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Found 9 results

  1. I've been developing this tool over on gbatemp for the last few months, so it's already gone through some changes since its initial release. If anyone wants to try out an older version I can provide a link, though the first few versions were a little unstable. As a side note, this is my first real post on this site, so if I messed anything up, let me know! This tool allows you to randomize character classes and join order for Fire Emblem Fates. However, this randomizer goes a bit further than making simple gameplay changes - all cutscenes in the game are modified to follow the new join order. So if a character switches places with another, they will essentially take their place in the story. For example, if Selena switched places with Hinoka in Revelation, she would appear in Hinoka's place for every cutscene in Revelation. As of beta 4, the randomizer also allows for randomization of parent/child combinations. In addition to join order changes, the randomizer also includes basic support for randomizing character stats, skills, and join items. The tool is still a work in progress - while certain chapters have been tested thoroughly, others have yet to be examined. Therefore, you may run into bugs or glitches throughout a randomized playthrough. If you run into any issues or notice any cutscenes where a character's replacement does not appear as expected, please report the issue so that it can be fixed for the next version. This tool requires an up to date version of Java (Latest version of Java 8 is recommended). You can find more screenshots of the randomizer's results here. Download: link Patching: If you don't know how to run ROM hacks on your 3DS I'll give you a short break down on some of the methods for running them as well as how to gain homebrew access below. Keep in mind that homebrew entry points change drastically between firmware updates, so the methods I list below may become outdated in the future. If you want to keep homebrew access on your 3DS, I advise looking at community sources to see whether or not your entry point works on the latest version before updating your 3DS. Please note that homebrew programs do not always play well with digital versions of Fates. I advise attempting to run Fates through HANS at least once before going through the process of dumping and randomizing your game to ensure that it works correctly. Getting Homebrew Access: There are three methods for running ROM hacks: HANS, NTR, and Luma. I've included instructions for NTR and HANS below. Currently, you can set up either way of running hacks from a stock 3DS. NTR is the most convenient way to run ROM hacks, but requires you to install custom firmware first. If you want to avoid headaches in the long run and are fine with some initial setup, you can follow Plailect's guide to setup custom firmware. Given the availability of methods for setting up arm9loaderhax and custom firmware right now, I highly recommend going with this option. If you don't want to go through the setup to run hacks through NTR, your other options is HANS. For HANS, just download soundhax from here, and the homebrew launcher as well as the appropriate payload for your 3DS from this link. Place the contents of the files on your SD card, load up the sound player on your 3DS, and play the file that came with soundhax. You'll end up in the homebrew launcher if placed the files on the SD card correctly. From there, you can proceed to the directions for HANS in order to play your randomized game. For both HANS and NTR: Use this version of this version of braindump to dump your Fates ROM. Once braindump is done, take the romfs file from the dump and use romfs extractor to extract the files from the romfs. From here, you can follow the instructions listed below to randomize your ROM. Before you do though, I advise making a copy of either the romfs you dumped or the extracted files just in case anything goes wrong. HANS: When you're done randomizing your files, drag them back into the folder with the files extracted from the romfs and overwrite the original files. If you did not get a prompt asking you if you'd like to overwrite, chances are you forgot to recompress your files using FEAT after randomizing. Once everything's done overwriting, use romfs builder with the folder containing your ROM files to rebuild the romfs. Create a folder called HANS at the root of your 3DS's SD card and place the recompiled romfs inside of it. Rename your romfs to the last 8 characters of your version's ID. For braindump, this should be the last 8 character of the name of the dumped romfs. For example, 00179400.romfs would be the correct filename for US birthright. Open up homebrew on your 3DS, navigate to HANS, run Fates through it, and set the romfs option to load the romfs from the SD. Enjoy your randomized game! NTR: If you haven't installed NTR on your 3DS yet, do that first. I highly recommend using this version of NTR as it supports the latest firmware versions. Once you've followed the randomization instructions and recompressed your randomized files, download the Same-Sex expansion and copy the NTR version for your copy of Fates to the root of your SD card (you should have a "plugin" folder on the root of your SD card when all is said and done). If you don't want the contents of the patch, just delete everything from the other folder that came with the plugin (the birthright/conquest/fefatesSE folder). Afterwards, copy the randomized files into the birthright/conquest/fefatesSE folder. From there all you have to do is run NTR on your 3DS then run your copy of Fates. Keep in mind that you will need to run NTR every time you start your 3DS if you want to play with the randomized files. Enjoy! Installation: Changelog: FAQ: When I dumped my game, I only received one path even though I own the others as DLC. Why did this happen, and how can I fix it? DLC has to be dumped separately from the base game. Modifying it requires the