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Found 7 results

  1. So I've been playing Rebel Inc. quite a bit over the past month. It's a challenging but fun game made by the same people that made Plauge Inc. Anyway, before you start each game, you have to pick an operation name from a random selection of words, and quite a number of the combinations are entertaining and/or awesome. I know that this isn't the only game to do this, and I'm curious if anyone else has something to share As for the ones I've had in Rebel Inc: Merciful Condor (Ironically, both the first time I beat Brutal difficulty, and the first time I rejected the peace treaty) Capricious Onyx Rolling Cobra Powerful Oak (Took place on a steppe) Might Oak Garden Armadillo Steel Palace Loyal Saber Noir Charity Lightning Charity Lightning Pike Earthquake Knife Spring Lotus Earth Fir Autumn Sycamore Liquid Mutton Wind Ocean (Took place in a forest) Victorious Ajax (The worst I've ever lost in the game. Brutal mode can be that difficult at times)
  2. SUP SF! IGdood back for more Let's Playing of the XCOM franchise! Previously did a playthrough on Enemy Within http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=44271 >What is XCOM 2? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaSqxZImvjc XCOM 2 follows an alternate story where XCOM took heavy casualties and lost during Month 1. Earth's governments quickly surrendered to the aliens. 20 years later, the Commander/player and Vahlen are missing, Raymond Shen is dead, and Bradford is an alcoholic. At the game's beginning, the Commander is found and XCOM gets back into the action. However, at this point in time the aliens have already established "safe-zone" cities and made themselves to be the good guys. XCOM members are considered terrorists. >What's changed from XCOM 1? Better graphics. A lot of humanoid enemies called the Advent. They form the bulk of the aliens' military and are essentially also the police of alien territory. It's assumed they're humans with alien DNA. The actual aliens themselves from the first game have also been augmented with human DNA to give them a less intimidating look. You'll see them when the game's out. Special mention goes to unit customization. Every piece of your units can be customized, from what they're wearing on their faces to bits and pieces of their armor. Guns can get custom paint jobs and attachments and renamed. You can even write biographies on your characters, give them different accents. This is where you guys come in. Just like before, I need you to pick out how your characters will look and sound and their personal biographies. >Job Classes? Whereas before XCOM represents the global powers and the aliens strike from the unknown, it's the other way around now. XCOM is a guerrilla force, and the opening turns consist of staying stealthed and setting up ambushes. After contact is made, the mission proceeds like that from the first game. The classes will be using the following format: Old Name --> New Name Assault --> Ranger: Able to use rifles and shotguns. Also carries a fuckhueg sword on their back which can be used after a Dashing move. Can choose to specialize in sword techniques or stealth techniques. Heavy --> Grenadier: Able to use grenade launchers and miniguns. Can choose to specialize in blowing shit up or perforating shit up. Support --> Specialist: Commands a flying drone called a gremlin. Can choose to specialize in buffing and healing allies or hacking/stunning enemy robotics to turn them over to XCOM's side temporarily. Sniper --> Sharpshooter: Isn't really different from the sniper in the first game. Able to specialize in using the sniper rifle or in using pistols so they can become effective whilst getting into position. Also, revolvers are fucking sexy. Unknown 5th Class: Jake Solomon said we probably won't be informed what the 5th class is until release. Speculation ranges from a dedicated Psi powers class to a dog to an alien-human hybrid to an alien defector to a infiltrator/saboteur class. Psi Operative: Yup, dedicated Psi powers class. No longer a subclass like in EU/EW. Doesn't level up in battle, only back at the base. Powers that they learn are chosen randomly too. 6th Class: Announced as DLC that will be coming in the summer months after release. Titled "Shen's Last Gift" so possibly like the MEC of Enemy Within. