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Found 5 results

  1. Vague Premise: There's always been rumours, stories, myths. About the missing continent, Breesia, the nations that died and faded into a thick mist to never be seen again. The sins of the continent met by the wrath of their three power goddesses that bewitched the three nations that ruled to be forever cursed. Each man, woman, and child, would be turned to stone. Regardless or race or species. They would all meet a terrible end. And anyone who dared venture near the lands would join them. This was all but mere fairy tales of course. This was legend of three goddesses, Saga, Sif and Skadi. Saga, the oldest, was one of wisdom and knowledge, she crafted her people as such, the Manakete to be beings of long lifespans and wise insight. Sif, the middle, daughter of nature, moulded her people the Therian, to share her understanding and love of the earth. Skadi, the youngest, was a child of craft and hunting, she made her people, the Humans, to be creatures with a burning passion and drive to seek their own ideals. The Manakete comprised The Vanah Republic, the Therian built the The Svarta Empire, and the Humans established The Kingdom Of Annwyn. There was peace for the longest time, yet due to unknown reasons, war would break out, and the nations would begin fight among themselves. It unknown, why, how, or who had caused it, yet the biggest mysterious was the apparent cursed that befell Breesia. Had it really been the Goddesses? It was a question never truly answered. Was it even a cursed? Had it simply been a spell gone horribly wrong? No one would ever known. But was true to some extent, the entire continent of Breesia had been turned to stone, and a heavy fog outsiders had never seen before plagued it since. The three sisters the, The Trinity of Goddesses. They would all fade. They where beings who run on the power and belief of their people, and without it, their influence would soon die, like a flame of a candle. The entire country was lost to time. Covered in a thick gloom, it's gods gone, it's people gone, it was a wasteland of dead memorises, cemetery a hopes and dreams. It truly was haunted wasn't it? --- The youngest prince of the Kingdom of Arawn, Hendrik von Dietrich, had always been a youngling wish for more in his life then just castle duties and boring meetings with the high nobility of Arawn. When his father mentioned the possibility of a voyage south, he jumped at the chance to prove himself. But when Hendrik and his men find their ships washing up upon the lost shores of Breesia something seems to have gone terribly wrong. Monsters begin to arise, undead begin swarming, and the only remnants of this forgotten continent lies with three amnesic dwellers who should be long dead along with the rest of their people. Will a starry-eyed princeling, a grouchy human, a young dragon and a shy beastman be able to discover what lead to Breesia's destruction? Or will they join the graveyard it's now become? Characters: Erin ???? - "19 Years Old" (Over 500 Years Old) - Human - Sword User (Lord) The last living Human of Breesia, a grumpy swordsman with a foggy memory. They have no idea why their still alive nor why they could break free from their stone imprisonment, but the powerful sword they wield may have something to do with it. This is you! The player character, default name Erin. The concepts of *gender, age and basic human decently are thoroughly lost on you. You are angry, lost and very confused. You have lost your entire country, and now a couple of random louts have plagued what's left of it. You where deemed the Champion of the youngest Goddess, Skadi, you where her prized fighter and followed whatever her priests assigned you. You where very good at your job, very, very good. But that's kinda it, you suck at everything else that isn't wielding a sword. Your bad with people, very, very bad. Your moody, jaded, rather selfish and a bit of a jackass with a foul mouth. But really, aren't you least a little bit valid in your behaviour for everything that's happened as of late? You had a purpose and that was taken away from you, sure the church, the people you followed under saw you nothing as a tool, but that's all you had, you where an orphan with nothing before they took you in. *(Erin's gender is completely up to the player! Erin is completely androgynous in appearance and whether their male, female, or maybe someone beyond the two is up to your interpretation!) Amara Female - "150 Years Old" (Over 500 Years Old) - Manakete - Dragonstone User The last living Manakete of Breesia, a emotionally distance little girl who known more then she lets on. Despite her appearance, she is a competent fighter, her highly valuable dragonstone proving itself an assert in combat. The young daughter of a rich noblemen, Amara was deemed the next Champion for the oldest Goddess Saga. Despite her young age, she was considered a prodigy among her people with her high intelligence. Yet that was a doubled edged sword for her, due to the pressure of high standards placed upon her and isolation from peers her age in attempts to focus more on her studies, she has trouble understanding other people. She's very blunt and curt, although very unintentionally, she struggles to read people's emotions and social situations. But she tries her best to be helpful and very much does seem to mean well. Most people of late underestimate her due to her appearance, her frail human build. Their all idiots. She is still a dragon, and a very terrifying one at that. She seems to be keeping people in the dark about the nature of her people and the The Vanah Republic. Is she hiding something? Perhaps? But for what reason? Noel Male - "25 Years Old" (Over 500 Years Old) - Therian - Beastrune User/Bow User The last living Therian of Breesia, Noel is the shy young prince of Svarta, he holds great potential but often thinks lowly of himself. He an extremely robust bow said to be a gifts from the goddesses. The high prince of the Svarta Empire, Noel was praised for his intelligence and his abilities in battle, deemed fit as the Champion for Skadi. While Noel may be gifted in battle tactics and schemes he doesn’t strike most as such a type. In truth the young prince enjoys the company of animals instead of people, the bitter treatment of his upbringing leaving him an anxious mess around other people. He often views himself as some kind of burden and is prone to apologising. Despite his more timid nature, Noel holds a strong sense of pride in his people’s culture and beliefs, and doesn’t take well to people dismissing or mocking them. He’s proven himself extremely loyal to the few friends he has, and as his people would so easily put it; once a friend always a friend. (This is a BIG WIP but please tell me what you think so far!)