installation of custom firmware. You will then need to use a tool like Decrypt9 to dump the DLC paths. You can then randomize the DLC paths by including their content in the randomizer folder for randomization and pulling the content back out afterwards. Finally, you can create an installable CIA for the DLC using something like ctrtool. Install that on your 3DS and you should be good to go. The file verification window said that everything verified, but I didn't get an options window! Update your version of Java. The options window uses some features from the latest versions of Java, so the window will fail to open if you're version isn't up to date. Troubleshooting: As this randomizer is still a work in progress, you may encounter bugs or glitches while using it. At this point you shouldn't encounter any serious issues like crashing, but if you do, the procedure for stopping the issues is fairly simple. First, you need to identify which chapter the issue occurs on so that you can find its files. If the issue occurs on Birthright Chapter 10, for example, the file name you'll be looking for is A010. From there, you'll need to replace files from your patch with the original files until the issue is resolved. First you should try removing all files in Scripts/bev that start with the chapter prefix. So for this example you'd delete every files in Scripts/bev that starts with A010. If that fails to fix the issue, delete the map script, which is named after the chapter (Scripts/A010.cmb in the example). If the issue persists, navigate to GameData/dispos and delete the dispo file (once again, A010.bin if you're looking at the example). That procedure should fix any issue you encounter while using the randomizer. Make sure to report your issue and the chapter it occurred on so that it can be fixed! As always, I want to thank a couple people who helped make this tool a reality: RainThunder for his nightmare modules and wiki which helped with setting up GameData and Person file randomization. DeathChaos25 for his original randomizer and general contributions to the 3DS Fire Emblem hacking community. Dylos for the inspiration to make the tool as well as his efforts to help with testing more unstable versions of the randomizer. SciresM for his archive tool, FEAT.
  2. Prologue - Village of Hope, Maori Polynia The sound of bells chiming echo throughout a small village, as a young man, age 15, woke up to the first gleaming light of the morning sun. He laid on his oak wood bed, still covered up with a sewed blanket. “Another day, and another eight hours of work. Things have never seemed to change for me… But, what was that dream?” He pondered, removing the blanket covering his body. After brushing his smooth, medium black hair that gracefully swayed down to his shoulders, He dressed himself in khaki colored pants, a navy blue-colored short sleeved tunic in which resembled a turtleneck, brown gloves and boots as he picked up a wooden basket and a sickle that had a named carved onto the handle. That name was Aleister. The young man put the sickle inside the basket as he exited his home and went out to the fields of grains, vegetables and other plants. Making his way to the field, he was encountered by a blonde haired, brown eyed, coat wearing man. “You’re up early, Aleister.” The coated figure greeted to the young man, who hadn’t showed emotions. “I can say the same for you… Robin.” Aleister replied within a stern, although calm voice. “I get up early so I can make sure that the fields are attended to, so that the other farmers have an easier job during the day.” Robin conceded to him, turning away. “Now… I am cognizant that you would help me with today’s tending to the crops. As if you had much of a choice.” He continued. Aleister sighed and nodded his head in agreement. “Yes, yes, I know. I am aware that our village leaders gave you a bit of authority, but you shouldn’t go and flaunt it to others. Just because they are gods, it doesn’t make you one of the higher ups of the village. I swear, you are-” Aleister had showed a bit of aggravation before calming down, rolling his eyes and getting his sickle out of the basket. “Nevermind, I’ll help. Just don’t force me around.” The two would begin working, and as a few hours had passed, more and more farmers had come out of their houses to work in the fields. Robin, sweating from all the work they had to do, walked to a shady spot, where Aleister had been sitting. “It has been hotter than the last few weeks. It never gets to this kind of weather!” Robin pointed out, seeing the sunlight and heat exhaust and brutalize the farmers who had been working in the fields. The 15 year old, who was beat red from working in the sun for hours on end, had just recognized it as well. “Yeah… I’ve noticed some of the crops have been starting to wilt from it too.” Aleister gave feedback to Robin’s comment, wiping his hand with a small handkerchief that he kept inside of his neck sleeve. The two had sat there for a few moments, alone and quiet, until a girl with pink hair with two ponytails and red eyes had come to them, sitting down. “Is the heat giving you a beat down as well, young Mae?” Robin questioned her. Mae, on the verge of having a heat stroke, nodded yes to his concern towards her. “I… I need some water or at least a breeze of cold air…!” She panted, sweat rolling down her face. “I do believe there is some we can get from inside my house. I do tend to keep iceboxes of water when in extremely warm temperatures like what we’re experiencing now.” The teen rose to his feet and went to the place he called home, bringing out cases of water, handing bottles, jars and cups of them to people who had experienced an extreme thirst during the hot weather. He returned to his seat as he gave some water to Mae and Robin. “I think we should keep in doors tomorrow.” The teen suggested. “Yes, but who will be there to make sure all the crops don’t shrivel and die? We have to keep working. Besides, the heat’s bound to go away.” Robin told them.
