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Found 1 result

  1. "Keep your hood down as far as you can, Almira. As different as you are, we can't afford any suspicions... These garbs will already be worrying enough." A soft voice spoke to a rather short girl, face mostly obscured by the robes she wore, though a tiny glint of violet eyes peeked through, as the taller one spoke. "I-I understand... But, is this really the right thing to do? We could be in a lot more trouble if they find out the truth about it." She fidgeted a bit, tugging the robes closer to herself, already perceiving a few stares from around the tavern. "It's our only chance, at this point. If we continue on as we are, we'll be caught. Much as it worries me, we need help. If we have to lie a bit to acquire it... So be it." "I... I see..." Tarask was an unassuming village, only known because of its vicinity to the Gorletsian border. Trade and soldiers rolled through it, but more importantly, so did mercenaries, treasure hunters, trouble seekers. Those willing to take a job at the promise of gold aplenty, or rarities for reward. It's here, at the Warm Nights tavern, that two vampires make their troubles known... In as much secret as possible. A flier posted, unassuming, 'We seek protected passage through the lands of Silnynon, as we are not as well versed with the northern half of the country, and need to pass through as soon as possible. You will be paid graciously for your efforts, in gold or treasure, whichever is preferred.' A simple too good to be true request, yet there they stood, hooded and waiting, for the first to approach and ask of this. The meeting time said for the evening, as odd as that may be for a group looking to pass through quickly, but as evening rolled around, so too did a few potential takers. The taller figure greeted them with a smile from beneath their hood, a gentle chuckle following. "Hello, and well met," came velvet words, audible over the din of the crowded evening tavern. "If you are here, may I assume it's to discuss the listed proposal? I'll take any questions you may, or may not have. I will only ask you not to trouble my associate with them. It's late, and she grows tired. I will more than suffice to answer anything you're curious about."
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