  2. This is the second part to my saga here's the lore behind the land of Ériu. I drew inspiration from Midnight Sun, PoR, and RD History: Long ago, on the land of Ériu there was only the Humans and the Laguz. The two tribes lived in peace for hundreds of years, until Ériu was invaded by unknown forces. These forces began to kill the tribesman for they wanted their land, however the two tribes would not surrender; the tribes fought till their last breath, until their last hope… Until from the skies above a gate opened from this gate appeared three almighty beings: Samsu and her sister Omnia, and Elil; these gods weren’t the only thing that appeared from this gate, another race appeared alongside them as well; they were called Manaketes. With their help, they reduced the invaders to nothing but ash; the gods and this newfound race only wanted a place to live and thrive, the elders decided to let them stay for they had helped them so it was only fitting if they let them live on Ériu. The three tribes now lived in harmony with the gods watching over and governing them; that all changed when out of nowhere Omnia killed her beloved sister Samsu and split Ériu into two. Champions from the humans and laguz rose up under the banner of Samsu; they fought against the Blackened Goddess and the manaketes who had allied with her because she was their queen, although they were losing badly they were able to win thanks to the sacrifice of a life. Omnia’s soul and power were sealed away inside of a vessel in order to keep her from bringing harm to Ériu anymore… The Manaketes swore that they would have their revenge and would awaken their queen once more so that she could bring judgment upon those who sealed her away. And from that day Ériu has been separated ever since. Main Lords: Victoria - the eldest born daughter to the royal family of Vela, also the 78th vessel of the Blackened Goddess. She was never allowed outside of Vela, nor was she allowed to have friends. The only hope she had of hearing about the outside world was through her sister Alexandria and her Uncle Thoren. In the story, Victoria is forced outside of the walls of Vela and into the world that she has only heard about in stories. Victoria will be faced with many obstacles and hunted by those who seek the power she holds within, can she survive... Age: 19(Part 1) 25(Part 2) Class: Vessel Priestess - wields dark and light magic Starting spells: Flux Light Dark Aether(A dark and light magic combination spell) Alexandria - the youngest born daughter to the royal family of Vela, a graduate from the Zerach Royal School of Knights. Alexandria has always been there for her sister Victoria simply due to the fact of Victoria not being able to leave Vela ever, Alexandria aims to find a way to help her sister just live a normal life and see the outside world. In the story, Alexandria will discover what it truly means to be a hero and what you must sacrifice to do so. Class: Princess - wields swords and axes Weapons: Iron Sword Florete Age: 17(Part 1) 23(Part 2) Irene - the daughter of Elil and Omnia(Omnia is not related to Elil they come from different worlds), she was asleep prior the beginning of the story. Irene is awoken from her 1600 year slumber by her father in a dream who tells her to find her older brother Issachar and protect him. In the story, Irene is awoken to a new world with barely any memories of her past, she will be forced to discover the truth about her mother and why she keeps hearing the name Octavia... Class: Dragon Princess- wields dragonstones , healing magic , and light magic Age: 1600(Part 1) 16006(Part 2) Weapons: Divinestone Spells: Divine Heal
  3. So, I plan on making some written works here, and I decided to make his so you can understand who I have paired up with who. All of these stories will take place in the same universe... sort of. Basically, in this universe, there are: -2 separate Awakening timelines -2 separate Fates: Revelation timelines -1 Smash World that brings them together. This accommodates for each Corrin and Robin of each gender. Before we get to the pairings, a few notes in the spoiler below. Anyways, the pairings: Awakening: Robin timeline Awakening: Reflet Timeline Fates Revelation: Corrin timeline Fates Revelation: Kamui timeline If there are any thoughts and concerns about the details here, let me know.