  3. There's an online save editor as WIP which can already duplicate, delete and share units online with other users online. It doesn't need FEAST and duplicating units doesn't wipe out your convoy.
  4. So, I started doing a lot more work on my fan game, and I wanted to share some stuff. I also have the main character growths, but I don't want to share those just yet, because I'm nervous about what you guys will say. SO for now, here's the base stats, class, legendary weapons and affiliation. Feedback would be nice. FE 12 Heroes Main Character Base Stats.xlsx
  5. I've developed a handful of different tools since joining the Fates hacking community. A little while ago, I decided to start working on a unified editor to act as my main tool for building Fates hacks. Now, the tool is ready for release! FEFEditor comes with tools which make the process of designing new characters and chapters significantly easier. Using tools like the GameData Injector and ROM3 Injector, one can add entirely new characters with custom models to the game without the need to open a hex editor. Meanwhile, chapter editing tools like the dispo editor allow you to spend more time designing your map and less time worrying about how to add in new spawns. In addition to a set of brand new tools, FEFEditor also offers substantial improvements to existing tools. For instance, I've included a new version of FEFNightmare with updated dialogs, automatic lz11 compression, and a new interface for accessing modules. I've also rebuilt my original support editor in Java. This updated version should ensure that you no longer need to worry about moving support tables around manually - the program will take care of expanding your GameData file for you. In short, FEFEditor should provide a convenient set of tools for any Fates ROM hacker to use for development. Download: link Troubleshooting: I'm going to be honest: I'm expecting there to be a LOT of bugs with this program right now. Given how many different aspect of Fates hacking it covers, there's no way that I can test every situation with every tool on my own. While the tool has worked fine for me during my own tests, I cannot guarantee that it will work perfectly for you. Therefore, I advise you to backup your files before making any modifications to them just in case something goes wrong. Please report any bugs that you encounter - I have no way to fix a bug if I don't know that it exists. Additionally, if you find anything inconvenient about the tool or have suggestions as to how to improve it, feel free to post about them here. Credits: SecretiveCactus, SciresM, and Einstein95 - Both FEFEditor and FEFNightmare make use of code for handling lz11 compressed files. The code used for this is derived from Einstein95's DSDecmp and SciresM's FEAT. That code was ported over to Java by SecretiveCactus. Hextator - The developer of Nightmare 2.0, which FEFNightmare uses as a base. RainThunder - Developed the original scripts for injecting data into Fates' bin files and created Fates' Nightmare modules. A huge portion of this program was created using his resources as a reference. DeathChaos25, TildeHat - For their general contributions to the 3DS Fire Emblem hacking scene. Updates
  6. STORY For once, peace reigned supreme in the land of Elibe, until one fateful day, a young mage by the name of Marii, started the world down a path of destruction with no clear sign of stopping. In this game, you play as a young, stubborn girl who works only for the glory. Although, one day, when she meets a kindhearted mercenary from Bern, she found that the glories of war are not all that she dreamed. On a path of self-discovery, she stumbles upon a suspicious army of soldiers, one that wore the colors of ancients. And a Simple Request So, if this story intrigues you, please let me know, as I have a few problems. I cannot code events for crap. I can sprite, at least, I think so, and I can write stories and dialogue and I know what I want the game to look like. The creative aspects are down. I just need help/a coder who is willing to assist me with this. If this offer interests you, please, feel free to PM me so we can discuss details.
