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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, people who already own Fates, whether it's the Japanese or the North American Version. Bored to do the game like that? Then add a plethora of challenges to make sure you can do the game over and over and over again. These challenges are meant to be done in Hard Mode or Lunatic Mode. Normal Mode is for scrubs. Every unit in the early 5 chapters are allowed else it would probably be impossible. Kamui's Harem : Complete the game by only using characters of opposite gender. We have your back : Complete the game by only using retainers. If you're doing Birthright, that means that you can only use Kamui, Jakob/Felicia, Gunther, Kaze, Hana, Tsubaki, Oboro, Hinata, Saizo, Kagero, Setsuna, Azama, Orochi and Reina (thanks Quintessence and Elie). If you're doing Conquest, that means you can only use Kamui, Jakob/Felicia, Gunther, Kaze, Effie, Arthur, Zero, Odin, Selena, Beruka, Pieri, Lazward and Flora. If you're doing Revelations, that's obviously all of them. Only the leaders can fight : Complete the game by only using the royal family + tribe leaders. If you're doing Birthright, that means you can only use Kamui, Felicia, Rinkah, Sakura, Azura, Hinoka, Hayato, Takumi, Kaden, Shura and Ryoma. If you're doing Conquest, that means you can only use Kamui, Felicia, Azura, Elise, Camilla, Leo, Keaton, Xander, and Flora. This challenge is probably one of the hardest and also probably not possible on Conquest Lunatic. No horses allowed : Complete the game by only using units who are foot units on their base class. That means you cannot reclass the units you want to use but are mounted to use them. That also means that on Conquest you're pretty screwed since all the Royals have a mount. Only-Horses club : Complete the game by only using units who are mounted on their base class. Kamui has to be reclassed to a mounted class whenever it is possible. Same rules than the other. Meaning that now it's on Birthright you'll be annoyed since most units do not begin mounted. I can't master anything : Complete the game while not using any weapon who are over E rank. Don't worry though, because the broken legendary weapons are still at E rank. I can't use this weapon, it's too complex : Complete the game without using any weapon at E rank. That means that characters like Rinka and Sakura are pretty screwed since they start at E rank. And yes, that means you can't use Kamui until you get the dragonstone. Fun, isn't it? (you're allowed to use the Bronze Sword against Xander at Chapter 1, but can't use any other sword until you get your hands on an Arms Scroll) It's only me and my army : Complete the game while only using Kamui and Generics. As I can't get my hands into the game yet, I don't know how the capture mechanic works, but if it's how I think, then you can go for Skirmishes to get Generics. You can't do the challenge on Conquest unless you want to have almost no units for the whole early game. You're allowed to use regular units until you get your full party of generics. There can be only one : Each time you get a group of units in a chapter, attribute a number to each unit and roll a dice (x = number of units you get). You can only use the unit from this group that is selected by the dice. There is no problem in rolling the dice at chapter 4 in Conquest, at chapter 5 on Hoshido or Conquest and at chapter 6 in all routes. That means that some massive recruitements like Birthright's chapter 7 and chapter 8 can roll pretty bad. Though you're almost guaranteed to get Kaze and Azura in Conquest, and at chapter 5 on Birthright you get either Sakura or Azura so it's pretty fair. I think that's all! Add more challenges if you want, and have fun trying! (btw I'm prolly gonna try them all on Lunatic once I can get my hands on the game)
  2. I'm trying to use a team I made, which theme is "Corrin's Family" I have Corrin, Saizo (Husband), Asugi (Son), Kana (Son), and Azura (Cousin), and for some reason whenever I find an opponent, ONLY FOR THIS TEAM, it'll automatically back out and say "Communications have been interrupted from the opponent. Add him/her to your blacklist? This wasn't any sort of coincidence or anything. I kept trying over and over again with this team around 15-20 times, each time getting different people, and got the same result. I tried another team, and it let me fight the opponent. All of the classes, skills, weapons, and everything else aren't impossible to achieve or anything (Like a +7 Skadi, Aurgelmir, Omega Yato, Awakening on a male etc.) So what's wrong with this team? I'd like help if you'd be so kind!
