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Found 4 results

  1. I did beaten all the main story, paralogue, and xenologue chapters in Normal, Hard, and Luntatic mode as of right now and I don't recall remembering that there's a single generic Wyvern Rider soldier from the Emblian Empire that was fought in the entire map in Fire Emblem Heroes. (I am not counting the recurring characters that are in the Wyvern class that fight for Veronica for the Contract) And plus, I don't see a single generic Wyvern Rider soldier appearing in one of the Grand Battles Event Maps either. But, I also just wondered if those Generic Axe Pegasus soldiers could be actually replacing the Wyvern Riders in the Emblian Empire since this is the first Fire Emblem game that we see Pegasus Units using Axes in the entire Fire Emblem franchise and we did seen all the Outrealm characters that appeared as Wyvern Riders units that are available in the game except Spring Camilla usually have Axes?
  2. All I have now is a 4 STARS Camelia so I don't know how good she really as a 5 STARS because her STR stat is absolutely shit (32) for me at level 40, she can't really do justice in arena. I've seen many people ranked her as a top tier hero but I can't really see that happening, well not at a 4 STARS at least. My 4 STARS Robin (guy) absolutely wreck havoc on all the red units and Takumi easily, now that's what you call a top-tier unit. I'm still using her though, for the bonus (At least she can be alright against Cordelia or Azura). I used to have 2 Lyndis but that's a bad team against strong lance user. I've only got Tiki (young) and 4 Lyndis for 5 stars heroes. So... back to the main topic, how good is Camelia really? Did any of you guys actually have her STR get to at least 40 as a 5 stars? or has she got better skill? People ranked her as a top tier but for me I feel like she's one of those low tier hero. Somebody enlighten me?
  3. I have a question about the Wyvern Lord Axe animation. I added it to the game correctly in HxD and FEditor and gave it the Axe and Lance as weapons while removing the Sword weapon level from the original Wyvern Lord tab in Nightmare while adding the palette fix patch. The problem I'm having is the axe, lance animations worked while Cormag was already a Wyvern Lord, but when I started a new game he can no longer promote at all. It shows a black screen with no music and it sticks there. Is there any advice on how to fix this problem?
  4. Hello every one, I'm getting confused in the lore of the series regarding wyverns. Now from my knowledge of the series aren't dragons trying to take over the world or are extinct in certain sagas. Then how can these wyverns exist, they have almost all of the qualities of dragons but still exist while their brethren are gone. Also are they related to the manakete and dragon laguz personally i believe all of the games take place on the same planet (which is probably my source of confusion) (btw I'm new to the forums so forgive any of my mistakes)
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