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Found 3 results

  1. An another insane idea in my mind for Fire Emblem from one of my posts and it will be special for Lunatic difficulty. If all Fire Emblem titles mixed to one, in "my castle" features, it will have an extra "DLC" chapter that only worked once and before reach any chapters which contained the stories (or paralogues) about met any character's descendant, and the 'extra chapter' works like below. The extra chapter is Rescue an NPC monster (which cannot attack and have relatively high HP and Def, no Skills, and with 0 in other stats so it would be mostly got double and critical hits by enemy) who appeared at north area on the map which hunted down by the massive numbers of enemy's (relatively easy) monsters with unlimited reinforcements, which good for exp.harvestings. Battle chapter ended if the NPC monster died or succeed to reach out south area of the map. If the Lord unit got talked to it before it reach out of the map and survived, it will follow you to the castle after the battle chapter ended (but not as an unit), and you will got a temporary extra feature. In the castle, the temporary extra feature is to talk to the Monster for it's request to the Lord. The extra feature would be gone after finished it's tasks or when the player decide to ignore it and continues to the next chapter. The Monster's tasks were request the Lord is to sacrifice each one of any male and female HUMAN/BEORC characters from the player's force (not from post-game's bonus characters that featured by enemy's or deceased characters). Lords, avatar (my unit), characters which already have A, A+, and S support, matured or cursed characters (like Jagen, Frey, Wrys, Moulder, Dozla, Gunther, Nyx, and many more), major characters who destined to be the ruler of the country (king / queen / crown prince / crown princess), and 'branded' characters could NOT be sacrificed. There will be very limited choice of it. The both sacrificed characters could not have their mates (including having child) and will have their own altered endings (and they would had sad endings because they weren't humans anymore). If the player "agrees" to do it, it might be recommended for any weakest characters who has terrible growth that forced to benched overtime and not very affected to the battlefields as well as their respective own 'stories' (note: when decide to 'agree', it will unable to continue to next chapter before the task completed). The sacrificed characters here were not perished at all. The Monster only takes their "humanity" in order to lift-off it's monster-form curse by a defeated demon god. After the task finished, the Monster's form would became a shade of light and thanking the Lord for help, so it can return to it's own respective realm. (The word "it" were used due it have no gender and no character's voice.) The characters were 'sacrificed' by reborn into demi-humans and reclassed to permanent classes that unable to reclass to another (including DLC) class, unremovable Skills, cannot buy and equip another Skills, and lost all of their own already-learned Skills, hence since they lost their "humanity". Note: the other characters cannot be reclass to the respective demi-human's classes. Example below. They have average stats growth and would be considered as the monster units, so they were weak againts anti-monster Skills or weapons (if exist). The level will reset to 1, HP 25, Str 7, Mag 7, Skill 8, Spd 8, Luck 9, Def 6, Res 6 after "reborn". They will become: Angel. From a sacrificed male unit. A winged humanoid creature which gains energy from the purity of water. Flier. Marine. Movement 7. Lance E, Dagger E, Staff E. Skills: 1. -the Character's own innate Skill-. 2. Albatross. -class' innate Skill-. Iote's Shield + restore 10 HP on the start of player's turn if stands on the water tiles. 3. Lv.1.: Raider. Beastbane + Wyrmsbane + Air Superiority. 4. Lv.10.: Edgebreaker. Axebreaker + Bowbreaker. 5. Lv.25.: Bladefaire. Lancefaire + Daggerfaire. 6. Lv.35.: Titan. Luna + Rend Heaven. Lamia. From a sacrificed female unit. An attractive creature with half women to upper body and half snake to lower body. Mountaineer. Forester. Desert walker. Movement 6. Axe E, Bow E, Tome E. Skills: 1. -the Character's own innate Skill-. 2. Lander -class' innate Skill-. Natural Cover + Good Fortune + Negates all terrain's movement penalties. 3. Lv.1.: Slaughter. Armorsbane + Ridersbane. 4. Lv.10.: Bladebreaker. Lancebreaker + Daggerbreaker. 5. Lv.25.: Edgefaire. Axefaire + Bowfaire + Tomefaire. 6. Lv.35.: Titanesse. Sol + Astra. ************************************ Sorry for long posts. Now, if the insane feature above exist and "agree" to sacrifice, from each one human/beorc male and female: 1. Who will you sacrifice? (Their names and from FE series) 2. What will they becomes? (also allowed to take the demi-humans example-forms above) 3. What Skills will they have? (if you have any ideas and they'll allowed to be overpowered) nb. also allowed to take same characters to becomes another demi-human creatures and vise-versa.
  2. What if in some alternate reality universe that a Fire Emblem is created by a western studio? (Of course this is very unlikely due to Japan and Nintendo being protective of their properties, but ignoring that). I would think that the game would be more cinematic with a greater amount of cut-scenes. The artstyle would be leaning on the realistic side since that is popular among developers. Characters wise I don't know, most studios that I know of don't have much experience writing an ensemble cast. The biggest part gameplay, I feel will be less of a priority to the gameplay. How would you think it will be handled?
  3. After completing FE4 recently, one of possible idea that I had was that what if Julia has gotten the major Loptyr and Julius has gotten the major Naga? Sort of what King Azmur wanted but Julia wasn't expected. I figured the story of the 2nd gen will go the same way, but Julia would have Ishtar as an underling. Not so sure who would be a romantic interest for this version of Julia.
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