  3. Nino is a balanced magical unit with excellent growths and much room for growing. She can support with a variety of decent units! Nino can even support Merlinus, a unit who won't take any space up, and who can take the blows for her/dodge while she takes enemies down! Nino comes on levels that are filled with enemies that she is able to finish off after being weakened. Especially on cog of destiny, where the promoted generals will go down with a finishing blow of elfire after weakening themselves on your units during the enemy phase. Whereas Pent comes with great bases, his growths aren't that great; and he can be outclassed by more difficult enemies later on in the game. Erk is dependable and a classic middle road approach, however he can be RNG screwed very easily because of it. In my opinion, Nino has a very high output after a couple of levels. Her low con being trivialized by her high base speed and 60% growth, as well as her decent base magic (In comparison to enemy resistance) and her 50% Magic growth. Besides Merlinus, Nino can support with Canas to get an excellent boost to her attack and general survivability (Defense and evasion), or Erk, who increases her chance of criticals in exchange for no attack bonus. With this, Nino will be able to stay on the rear line and take out enemies from behind the walls of a chokepoint such as Hector or Oswin. At the same time, ranged units will not often be able to get to her with more than one unit unless she kills the ranged attacker or another one comes with something such as siege tomes or long bows. In my opinion, I find that Nino is a decent unit that can be trained very well, and I don't think that she's too much of a liability when compared to the pegasus knights which are almost completely outclassed by the Wyvern knights; Nino can hold her own as a magic unit and as a unit in general. I feel she should be used more often than I've seen. What do you think? Edit: Debating is fine, saying that she just isn't your style is fine. Just please don't argue.
  4. After having seen all those randomized runs and thinking it was cool I decided to make a FE8 randomized run. The setup is the following : (I minimized the weapons and con stats not to allow cheesing by simply having a boss whose weapons break in one hit) You, yes you! You will have a part in this formidable experience by choosing me 14 units. I'm obviously allowed to abuse of !Seth, !Orson and !Eirika. You won't choose though a !slot, but an unit. That means that I can actually totally get screwed because that unit will be in the tower slot. You can't give me though the boss units (Valter, Lyon, Orson, Caellach, Selena, Riev) because they're not randomized. I have no idea of the outcome of this run. Your units can either totally screw me up or be awesome simply due to the random. (I can have 255 skill growth Myrrh with 10% everywhere for instance) I'm allowed to tower grind and to arena abuse because why the hell not. Units : - !Seth (who is actually Innes) - !Eirika (who is actually Forde) - Cormag - Marisa - Amelia - NATASHA - Lute - Seth - Ewan - Ephraim - L'Arachel - Ross - Joshua - Tana - Vanessa - Ismaire Here you go! EDIT : I feel I'm already gonna regret setting the base movement to 1. What have I done. EDIT 2 : Got back to randomize movement from 7 to 9 because Forde and Innes have 1/2 move and I don't see myself playing hyper slowly.
  5. Hello, I came to ask a simple question... If I want to play as a golem in fe fates how do I hex edit the save so I can change character ids and class ids? And I know of one member's efforts, but it didn't exactly help me... So please answer this question and thank you for your time.
  6. Finally decided to stop being lazy and complete the last two chapters of Revelations. Beat the game about an hour later, feeling like a winner whilst reading the character blurbs in the credits, until I get down to Kagero's (who MU's married to): "Kagero remained a ninja. It is said that the couple got along, but didn't have much time together." What. FML, that kinda bummed me out. I mean just, I understand you have your duties as a ninja Kagero, but seeing as the war's over already, couldn't you just retire and spend the rest of your days with MU and Kana? Ugh. I dunno. Maybe I'm just so accustomed to seeing families have happy endings after viewing hundreds of anime and this is finally the ice breaker. Discuss.
  7. Me at 9PM: Alright, I'll fire up an old Monopoly game on my Wii's NES emulator. Me at 3AM: WHY IS NO-ONE BANKRUPT???!!! I guess FE lords are good at business... And rolling triple doubles. They stink at trading, though. They demand tons of money and never go down. (I named everyone then computerised them turn 1. And it's crazy.) Roy has nearly $20000, and no-one's below $3000. They don't have a single monopoly between them. Bots...
  8. It was due at 9:00 P.M. today. I turned it in at 9:00 P.M. today. ...Still not sure why you people should care actually, just thought I'd share this with you
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/file/md2c4us6gh2ojmu/FE1_Nightmare_Modules.zip There's a bunch of stuff there. Character editors, item editors, the like. A year and a half later EDIT: http://feuniverse.us/t/fe1-nightmare-modules-hey-we-can-edit-growths-now/1205 Here's said link on FEU. If I get back into FE1, that's where the most up-to-date download will be.
  10. Well, I did exactly as the title says. Please, tell me all of the horrendous, terrible things I did wrong, (preferably also tell me how to fix it), and offer general advice about things that I tend to not think of at all, such as color scheme. If you want, that is. I guess I'll show you guys what I have. Please note that I am very bad at this, and just think it's fun to do, that's why I have these in the first place. Also, there's only one. C: I really only do these from boredom, and with school and all being here, that probably will happen less. Because I was inspired by the Radiant Collection, I also made Takumi in GBA form. Well, tried at least. I think if I ever manage to fix it, I'll definitely be doing more Fates characters. I'm still working on it, but it may take a while, as shading is a thing that I'm bad at. Obviously.
