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Found 1 result

  1. Yo all, I'd like to make this thread because Rondo of Swords is a cool game. I'm leaving this Sunday to Europe(Won't have computer access ) so drafting will be really fast, alright? Rules(Totally not copied from the other one) This draft is for 4 players. 1.We are taking the A path, good ending.(Do not kill Marie and kill Fake Altrius with Altrius on chapter 30.) 2.Snake draft. 3.Grinding is allowed. 4.New game, no new game plus crap. 5.This draft is just for fun. 6.If we do not finish the draft before Sunday, I will either leave a list to somebody or the draft is on hiatus until when I come back. 7. Chapter 9(Pirate Island) is optional and does not count toward your turncount. 8. One turn is a player phase and an enemy phase. Free units: 1. Serdic and Ansom are free. Kay, Margus, Sasha, and Selmer are free for C1-C5. Yumiluna is free in C19 and C29. NPCs(like Simon on his joining chapter) that kill enemies are okay. 2. Undrafted units may recruit other units. 3. Undrafted units may not learn skills, except for when free. They may not fight.(5 turn penalty per unit if deployed to fight and not recruit a character) 4. Undrafted units may not promote, go on shops, and go on quests/errands. Spoiler (Unit list) Players 1. Rift 2. Kopfjager 3. eclipse 4.
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