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Found 6 results

  1. I am new to both the Fire Emblem series (not really, been curious since Shadow Dragon, but never really been able to play one until recently) and this forum by extension, i have started Awakening 2 weeks ago, and i took it upon myself to understand the Class and Skills mechanics by reading other boards (which led me to this place.) Going off on that, i know that Supports are needed to optimize the army and the children to your playstyle, however i am curious: What are your favorite Support Pairings for all characters, based purely on the conversations, completely disregarding the benefits and child optimization? :D
  2. For those who don’t know JFK is the president who got assassinated. I think The driver is secretly his husband who had an umbrella and was Ted Cruz’s dad with a sugary drink apart of the CIA and the Illuminati and plays baseball who was hired by JFK to kill JFK. I have backup support, would you want to be known as the president who got assasinated or the president who committed suicide. If you want me to add something Fire emblem okay.Does anyone have a link to the Best worst Fe5 rom it would be nice if you shared it with me.
  3. Never understood why people waifu up Tharja. I dont have a waifu and I find it odd but, out of all the awakening cast why her? She is hot but she is a horrible person and mother who caused Noire to have a split personality due to all the curses and hexes. How do you people justify that? I want to see your mental gymnastics at work. But if she is your waifu just because she is hot then whatever.
  4. Topic ^^ I intended to pair Ryoma with Hana, but you know how Hana is (one hit KO), and I'm afraid it'll reduct Shiro's ability to tank... Kagero seems to be a good choice, but I was thinking of going for Saizo+Kagero; Mozu = Aptitude = OP, but I was thinking of Aptitude Midori; Halp!
  5. THIS IS MAI CANNON WAIFU: Whenever she needs to vent her anger, she does so with a bang:
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