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Found 3 results

  1. What if the Warp staff was actually in FE9? Well, that's what this series of videos is trying to answer. Since there's no way to know where the staff would've been placen in the game for sure (probably the desert though), I decided to have Rhys have it in his inventory when he joins in Chapter 2. That way, I can show it being used for the entire game. Since Rhys starts with only a D rank in staves (Warp is A), and he doesn't participate in Chapter 3, the first map we can warpskip is Chapter 4. It's worth noting that this isn't a continuous playthrough, instead of a bunch of ILs to show off as much as I can of the Warp strats. Here's the playlist of the challenge. And the individual chapters: Chapter 4 in 1 turn Chapter 6 in 2 turns Chapter 7 in 2 turns Chapter 9 in 2 turns Chapter 10 in 1 turn Chapter 11 in 2 turns Chapter 12 in 1 turn Chapter 14 in 1 turn Chapter 15 in 1 turn Chapter 16 in 2 turns Chapter 17-1 in 1 turn Chapter 17-2 in 1 turn Chapter 17-4 in 1 turn Chapter 18 in 1 turn Chapter 19 in 1 turn Chapter 20 in 1 turn Chapter 21 in 1 turn Chapter 22 in 1 turn Chapter 23 in ? turns (postponed) Chapter 24 in 1 turn Chapter 25 in 1 turn Chapter 26 in 1 turn Chapter 27-1 in 1 turn Chapter 27-2 in 1 turn Chapter 28 in 1 turn Endgame in 1 turn
  2. I just found a pretty minor glitch on the Spirit Train stage. 1. Go to training mode. 2. Pick any character (I did it with Pikachu). 3. Pick Spirit Train. 4. Spawn a Warp Star on the leftmost part of the train (above Alfonzo/Toon Link). 5. Push it to the left by slowly walking into it. The Warp Star should stop rotating. It will never despawn, unless it is used. EDIT: Also, if you spawn several Warp Stars in that exact glitch spot on top of each other, the glow around it will be brighter.
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