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Found 2 results

  1. I've found my 3ds from my closet and decided to play conquest again since i had such good memories of it and of course i went classic mode cause i love the thrill of if a unit dies they're gone for good it really gets me feeling like i'm sneaking you're older brothers GBA and playing blazing blade but that's unimportant it has just been screwing me over again and again i lose azura i restart i lose elise i try again MY LEO DIES IN A SINGLE CRIT FROM TAKUMI i restart i just keep losing the op units or the ones i really like it just never let's me keep those units xander, nyx, camilla, peri, nyles (i really like Nina so i can't let her father die can i), Even jakob (what i'm a fan of him he looks nice), And even keaton (what velouria is op as hell and i wanted her to be kana's big sister to rely upon if needed) so can somebody tell me some easier ways to duel around the maps since it's kinda been a while since i played a fire emblem game (about 2 years)
  2. Guest

    Tough choice

    Hello guys, So here's my situation, I'm playing for the first time Fire Emblem 6 in hard mode directly and it was kinda difficult to get where I am (at chapter 9 at the moment and it took about 10 + hours) The thing is I let Sue die in a very stupid way where I put her in a risky situation without any reasons, but sinceI restarted the chapter twice already I said fck it because bow units aren't really good in Fire Emblem anyway and I think I get get a similar one later on. But now (at chapter 9) I realize that I need Sue to recruit that Shin guy... who looks really good. And from my researchs FE 6 is one of the best game for bow units. And the fact that I screwed up almost all the Sacae line kinda annoys me.. (I still can have Fir tho) So I just wanted to have your opinion on this guys.. Is it worth restarting a new game in order to not let Sue die and get Shin ? It's 10 hours.. If it was a chapter I'd have do it instantly but I didn't know back then so a new game is a bit more annoying x) Oh and I guess there is NO way to get Shin on the current game whatever I do right ? sigh
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