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Found 9 results

  1. If a seasonal unit had to get a PRF who desperately would want the refine and what kind of weapon would you give them?
  2. I personally think Rhea is pretty hot. I know she has done some pretty bad stuff, but that doesn’t change the fact that if you S tier with her like I did she apologises and says she loves you. I don’t know bout you all but I think she’s cute.
  3. was bored and I wanted to see if there were any other vocaloid/UTAU fans on the site so here we are. Come here to talk about your favorite songs, characters, artists, etc. and generally show our love for these two voice singing synthesizers.
  4. So I'm going through a MaMu run to bide time while FeFates comes out. So I need to figure out who to marry. The problem is it needs to be somewhat in character me thinks. Why should this matter? This is who I based the MaMu off of. That's right, I'm going to be going through Awakening with Dunte Dante. The problem is... I can't decide who to have him marry. I've narrowed it down to these lovely ladies. Here's kind of what I consider, though ultimately it's up to you guys. MaMu's asset and flaw are, respectively, +Speed -Res. (Maybe Defense but... Dante tends to get stabbed a lot and he's fine with it. I would have used Luck to be more in character, but muh Armsthrift.) General pros - They all look good with white hair. Being a kid for MaMu, they're kind of hard to mess up in general. Two of the three already have Galeforce. Character specific (focused on stats... mostly): Sumia as a mom + Gets Galeforce already. + Easy to get since she comes relatively early. + Can be used to help transport MaMu around too. + Cynthia gets some (imo needed) classes that she wouldn't get otherwise without MaMu. + Okay but... Cynthia the hero with Dante as her dad is hilariously adorable to me. + Cynthia herself can make a good Dark Flier. - Takes Chrom away from a possible good mom for Lucina. Cordelia as a mom +No Chrom to worry about. + Preset Armsthrift and Galeforce for the ENTIRE family! + Not as early as Sumia, but relatively early too. + Severa in general is one of the best kids. This just compounds her and makes her better. + This family is adorable with a good support to lead up to it imo. - Severa doesn't feel like she needs MaMu as much as others. She could have a different dad and still be top tier. Cherche as a mom + Vergil: the son. + No Chrom to worry about. + Gives Gerome Barbarian, Dark Mage, and Mercenary. + my waifu Similar to above, gives Gerome a lot he would need to thrive - even if it's as a support unit. - No Galeforce for Gerome, thus he'll probably be stuck as a support. So, who is the lucky lady for this?
  5. So, as the incredibly powerful ruler of the Waifu Kingdom, who obviously ignores all advice from other waifus because of their sheer inferiority, I have been wondering, who should I make my easily ignored advisors? I will lessen their punishment for trying to surpass my talents as a Waifu, from instant beheading to beheading a few seconds after "instant". This, my friends, is from the sheer kindness of my heart, as though I rule with a steel hand, I have a few shreds of benevolence in my heart of ice. They will have power over the other residents of the Waifu kingdom, but I can null their actions with the speed of a Pegasus. So who, my subjects, my friends, shall join me in governing my lands?
  6. Welcome to season 2! Last season, nobody voted for panne, Sayri, Flavia, Aversa,and Emmeryn.(Emmeryn Emmerout I guess) So they are officially out! The remaining are Lissa, with 1, Sully with 3, Miriel with 1, Sumia with 3, Maribelle with 1, Cordelia with 4, nowi,tharja, Anna and cherche with 1, olivia and Lucina with 3, and other and other children with 2. Now for husbandos, Ricken, Gregor, Basillio, Yen'fay,and Priam are out with 0 votes. The remaining are Chrom with 3, Vaike,Frederick,Donnel,Kellam,Inigo and other children with 1,Stahl,Lonqu,Gaius,Walhart, and Virion with 2 and - . Wait, are you guys trolling?Libra has 4 votes. Wow. Well, last but not least, Henry,with 5. There are only those left, and Henry and Cordelia got in the lead last season.Let's see who gets in the league this time! Please be Lucina Again,I am only giving a week to vote. Do it while you can!
  7. so i have been holding off some money to spend on getting my first copy of awakening (yes i'm the only 100% of the people in this forum who don't has awakening) but then i noticed something funny, smash that i have been hyped to, is releasing next month/7days, so it auto-created a decision, either i buy smash 4 with the money or awakening. and i can only spend the money once it will take some time before i can start to get money for the next game again so it's pretty important the decision. so i didn't have any ideas besides forcing you guys to help me out so.. YEAH, help me out with this choices.
  8. ...with magnificence: Enjoy, Awakening fans of Serenes Forest. A special "I love you too" kiss to all the people who dislike me because I killed their waifus. Special thanks to Annie, Rei, Ray, Reiko, Dan, and Sylvia. A *VERY* special thanks to Mariabell/Maribelle.
  9. So yeah. Doing a Lunatic + min-max run. For real this time. I need some advice on pairings. For real this time. I will be grinding (duh) Pairings I am doing, no matter what: Panne x Gregor Vaike x Sully Chrom x Olivia Nowi x MU Suggested pairings for the rest of the females are welcome.
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