  4. I've had topics elsewhere in the past (mostly Written Works) but since I'll be compiling all of my stuff in one thread, I figured Concepts would be the best fit. This topic will serve as my Serenes Forest hub of my various projects, ranging from written works (short stories, poems) to game concepts. Feedback on any of these things is appreciated! Everything here will be found on my Google Drive since there is a lot of content, or just use the link in my signature. However, as they are formatted more toward Microsoft Word than Google Docs, the formatting may be messed up on Google Drive. In addition, I have notes in these documents that may be considered spoilers (notably Danganronpa), so be careful when reading. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. So, for some brief introductions... * * * * * * * * * * Blazing Emblem Originally meant to be a Fire Emblem fan-game, Blazing Emblem is now trying to be a bit more original so it could eventually be made into an actual game and sold properly. It retains the Fire Emblem style of chapters and characters, but unit classes and equipment are handled differently. The premise of Blazing Empire is that the Emperor of an Empire has fallen ill. The Protagonist receives a letter from the dying Emperor and goes to see him before getting caught up in a coup. The Protagonist discovers she is the heir to the Empire. She then sets off on a journey to prove her rightful place as Empress while other factions covet the Emperor's throne. She will go around the Empire to discover how exactly the Emperor died, who masterminded the takeover, and eventually bring peace to her beloved Empire. One of the common tropes in video games is that "The Empire" are typically seen as the bad guys. I wanted to make a "Good Empire" that is being torn apart by civil war due to various kingdoms competing for the Emperor's Throne. SW - Danganronpa Essentially a fan-game concept of Danganronpa. While it does take place in the same universe, it does not exactly follow the Danganronpa formula. The basic premise is the same as there are 16 participants are thrown into a killing game, there is the influence of Hope vs Despair, and the existence of Ultimates (or Super Duper High School "x"). However, it deviates as the setting takes place in the United States and not all participants are highschoolers (as this Killing Game takes place on an University Campus). The story follows a man who works as a custodian at a university. While he is intellectual and has no business being a mere cleaner, he suffers greatly due to the aftermath of the Tragedy and his own deteriorating mental condition. While the university itself managed to steer clear from the madness and despair of the world, a group of hackers accidentally open Pandora's Box when they break through the campus firewall and gain access to the Internet... When the man returns after his weekend break, he finds the campus to be oddly deserted and eerily quiet. He discovers the effects of the Despair Video, seeing the corpses of students and faculty alike inside the buildings. Before he could escape, he is captured and thrown into the Killing Game alongside 15 other participants. As always, he has to fight for survival and attempt to beat the Killing Game with the other survivors, figure out the mastermind, and uncover the connection between the University and Hope's Peak Academy. I was on a Danganronpa marathon spree and wanted to do something similar, so I came up with this fan-game concept. I also figured that working on a more text-heavy project would be better for me since I am more proficient at writing (and lack skills for dedicating coding and art). SW - Fan Ideas Basically a collection of smaller ideas and projects for various video games. Included here are my Battle for Wesnoth campaign notes, all of my Fire Emblem fan content, some map ideas for Renegade X, and other random things. There's not much to really discuss here since reading is believing. If you are curious, go check it out! SW - Vindictus While named "SW - Vindictus" this is more like Blazing Emblem where I take a game concept and transform it into one of my own. I loved playing Vindictus, but some of the decisions behind it have rubbed me the wrong way and I am not a fan of Nexon NA in general. I remember one time I just wanted to pop back on and read the forums out of curiosity, only to discover they were banning prominent members left and right. I figured if I could make my own Vindictus, maybe I'll enjoy it more! This title is an Action RPG. At the start there are four characters to choose from, but each character has access to four different specializations that affect how they play. The overall story is similar to the original Vindictus (a tale of prophecy and godhood). It is an online F2P game. Honestly, so far I have focused more on the gameplay and characters than the story itself. Other Stuff There's a ton more stuff currently On Hold or Archived, and I don't plan on writing up an intro for everything. If you want to know more, read up on it or just ask me about it!
  5. Hello! TheWarpedWizard here. It just so turns out that some people actually sort of like my writing, so... Firstly, the Nathaniel Supports. Nathaniel is the son of Ricken from Awakening, and he is quite the gloomy sort. His first mention was here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=39879&p=2458527 There are a bunch of supports across that thread, so keep an eye on it. I am also working on some supports that some think should've been in Awakening with The-Mage-King. Here is the first; EmmerynxGangrel: http://pastebin.com/HK7E4K3N I will also be showing you forumers The Tower, a story I am writing that is about a world where magic has been forgotten, and the only place where it is still practiced is in the prison-like Tower. The main character is named Nathaniel,(No connection to Natty from Ricken supports) the only practitioner of necromancy in the world. In The Tower, the people who live there are the only mages of their specific type. So only one Fire Mage, Necromancer, etc. They were raised there from birth. They have no clue what the world outside is like, and they do not know that they're the only magic-user's left. I'll post more soon! The actual chapters of The Tower will come later.
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