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Found 8 results

  1. Post ideas of villains you have. I made a similar topic in march but due to low activity and me generally running out of ideas to keep it going it kinda died (or not I don't know what the deadline for dead forums is). So let me make this thread so we can share our ideas. So here are some of my ideas: Name: Katsuo Class: Rogue Level: 17 HP: 40 ATK: 23 DEF: 17 SPD: 29 SKL: 26 RES: 15 LCK: 27 Bio: Katsuo, also called by "Alpha" and "Rogue King", is the leader of the Wolf Pack. He is the most successful and infamous rogue of his generation. Ruthless and devilishly handsome Katsuo is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Game Prescence: Katsuo is one of the three major antagonists of the first 11 chapters, not counting the prologues or possible paralogues, as he is fought in chapter 9. He is also one of your unit's archenemy as he killed and played with their mother when that unit was young. He and the other major antagonist of the first 11 chapters are also in numerous cutscences and often talked about in houses/villages you visit. Context before you face him: Well the final three chapters of the "first arc" is where the neighboring country makes a surprise attack on your home country's capitals. So Katsuo is outside the castle guarding the reinforcements, you, from joining in the battle. So there are two goals, defeat the boss and arrive. You are allowed to bring your lord and the unit who hates Katsuo plus 11 other units. Inventory: He has a Silver bow and a silver sword. He also has a droppable bullion (XL). Skills: Locktouch: Opens any lock without need of a key. Lucky 7: +20 Hit/Avoid for the first seven turns. Now you can post away!
  2. We always wanted to make a Fire Emblem boss, but either being too lazy to make a game involving him/her or not having the rescources. We couldn't. So share your ideas, you can be as detailed or not as you want. But, at least put the name of the villain and a little bio.
  3. So outside of Genealogy of the Holy War, which had a lot of throwaway recolored female bosses pictured above, its noticeable minor enemy bosses like Batta and Gromell are always male. And before anyone states Clarisse or Pheros, those characters are not minor bosses with no story importance like Lumel or Campari are. I'm talking about bosses that just walk into a map and die with no fanfare. This is speculation but it is quite possible the lack of minor enemy female commanders could be due to the developers not wanting to design female characters with the ugly/evil look that minor bosses have. Similarly outside of the aforementioned Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, and Tear Ring Saga which occasionally sprinkled female generics among the otherwise male enemy forces, generic enemy units are almost always male outside of female exclusive classes like Pegasus Knight or Troubadour. We know lore wise, nations like Macedon, Grado, Plegia, Bern ETC have female soldiers and commanders from the recruitable characters those locations, but the rank and file enemy grunts and lowranking commanders are always male. Several games like New Mystery of the Emblem even punish the player for attacking female generics the rare times they appear. This is again another guess, but I speculate that the developers avoid female generics to avoid making the player feel bad. I''m asking everyone what do you think the reason for this is and would you like this to change? *My original version of this post was deleted when my browser glitched so I had to retype the whole thing.*
  4. 1. An evil dictator who wants to rule over not just the world, but time and space 2. An evil dictator who tries to thin out the world population by starving people to death 3. A knight working for the protagonist who has unethical work methods and is a misogynist 4. A mad scientist who wants to raise the world's landmass 5. A knight who leads a mercenary army against his king because he was blamed by something he didn't do and takes it out on the king 6. A terrorist organization that wants to DESTROY the Fire Emblem 7. An army from another continent invading another continent 8. A protagonist who is actually the antagonist 9. An alien from outer space wanting to destroy the continent 10. A spoony bard that raped the Protagonist's sister.
  5. 1. An animal rights activist who orders his solders to steal animals from people to set them free 2. A band of thieves who try to steal the Fire Emblem 3. A villain who kills himself shortly before he loses 4. A terrorist organization who wants to make animals the dominant species instead of humans 5. A terrorist organization who wants to destroy emotions 6. A lower ranking enemy General who's secretly the mastermind behind the scenes 7. A mad scientist who wants to create a race of anthropomorphic animals to conquer the world 8. An evil dictator who tries to slaughter a large group of people who believe in a certain religion 9. An evil dictator who has a deep hatred towards the main protagonist 10. An evil dictator who tries to turn useless machines into weapons of mass destruction
  6. I know a major thing to any form of media is a good villain. FE has had its share of good villains and... not so good villains. The addition of Grima to Heroes got me wondering - since there's a lot unknown about the villains in FE what are your ideas or headcanons about them? If not that, what do you want to see from the villains? How would you improve them, if you would at all?
  7. I dunno I just felt like making a thread where we discuss what makes the villains in games so interesting and what we like about them. It can be the first easy boss or the Super-Mega-Ultra-Secret Boss, just explain why you like them. Also use spoiler tags when necessary. And I guess I can start.. [spoiler=Persona 4] Adachi man. He's such a great character. Just the way he goes from terrible comic relief detective to actual fucking insane murderer is brilliant. And the fact that his dungeon has great music is a plus. That and his social link in Golden is great because it shows the side you never saw in the original. [spoiler=Portal/Portal 2] Man these games were gems. But I love GLaDOS/Wheatley because they were always there. While like Adachi they were always there, in Portal 1 GLaDOS was always there and you knew she was crazy. You knew you were gonna face her eventually and that made the final boss just great. Then in 2 you have Wheatley who you think wants to help you, which he technically did, but then he goes insane. Just the presence of the bosses in these puzzle games of all things made them brilliant.
  8. So yep, Marvel movies. What do you guys think of them? This is for all Marvel movies, not just the Cinematic Universe owned by Disney. Sony's Spider Man films, marvel films from way back when, the X-men, Daredevil from Fox, if anyone remembers that. Basically, if it's a movie with Marvel characters, then it's open for discussion. Feel free to talk about movies still in development, like Ant Man or Amazing SpiderMan 2. Just...no DC. Just Marvel, okay? So yeah, chat away about what you liked, didn't like, want to see in later films, wished you had seen in films already out, idea you have for Marvel movies, etc. Well, I'll start off and say that I'm pretty excited for the upcoming films. Amazing SpiderMan 2 is only a few months away and I'm really excited for that, and I'm actually going to go see Ant Man. I feel like the only person who want to see that, does anyone else want to? I do have one majot complaint though, and it's how they're handling Deadpool. I mean come on! You mute the guy famous for being 'The Merc with a Mouth,' and then you make us wait well over a year for you to get the movie you promised for him out? I haven't heard news on that for a while, which makes me not happy!
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