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customization options pictures begin here, use them to fill this form out: First Name: Surname: Callsign/Nickname: Gender: Preferred Class (choose from Rookie, Sharpshooter, Grenadier, Ranger, Specialist, Psi Operative): Nationality: XCOM Operative, VIP (rescuable NPC), or Dark VIP (enemy NPC): Helmet/Hat: Arms (Specify what type - Kevlar, Resistance Kevlar, Predator, etc): Legs (Specify what type - Kevlar, Resistance Kevlar, Predator, etc): Torso (Specify what type - Kevlar, Resistance Kevlar, Predator, etc): Upper Face: Lower Face: Face Paint: Weapon Camo: Armor Camo: Left Arm Tattoo: Right Arm Tattoo: Scars: Face: Hair (Male): Hair (Female): Facial Hair: Hair Color: Eye Color: Race: Skin Color: Main Armor Color: Secondary Armor Color: Weapon Color: Voice: (determines their accent for English, also there are Spanish, Italian, French and German voices too) Stance & Attitude: Biography: (can be as long as you want) Basic Info Nationalities (affects flag on their back) These options are for your looks Also Armor Color and Gun Color Hat/Helmet Torso, Arms, and Legs Upper Face Props Lower Face Props Camo Patterns for Armor and Gun. (only armor shown, too much effort to take and put everything together in MS Paint) Face Paint (From Pre Order DLC) Tattoo (arms independent of each other, but both arms share the same pool) Scars Races and Faces Hairstyles (some incompatible with hats and helmets) And male facial hair Eye Color, Skin Color Stances (Affects how they behave and their lines in-game) Classes!
  3. Many years back, before Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within was even conceived, 2K Games decided to shoulder the burden of rebooting XCOM. Unfortunately, that turned out poorly. Extremely. Fucking. Poorly. Perhaps because Mass Effect was popular at the time, but they decided to go with Third Person Shooter game play with pausing and issuing commands to your squad. For starters, that ran contrary to XCOM at the soul. XCOM was supposed to be a turn based tactical/strategy game. An extremely troubled development cycle didn't help either. At first they wanted to emphasize the investigative aspects of XCOM. You're an agent sent out to investigate anomalies and incidents across the US, document your findings, and turn them in for research when you get back. Then they scrapped a year's worth of development and began anew as a shooter with lots of alien blasting. More info on it here: http://www.polygon.com/features/2013/8/19/4614410/xcom-the-bureau-development-2006-2013 When the game was first announced, a lot of fans flipped their shit. 1950s? Shooter? Yup, definitely not XCOM. The funny part is that backlash gave Jake Solomon the opportunity to develop XCOM Enemy Unknown to recreate the old games in modern fashion. That one had its own troubled development of sorts, but a far cry from The Bureau's/XCOM Declassified's. But I took the plunge and played through The Bureau. I ended up really liking it. I like XCOM in general and the lore of the XCOM universe. The game's story wasn't anything unique nor profound, but what appealed to me were the tiny little details. In true 2K and Bioshock fashion, you had to go around to look for bits and pieces of the minutiae that put together the story. Sure, there was a big narrative and some important plot points happen in cutscene, but everything else was up to the player to find. Also, mixing the clothing and technology of the era with XCOM material in general did make for some unique art designs. All the screenshots for the playthrough have already been done. Now it's just posting them here so you can take a look. Many people haven't played it due to its reputation, but it's worth the bargain bin price. The Bureau is also confirmed to be a canon prequel to XCOM EU/EW and XCOM 2. In EU/EW, a certain research file refers to redacted files from the 1960s, which is what happened in the Bureau's ending when the council of Earth decided to erase everything that happened in order to avoid a public uproar. Link to my XCOM Enemy Within Playthrough: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=44271 Link to my XCOM 2 Playthrough: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=59276 Let's begin. I didn't originally plan on posting it here so things might seem to have some gaps, but rest assured I screenshotted a lot of the important things and I'll fill it in with what I remember. I don't feel like playing through it again.
