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Found 2 results

  1. ...or to be added to a Hero Fest, if you want something more realistic to discuss. I was going to say L!Azura was the obvious answer for Blue, but L!Chrom is so busted I can see the argument for him too. Colorless for me would probably come down to either Leif or Brammimond (maybe Alm) while Green might be Thrasir (or maybe Freyja)? You can probably already tell my knowledge of the meta is pretty limited. Finally, I was going to propose Altina for Red, then Reginn happened, so... So yeah, who would you choose and why? And do you think we'd ever get a Hero Fest like this? P.S. I know most of those poll options are going to be empty, but I felt like adding them for the sake of completeness. Also, there are a ton of Red Heroes and not enough Colorless ones. I remember how we all expected a Colorless one back in Feb 2018 and got Ephraim instead. Huh. EDIT: I added Reginn! I forgot to add her somehow, but she's here now!!
  2. If a sequel is announced for Fire Emblem Warriors 2, what approach to stage selection would you prefer for the next game to take? See the included poll for options and feel free to express your wishes in the thread. Are there any particular Fire Emblem chapters you would love to see adapted into a Warriors stage? Note - this is for actual gameplay stage designs, not history mode story scenarios. I personally really want to see: Path of Radiance: Port Toha Serenes Forest Radiant Dawn: Elincia's Gambit The Price Final Chapter - Rebirth Sacred Stones: Chapter 8 - It's a Trap Chapter 15 - Scorched Sand Chapter 19 - Last Hope Awakening: Chapter 4 - Two Falchions (Arena Ferox) Chapter 9 - Emmeryn Fates: Opera House Wind Tribe Village (Revelation Route) Port Town of Dia Shadow Dragon: Camus the Sable The Temple of Thabes
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