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Found 4 results

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I will now attempt the impossible in this next run of Sacred Stones! I've never even tried to play it on hard mode before, but hey, hard mode is still hopefully way easier than RD's normal, since enemies have a speed stat. No, I am not sure this is a good idea! But I am not known for my good ideas! They said it couldn't be done! And they are probably right! But when everything goes right, go left. THE RULES: Obviously, I can do whatever I want until Ross shows up, since there's no trainee units. During ch. 2, Ross is allowed to be protected until he reaches lv. 5. He also must defeat the boss alone. After that, it's all Ross. Other units are allowed for rescues and such. I am using Marisa since she is terrible and makes my life more annoying. I will permit staff users, but they are not allowed to fight. Promotion is allowed, but only for the use of Latona. If I choose Eirika's route, I will get Franz to Lv. 20 in the arena on ch. 5 so he can recruit Amelia. (Since it'd otherwise be borderline impossible.) Thusly, Distant Blade will not follow the Trainee only category. Skirmishes are not allowed. All trainees + Marisa MUST be deployed whenever possible, even if it's inconvenient. I will also use TWO save states per map. The trainees are each permitted three fights in the arena, no more. I know I said I did a "trainee only" run, but it turned into trainees+their support partners, (Franz for Amelia, Gerik for Marisa.) Lords and Colm. So it really wasn't trainees only, and the run was on normal mode. I have not decided which route to take yet. On one hand,Ephraim's route will be literally impossible to have Ross and Amelia solo due to the ship chapter in which Ephraim will inevitably get attacked and Amelia killed, but on the other, I can't recruit Amelia and truly fulfil a recruit only +Marisa run in Eirika's route. What do y'all think? Of note, my posts will likely come at sporadic times because I'm busy almost every day for the whole day and won't have much time to play. I will try to get to Ch. 2 by tomorrow. Songs that represent my feelings on each chapter: Chapter 2: My heart will go on-oboe cover Chapter 3: Mission impossible theme Chapter 4:Undertale- enemy approaches, (the generic monster theme) Chapter 5:Market theme Ocarina of time- 10 hours (Because I somehow can never beat this chapter on the first try.) Chapter 6: Legend of zelda skyward sword: Moldorach/Koloktos battle theme Chapter 7: Intermezzo/interlude from Carmen Chapter 8: Help-The beatles
  2. (First of all, I don't really know if this is the best forum/subforum to post this. Feel free to give me a headache if this is the wrong one.) Ok, you're probably wondering what the hell is this, right..? In resume..I want to make a small hack rom (mostly for training) and I'm just..out of ideas for a whole new one. What I want you to do is to simply select 5 male characters from the franchise (I'm doing this expecting a small amount of people, so I might drop the value if this *somehow* ends up getting attention), I'm going to pick every single one until the list is ''full''. There are no other requirements to meet, it only needs to be a male character. It can be a ally, a enemy, a dead character, a villager, anything! In other words, this is a simple ''choose your favorite boy!'' type of post, only that it is going to be used somewhere. So..Have fun choosing! Edit:Just because I also want to participate, Lukas and Noah already have a place at the list. (Any bonus vote for them will get a special +1 random stat buff)
  3. Hello Ladies and GentleGeeks! My name is MasterMcDanil, and I'm relatively new to the Serenes Forest Forum Frontier. I've been a lurker for years, and only made an account recently, when I just felt the need to post how much I like Elibian Nights. XD Since then, I've been downloading patches left and right, playing as many as I can get a hold of. Playing so many great hacks, it inspired me to put forth an idea I've been crafting for a few months now, ever since I rewatched the Terminator TV show while playing Fire Emblem 7 again; A Steampunk-y Fire Emblem game. I've noticed that most hacks tend to revolve around a fantasy setting, not straying too far away from whatever game they're based off of. I mean, why would you?! Everything you need is already there... right? Well, it got me thinking about a Fire Emblem world that is just starting to edge into a more modern period. And from that STEAM EMBLEM a working title was born!. So, after months of writing and designing, I have about 30 pages of notes written. Here's the general idea of this world... sorry if it's a bit confusing, my ideas get a bit jumbled sometimes. - The world is primarily still in a fantasy setting, and is essentially comprised of 5 countries; An archipelago run by a council of Mages, a continent that contains two Monarchies, another continent that has an early Japanese Shogunate system, and an island that is highly advanced, run by a king, and is really just one big city. - As of right now, there COULD be a story for 30 chapters. But I've heard that long hacks never get finished... so I'm sticking to the traditional 10, plus a few gaiden chapters - These first ten chapters take place solely on this technologically advanced city/island, which is called "Elsinore". This city actually consists of 4 levels, with the poorest people living in the dark and dirty lowest level, and incredibly rich living in the top level, near the palace. - The advanced technology is essentially ummm... robot based? I think. The militia and lower-level servants are all artificial creations (for which I have not thought of a cheesy and stupid name). Most of the technology is based around replacing limbs, eyes or other body parts, and around these robots. There are a few things that have become more modern, such as how weapons are made, and a few weapons have been upgraded... but for the most part things are relatively fantasy-like. -The plot follows the young, incredibly handsome (and vain) prince of Elsinore, Luke. In the prologue, he barely escapes an assassination attempt on his life, and falls down through the many levels of Elsinore, coming to rest on the lowest (and poorest) level. His body broken, he is found by one of only three "Cybersmiths" in the world, Arnold, who rebuilds his shattered limbs and face, and nurses him back to health. The next 10 chapters is Luke's struggle to cope with his new body, his new image and his new life, and to find out who tried to have him killed. - The general progression is that Luke will be moving up through the levels, until he reaches the top and discovers who hired the assassins. - ALSO METAPHORS FOR LEAVING THE DARKNESS BEHIND AND FINDING YOURSELF UGGHHH SO DEEP Did any of that make sense? Probably not. THINGS I WANT TO ADD IN - New classes, items, and (if I'm lucky) new ways that weapons interact with characters - All new maps and all new map tilesets - New Mugs and sprites, not just recolors - That's it hacking wise... I'm not looking to change up the gameplay so much as to create an interesting world and a compelling story BUT HERE'S THE MAIN PROBLEM If I were to look at my skills... I would say I'm a pretty good on-stage actor, a decent scriptwriter, and an amazing okay world-builder. *do you see what's missing? That's right, I have absolutely NO artistic talent, and I apparently did NOT inherit my father's aptitude with hacking. So pretty much.. all I've got is ideas. 30 pages of story, growths, new classes, and a massive world to explore. Sooooo That's my idea. :D I'd love to pursue it, but I pretty much would need some heavy support from spriters, mappers and hackers... at least until I've gotten my hacking sea legs underneath me. Let me know what you think!
  4. Just do as the topic says~
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