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Found 4 results

  1. It's wintertime here, and a small cold snap already on the way inspired me to make this. The C means Celsius and I've included a Fahrenheit conversion for those who don't live in Canada. For me, the coldest weather I've ever been exposed to was around -50 C (-58 F) on a windless day. Sure was fun walking to school in that- by the time I was indoors again, some of my hair was frozen, but I made it through with no lasting damage. I'd say that's my upper limit, but thankfully cold that severe is pretty rare where I live. Anything below around -25 C (-13 F) isn't common, which is convenient, because it's around that temperature that I generally avoid going outside whenever possible. As for the warmest, I braved a couple of 40+ C (104 F) days a few summers ago, which was significantly less bearable than the extreme cold because being outside for longer than a minute left me covered in sweat and wanting an ice bath. After that fun fest, I don't like going outside in anything warmer than 30 C (86 F), especially not when there's so much smoke from forest fires that I literally can't see the sun in the sky and I get a headache if I leave any windows open. So what about you? What's the coldest and/or warmest weather you can stand?
  2. Solvaij

    Snow Days

    Classes canceled for snow today, so I thought it'd be fun to ask what you guys do when there's snow??
  3. Wondering how others feel about storms. I love them, but a lot of people I know think I'm weird.
  4. Our weather is super bad We have every season in the span of about two days A couple weeks (maybe months) ago it went from 80, to 30 the next day, then 50 the next, then 80 again It was an interesting week
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