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Found 1 result

  1. Now something Warriors Orochi did with its Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors casts is that it gave them both their unique feels of how they did Musou (super attacks, their gauges actually had differing mechanics), how they used horses and some other minor details. While this is highly unlikely, how would you feel if they added, lets just say we have Eirika in Warriors (I doubt it, but who knows) and shes using a light weapon and happens to be facing Zombie like foes, since her game had "Slayer" in it, despite it being a bishop skill, she'd be able to just effortlessly clean the clocks of foes like that. Say Leif is in, some of the key mechanics in his game was dismount and capture, what if he has two really powerful movesets, one mounted and one dismounted, but he can freely switch between them (because warriors games outside DW & SW don't seem to like giving you mounts), unless indoors then he's forced off, but he also would have a higher weapon drop rate because capture existed in his game? It sounds dumb i'm sure, but I was just thinking about this and decided to share it.
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