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Found 1 result

  1. Since no one felt like continuing this for almost two years, I'm down to reviving this initiative. For people who have missed the first topic, this is a thread to incentive people to write short/medium length one-shot stories of varying themes that depend on the choice for the round, with the purpose to incentive writing practice as well as the improvement of our writing skills. "Oh but Rapier, I don't know how to write!" No worries! This 'contest' is less a competition and more as a medium to get around to writing and, most importantly, improve from forcing yourself to practice, face your fears of being judged by others and ultimately improve from the experience. Even if you aren't the most voted contestant, you still win a deal of experience that will help you as a writer, so long as you give yourself the opportunity to try! Copy-pasted from Boron, because reasons. Current Round: 8 Round 8's Voting Phase Countdown Theme: Status: Voting Phase --Entrants's List-- (Name / Submission) - EmperorSiegfried ("The Heart of Dedication") - Anacybele ("The Strength Within") - Tactician Robin ("Simply a Hunter") - Ottservia ("One More Time") - Shoblongoo ("Perfected") - SoulWeaver ("No One Is Iredeemable") - AnonymousSpeed ("Going Forward") --NOT PARTICIPATING (but honorably mentioned anyway)-- - TheSilentChloey ("Mistaken Identity") - DarthR0xas ("The Zero in Darkness") Previous Rounds: Round 7 Round 6 Round 5 Round 4 Round 3 Round 2 Round 1
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