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Found 5 results

  1. Just like the title says, this is a patch that will entirely disable enemy reinforcement spawns on the world map in Fire Emblem Echoes. It works for the US, European, and Japanese versions of the game, and supports both the 3DS and Citra. If playing on 3DS, you must have CFW (custom firmware) installed. If you don't know what that is, you can install the Luma CFW, which this patch requires, using this very helpful guide: https://3ds.hacks.guide/get-started You must also have updated Echoes to version 1.1. This patch will not work without the 1.1 update installed, and may cause unexpected behavior if used without the 1.1 update. Uninstall the patch before starting a new act or starting a new game. If you don't do this, encounters will not appear at the beginning of a new act at all, breaking the game. After the act has started, save before moving your character on the world map, then reinstall the patch. The patch can safely be applied to save games in progress, and does not require starting a new game to take effect. However, if you install the patch to a save game in progress, any existing random spawns already on the map will still be there - the patch only prevents new enemies from spawning, and those that have already spawned when you install the patch will stay on the map until defeated, as per normal game behavior. This patch also disables automatic enemy respawns in Novis Cemetery, Mountain Graveyard, and Dragon's Maw. This does mean that you will be unable to complete the sidequest to kill 20 zombies in Novis Cemetery and the sidequest to recover the lumberjack's Duma Carving in the Mountain Graveyard while you have this patch installed. This isn't a problem, though - just remove the patch (see below), complete the sidequest(s), and reinstall the patch the same way you installed it. 3DS Installation: 1. Have Luma CFW running on your 3DS. See above. 2. Update Fire Emblem Echoes to version 1.1. 3. If your 3DS is on, turn it off. 4. Hold down the Select button, and turn your 3DS on. This will bring up Luma's config menu. 5. Turn on "Enable Game Patching" such that the option has an X next to it. 6. Press Start to save the change and exit Luma's config menu. 7. Turn your 3DS off, remove its SD card, and plug the SD card into your computer. 8. Extract the "luma" folder in the archive to the root of your SD card, such that your computer asks you if you want to merge this patch's folder with the existing Luma folder. Select yes; none of the files will be replaced or overwritten, the patch is just being installed to its own directory within Luma. Citra Installation: 1. Update Fire Emblem Echoes to version 1.1. 2. Extract the text files to: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\cheats 3. Enable the "Disable world map reinforcements" cheat from Citra's cheat menu. Disabling the patch on 3DS: 1. Turn your 3DS off, remove its SD card, and plug the SD card into your computer. 2. On your 3DS's SD card, go to luma\titles 3. Delete the folders "00040000001B4000" and "00040000001B4100" and "00040000001A2B00" Disabling the patch on Citra: Just disable the "Disable world map reinforcements" cheat from Citra's cheat menu. 3DS version Citra version Credits and Acknowledgments: - ymyn and speedfly, who developed the Gateway code upon which this patch is based. - The 3DSFE ROM Hacking discord, for their patience and assistance with understanding the game's file structure. - VincentASM and TildeHat, who provided saves to playtest the patch with. - Will and Sam, for their inexplicably continued friendship.
  2. Hey! I was just curious if it is somehow possible to change the placements of the towns and castles and stuff on the world map. I've been trying to find an answer all day and can't seem to find one. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've decided to adopt a world map to my small project, but idk if I can use any color or does it need to use certain colors?
  4. Okay... this time be more specific.... XD I was working on FE8 because I thought it was similar to FE7, everything OK, I programmed all the clases along with the map sprites on a FE8 rom, I used some patches and I was preparing all the custom animations, everything ok, but I wanted to test the events and then I couldn't... When I replace the prologue events the game crashes at the beggining of chapter 1, I solved this using MNC2 instead of MNCH in order to choose the following chapter and it worked correctly, but when I try to go to chapter 1 from chapter 2, the game crashes again at the beggining of the chapter (once the game shows the name of the chapter), I tried to solve the problem by turning off the World Map Cutscenes, replacing the events of chapter 2, etc but nothing worked. I saw that some users had the same problem, but I couldn't find any solution, somebody knows what do I have to do?
  5. Introduction I’ve seen some question topics pop up over the last few months regarding the world map in FE7. I’ve also had a few folks ask me personally about how I went about inserting my own into The Road to Ruin. This tutorial will guide you through the process of inserting your own world map into a FE7 ROM. Before I start, I’d like to give a shout-out to NomadicTrooperGirl, who provided some great documentation in here. Any offsets I post for images or palettes in this tutorial, I got from there. Thanks! Overview Tools we’ll be using: Usenti GBAGE Hex Editor Concepts you should be familiar with: Palettes Offsets Hexadecimal numbers Okay, so when I say “World Map”, there’s an important distinction to be made, since there’s really 3 different world maps the game uses. The map of the entire world of Elibe (I’ll call it the “Full View Map” from now on). The “zoomed in” map that covers Lycia, Bern, and Sacae (I’ll call it the “Zoomed In” Map). The “zoomed in” map that covers the Nabata desert. I don’t have any information about the Nabata map, since I’ve never really needed to do anything with it. If someone’s got notes on it, please post them so I can add it to this tutorial (with credit, of course). Important Note: When I learned how to insert the Zoomed In map, I initially had a lot of trouble trying to get palettes to work. I found out that the problem was that GBAGE was reading in .png files in a way I wasn’t expecting. The Zoomed In map needs to split into several pieces in or for it to be inserted. If a section didn’t use all of the colors of the palette, GBAGE would inappropriately assign the image a subset of the palette. However, when I converted my images to .bmp, everything worked fine. So, for this tutorial I really recommend saving your images as .bmp. Table of Contents Inserting the Full View Map Inserting the Zoomed In Map A Quick Word About World Map Events Alright, that’s all for this tutorial! Feedback is appreciated. If you got stuck somewhere or would like me to expand on a certain part of the tutorial, feel free to post about it here. Side note: This tutorial ended up having exactly 42 images. Very appropriate :B
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