  11. This is a hack And like I had a brilliant idea to waste time showing it to you all here Even though some of you already know this DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING [spoiler=Boring Intro] Gee I wonder who the creator's favorite Pokemon is Mew is totally relevant to the story right guys~ It's literally Donut backwards. This game is Glazed already. Still with the tree names I see. He even has a tree Pokemon with him. Okay can we all agree that this design looks stupid. Because it looks stupid. Superior desgin I dunno, you tell me Now we just need the Who/What/When/Where/How Well this is just dandy. get me back over where exactly..? The screen flashed white after this and we all died. Yes explain later when I want to know now. Gee this has certainly no way to end terribly in the plot at all. Gee this better not happen again. He died. He's dead. You know it's a good Pokemon hack when you can't get a Potion from your P.C. It's an even better hack when you can't even click on your P.C. Wait why is there a male sprite there. Do I have a DAD in a not R/S/E Pokemon game!!! Yay what fun. Hey look actually cool Pokemon. I thought I just had to be 10 years old? You know it's a good Pokemon hack when... OMG GEN 4 POKEMON GAIZ THIS HACK IS 2GOOD6ME!!!111!! AKA the only option. Be prepared for the shittiest journey of the century. Yes good job. This guy handle supply and demand almost as well as Nintendo does with Amiibos! Such a CLASSY NAME. 9-1-1? It only gets worse from here guys...
  12. Umm yeah expect a lot of brutal honesty here so >____> Go wild
  13. So.... Some person got a glitched copy and watching this is just creepy. If you have seen it... then you know how screwed up this copy of the game is. Otherwise I have the video right here, and no I'm not trolling this is real.
  14. Or... At least I hope this is. http://www.facebe.net/view/ox6iwknkX4A I've looked around to see those who have already gotten their hands on the new Smash, and if they've posted the music n' stuff. Turns out, few have. But here I am, at school bored out of my mind in my iPad. I would share the direct link where I found: Smash Bros Coliseum Melody But my iPad blocks YouTube. So, I searched in Google, and... I'm hoping, this is an alternate link? http://www.facebe.net/view/ox6iwknkX4A I'm not really sure, I'm hoping someone can get back to me on that. The reason why I'm sharing this is because out of all the music I've heard so far from Smash 4, that wasn't from previous games, mind you, they haven't really... Amped me up. This is one of the stand outs, I believe. And hey, it's Fire Emblem! So that's wonderful, yeah? *mumbles* At first I thought this was a Pokémon Colosseum theme, but... EDIT: Anyone? Yes, no? Is it the correct remix? IS it a remix? I can't play the video myself until I get home, so if someone could alert me if this is a link to the correct song...?
  15. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C3c_JDDp99k It doesn't make sense to me. What is is implying is that getting an amiibo gets you a girlfriend, makes you cool, and good at smash. Why This goes in FFtF since it really is just about a commercial after all.
  16. I've seen this everywhere. Some people join a conversation they know nothing about and confuse everyone. What do you think about this? Are you one of these people who need to at least do some type of research or do you just hop in and roll with whatever it brings? I'm actually curious what people would rather usually do.
  17. Title. I don't mean why do people not like it. I can see that. I mean why do people have to knock it every time it is mentioned. It's not necessary. We understand that you don't like it. I just don't see the need to insult it with every word.
  18. Since Jprebs battled Sanae in New Super Marisa Land and defeated her, I had to make this thread. And since I'm true to my word... I hope Boney and J enjoy. :V
  19. FE13 originally being planned to take place on Mars and an old thread about an African-themed FE got me thinking about possible themes other than medieval-fantasy. Personally, I think a pirate-themed FE could be pretty cool. While there have been ship battles in previous FE games, having a large chunk of the game devoted to them could prompt IS to do more with them(ships moving during battles, firing cannons, fighting during storms...). Sailing to different locations would also allow for lots of unique environments. So what do you guys think about the possibility of future FEs having different themes, and what themes would you like to see?
  20. Ok seriously. I have had it with being called by my first username. I mean. Seriously. Like, seriously. It's. Seriously. I mean, seriously. Being called that by people who knew me then, ok, but others? I mean, seriously, why? And, besides, I'm not cool enough to be called that, seriously. So, the only ones allowed to call me that (as of this writing) are people who knew me then (some are safer then others), senpai (because I don't remember if we met then or not), and the dear I like. And Chuck Norris. And people who have actually played those games. So yeah. Seriously
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X2v-3aXdMw I love this song <3~
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