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Found 5 results

  1. So, I've finally got around to playing the DLC and I must say the new history mode maps are pretty interesting, the new characters as well (though I can stand Azura even less now and they utterly botched Linde's voice, but that's beside the point). But... there is that ONE battle in Oboro's history mode map that restricts you to Spears only, so it's only Azura, Oboro, Hinoka, Cordelia and Shiida, three of whom are fliers, who are weak to bows. And what does half the map consist of? Archers and Snipers. Consider my pet peeved. Thoughts? Also, I have a new found loathing for "You have 5 minutes, kill as many mooks as you can" missions. Especially if an S-rank rewards you with a scroll for a weapon for a character you (want to) main, but you can't get it, because 1) none of the males are fast enough to kill 1,600 people in the span of 5 minutes and 2) they spawn slower than... something that is really slow.
  2. What it says on the tin. If you know me, you know that I make a lot of jokes and references. Constantly, all the time. Real life of a piece of media I've heard of, I like to be comical and not take things seriously. But other people do take many more thing seriously. As a religious person, I have my own boundaries set at places relating to that. At what point does a joke or reference go from clever to controversial?
  3. For being minimalist a +MAG/-DEF Male MU can carry out (virtually) the same execution [with minor positioning differences so warriors die on PP on Wave 1] as Ricken!Laurent!Morgan. That +6 MAG, and the Galeforce means nothing. Build: (MaMU) Mag+2 Skl+2 Tomefaire Vengeance Vantage Build (Maribelle!Lucina) Mag+2 Skl+2 Tomefaire Galeforce Dual Strike+ Wave 1 is the "hardest" part for this, and that's all positioning (the two Bow Warriors (the boss and one other) have to use their Bows) and not getting screwed by the same thing that -will- screw over Morgan just as bad [No, the MAtt5ER method is -not- 100%- you can miss Invinicisorcs (or rather, Lucina can miss the Invincisorcs, which will kill you if it happens twice on the same Invinicisorc, and this applies to both MaMU and Morgan), and the Tomahawk Griffon can get Dual Guarded [which is a 26% chance of occurrence]]. MAtt5ER himself raised the thought on the Wave 5 'zerks... however: Against them, Morgan's damage lead is only 1. [MaMU uses Mag+2 which brings the difference in MAG from 6 down to 4, which is ...2 damage.] However... Morgan only does 19 damage on double 'zerker thanks to that Aegis+. [133 - 55: 78.Halve that (Dragonskin): 39. Halve that again, rounding down: 19] MaMU does 18. [129 - 55: 74; Halved: 37; Halved, down: 18] Lucina does 11 (x2) [77-55: 22; Halved: 11]. 19+11+11+19+11+11 = 82 [Morgan] 18+11+11+18+11+11 = 80 [MaMU] BOTH REQUIRE POKE. Chrom does 3 damage with the Double Bow. [Rallied] Maribelle does 8(x2) with her Celica's... and this is as a Valkyrie (which is pointless: Boots+Sage has the same MOV, and the original run didn't use boots at all). If she's a Sage instead, she does 10. 3+8+8 = 19 3+10+10 = 23 99-19 = 80 [- 80 = 0] [- 82 = -2] 99-23 = 76 [- 80 = -4] [- 82 = -6] With either, the damage is terminal, so there's nothing that -requires- Morgan's extra damage. TL;DR: If you're being a minimalist, MaMU might just be more effective than you think, and you only -need- two pairings to do that run [1 less than the original], also -3/5/7/9 DEF Mod is the most important, since those allow you to take 44, heal 10, take 45, then HP tonic for full power vengeance.
  4. .... .. Wow... just... Wow. I didn't realize people liked Ignition that much to use a review of another fic of mine to try to tell me to update Ignition. [Don't get it? "Project Ignition" is a fic of mine- probably my best- a crossover fic [Muv Luv Alternative, Armored Core:For Answer] featuring a completely original cast. (OC? No. Not "character", OCast. Canon characters are here-and-there (one notably, dies horribly), but this focuses not on them). I haven't updated it in months, because... things... (It's pretty freaking dark-- and at last point, I was planning "Kill 'em all".) Anyways... during the writing of the latest [still unpublished] chapter of it.... I sorta flipped out, needed to write something softer, so I decided on writing some Robin/Lucina [FE:A obviously] one shots. ...That I ended up putting in a collection called "Crossing Bridges" after the first entry... well. Here's this guy responding to my latest entry. (Which, wow, 1K views on CB in less than one day.)]
  5. I started this series a couple days ago, I'm already on the 3rd book "The Sorceress", I'm quite enjoying all the mixtures of history, myth and such. It's always entertaining as well but I'd like no spoilers past book 3, which I'm finishing up here soon. The characters are pretty endearing, my favorites are probably Scathach and Perenelle. The rest are grand as well Anyone else interested or invested in this series? Apparently there is a movie planned as well
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