  7. Hello FE community, I am a fairly new member to Serenes Forest. Fire Emblem Recreation is a project I started independently last summer which I have worked on on my free time. Fire Emblem Recreation will be an open source java engine for Fire Emblem. The goal is to make it easier for the community to work together and add whatever they want to their fan games. Since you can play around with the source code, you can add anything to the games. Smarter AI, new victory conditions, new map elements, pair up, and so on. The only limiting factor is the ability of the programmer. The code is far from finished. Hell, there aren't even battle animations or dialogue. The reason I am sharing the engine at this stage is to allow others to use what I have made, because even though I plan on working more on it, I don't have much free time. Even at this early stage, modification is extremely easy. One can change the terrain of a map (but the appearance needs to be changed separately, lol), add enemies, classes, and items by simply changing a text file. Of course, new functionalities and mechanics need to be programmed in. Anyways, on to the good stuff. Here is a link to a google drive folder with the source code: FE_R_Google_Drive . Go wild. The to run the code simply run the class file, FE_R_Main.class . I use Eclipse to work on java, and Eclipse has a different way of organizing the files so I simply rearranged them to run normally on a separate folder. Feel free to ask questions on how it works, I will gladly respond. I will also try to make a list of instructions on the basics soon, but don't let that discourage you from asking a question. Of course, if you improve the code share your work in this topic. Happy coding.
  8. Hey everyone! My name is Cydonia921, and I've been lurking around Serenes Forest for quite some time. I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan, having played every one from FE1 to Fates, and I absolutely adore the series. So, I was bouncing ideas in my head over the last weekend, and a thought came to mind, being to develop my own Fire Emblem-style game. I set out to do the task, creating a few characters at first (since my ambitions are limited at the moment), drawing concept art, etc. I'm not the best artist in the world, but I at least get the concepts down for the characters before I begin writing stuff out. Then, I downloaded FEXP and popped it open, and I am honestly a bit lost. I've sifted through some tutorials here and there, fiddled with scripts, and got some of the basic things down. Now, take into mind that I am a college student, and as such I can't offer any money at all, since I have to pay rent and normal things that you would expect. However, any advice would be greatly appreciated on a few things I had in mind that I can't seem to figure out. 1) How do I make it so that the maps/chapters I make can be played? I've tried a few things and it only results in errors, leaving me with only the test maps that are able to play. At the very least I can test out creating soldiers/characters and try them out before I move on, so it's not a horrible thing for the time being. 2) I'm relatively new to coding, and as such this is also a test project for me to learn. I heard/read that FEXP is an incomplete engine, but from what I've seen of some projects amazing things can be done with it. 3) How do I make it so that units can support each other? The engine itself didn't really give any examples of how to do this, so I'm more curious than anything. That's the main three questions I have for the moment; this thread will probably be filled with more as I go along. Any help would be greatly appreciated!~ Thanks for taking the team to read.
  9. I've started a little sideproject in my free time, and seeing as most of the other handheld games have a reverse recruitment patch already, that it was about time that Shadow Dragon got one as well However, I thought i'd ask the general public a few things about it in general, since due to the extremely low stats of prepremoted units, when they become unpromoted, well, most of their stats just become 0. As a result, i've made it that they can't go below class bases, so as a result, you have fantastic units like so however there are also cases like our lord gotoh having stats like this since he has high base defence, and a 0% growth, he retains his high defence and well, 12 defence is pretty ridiculous on a level 1 mage i'll make a poll at the top, but would you guys rather me keep this, or give him a lower defence base but an actually defence growth to make it more believeable? The same might go for useless units like Lorenz, give him higher bases (so he's like, useable) but slightly lower growths as a result. the other thing I wanted to check is because there are two manaketes in the first chapter, and they look like this against H5 enemies: would a nerfed firestone be a solution? or should I just not care and let them be relatively overpowered? Anyhow for those interested, I have a spreadsheet on who replaces who here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtYILXTpF0VRdEJjS05yUGtPaFNaeThQcVR3czdXOFE&usp=drive_web#gid=0 if you're interested This probably won't be completed for a month or two depending on my free time/work ethic, but I didn't want to be all done with it and then everyone raging because GOTOH HAS 12 BASE DEFENCE WTF? anyhow post any questions you might have too, there's a strong possibility I forgot something
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