy a new console is a new fire emblem game. Life goes on.
  2. In my opinion, video games are great because of one thing..it can provide great, unforgettable memories. I've never seen something that can be so memorable as video games, probably because I'm a no-life nerd.
  3. I belong to these persons, who's terrible at most videogames and tbh I enjoy it, if I do stupid mistakes. Love to get to into RAGE-mode and to laugh about myself! Self-created entertainment is still the best entertainment for me while playing a vg.
  4. Sentacotus


    So with all these amiibos coming out I've recently gotten into it starting small I'm set on collecting the FE amiibos only to start and I've also got my old Gamecube games in the orginal cases. I also plan on getting the Legend of Zelda artbook not exactly rare right now but nice nonetheless. Anyone here collect anything or own a collection of their own? Edit: Feel free to post pictures of your collections whatever they may be.
  5. I started a new trend to myself. I am importing videogames from Japan, if they are not available for my video game consoles or I cannot wait for the date of release in EU. I play(ed) JP-imports: Fire Emblem 12 Heroes of Light and Shadow Tales of Vesperia Kirby's Triple Deluxe My experiences are different: Kirby's Triple Deluxe is a platformer without a huge plot, so it is easy to play without knowlegde of JP. I haven't finished it yet, but it is not hard. FE12 was not too bad either. The menu was easy to understand, because I played the prequel. The symbols of the weapons and items and the numbers helped me a lot. However I had to watch a LP to manage the spheres and recruit all the characters. Tales of Vesperia came out in 2009 worldwide for the XBox360. But I don't own a XBox so I imported a copy for PS3. The "Tales"-games are JRPGs, so it is impossible to play them without knowledge about the story and battlesystem. I always have to watch a LP of ToV first so that I know, what I have to do. It's pretty laborious, but it is the only way to do it. The main point is that you have fun with this game! And this game is really fun, even if I cannot understand some parts of the story. So your experiences of imported videogames from Japan interest me and how do you manage the Japanese language.
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