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Found 1 result

  1. 16th April 812 It had been nearly a week since their last battle, but thankfully Owen's group had not faced any more adversity in the remainder of their journey. Leaving the savage lands of Magonsaete behind them, the plains and hills of Raewald were almost a welcome sight. Without threats of bandit attacks, it was far easier to progress. However, Emily had not stirred, her body remaining cold and lifeless throughout their journey. However, there were no signs of death or decay otherwise, it was as if she had entered an incredibly deep sleep. The walls around Tytila were vast, easily fifty feet tall, made from a sturdy stone and complete with multiple guard towers. As they approached the city, Owen's group were immediately hailed by the guards, a group of men clad in a dark grey armour. "Prince Owen of Wyke! It is an honour to welcome you to Raewald! Please, allow us to assist you! Her Highness, Queen Ethel, has instructed us to guide you until she is free to meet with you." one called out, dropping down to one knee as he spoke. The other guards joined him in his gesture. "Open the gates, Prince Owen of Wyke has arrived!" The gates to the city were as large as the walls, although made from a dark iron rather than stone. Opening slowly, the gates revealed the bustling city of Tytila. Even after a first glance, it became very clear that the city was far larger than Hull. The stalls and buildings went on beyond the eye could see, and the grand tower of Tytila castle was very visible in the background. Packed with people, the crowd had a life of its own, the busy city life keeping everyone moving. One of the guards passed Owen a small piece of paper, depicting a map of the area. "Prince Owen, I hope that Tytila has all that you would wish for. If there is anything that you cannot acquire, Queen Ethel has requested that you ask at the castle, and she will see to it personally." he added, his men aiding Sebastian with unloading the group's supplies. "Queen Ethel should be available to meet with you in the afternoon at the castle. She has requested that you only take a handful of your most trusted advisers with you, she has said that she is not usually one for large gatherings. Otherwise, you and your subjects are free to explore Tytila as you wish until then. Mr Sebastian has said that he will be more than happy to deal with unpacking and moving your supplies, but we will do all we can to assist him." The entire party is free to post! Please explore Tytila as you see fit! Remember, this isn't Wyke, you need to behave! TYTILA SHEET
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