  4. Okay, I might be insane, but I'm willing to give this a try. I cannot guarantee I will succeed, but damned if we won't go down without a fight. For those of you not in the know, Long War is a mod for XCom (Enemy Within) that adds a lot of new content, and amps of the difficulty in several ways, while rebalancing it in others. I will be playing with a custom namelist. I've already added in a bunch of Serenes Forest users who've stuck out to me for one reason or another in the past, as well as various other people from other places in my travels across the internet. I have not been arsed to sort names to genders, so if the RNG misgenders you, please do not take offense. If you want to be double-sure your name is on the list, I won't start the playthrough for at least seven days, to give you a chance to reply to the topic and such. Long War also gives you the option to rename your Interceptor pilots. I'm not sure where the game file for that is, so I'll just rename them manually as I order new birds for my hanger. I'll be accepting nominations for the names of these fellas as well. Beta15 of Long War introduces some unique and interesting perks based on your starting country. These might not all be equally balanced, but I will pick the one I want, and you will deal with it. Additionally, I will restart after the first mission until I get steam vents etc. in positions that please me. This is my right, as I'm going to want every edge I can get to have a shot. After that, however, it'll be one save from start to end, just like it is supposed to be. People will die. If you die, either because of RNG or gross incompetence on the part of the commander, do not complain to me. You knew the risks when you enlisted. I don't have a set update schedule planned, but that might change if I get into a nice smooth routine. I will attempt to be as informative as I can be, but XCom is reasonably deep, and sometimes over-familiarity with a subject will numb you to the sorts of questions beginners might have on the subject. If something doesn't make sense, please ask! Updates: Update 0 Update 1 Update 2 Update 3 Update 4 (two parts) Update 5 (two parts) Update 6
  5. How was there not already a thread for this? Surely I can't be the only one here who likes XCOM Enemy Unknown/Within... And of course XCOM2 is coming out soon. HYPE.
  6. So it's been a VERY long time since I finally work on another LP, but I finally got enough willpower to actually record and commentate on another series! This one will be of XCOM: Long War on Normal Ironman. If you are new to the Long War, Normal does not mean Easy; the creators of Long War have balanced the lowest difficulty, which is Normal, to be a little bit harder than Classic in vanilla, which means that this mod to XCOM is quite difficult indeed, and I'm still getting a feel for Long War myself. I thoroughly enjoy this mod however, so it is all worth it. Anyway, joining me in the commentary will be your very own Elieson from SF, which you all know and love. He will be providing us with additional tactical information and overall support through the LP whenever we are undertaking our extraterrestrial missions! Be aware though that he is not as knowledgable about the game as I am, so don't blow a hole through his head if he says something wrong. :P The soldier roster will also be filled with several members of SF and a few of my own friends as well, with the N7 prefix of course, since we are the best that Earth has to offer! So keep your eyes out; you may end up seeing yourself in your very own mission! Also, if you ever wish to be added to the roster, I will be drafting possible candidates when necessary, so I will be adding your name to our text file to be selected. I've already uploaded a couple of videos, so gear up and get ready for the intense action that XCOM is known for! ====================================================== Episode List: Warning: Episodes Warmup and 1 have loud Voice Tracks; keep your volume down at first. Warmup Mission (2/18/2015) Episode 1 (2/18/2015) Squad Roster by Episode: [spoiler=Test/Warmup Mission]N7 Squad: Crucial Crizix Zealous Zelda Mighty Miguel Ace Austin Killer Karina Mystic Mei [spoiler=Episode 1]N7 Squad: Powerful PK Crucial Crizix Brave Bal Zipping ZM Energetic Eukaryotic Doctor Dennis I do upload my videos in 720p/60 fps, so be sure to put it on 60 fps for smooth viewing. Also, I plan to update this weekly at least, so it'll be quite active. Albums of Mission Summaries: [spoiler=These aren't necessarily missions of the LP. ]Also, there won't be much commentary, but the screenshots will at least be in order. First Troop Transport Ship mission I've ever done in Long War (Mid Feb) 3rd Mission of my Latest non-LP file. (2/27/15) Site Recon "Chysallid Invasion Mission" (2/27/15) Training Abduction Mission # Whatever (3/1/2015) UFO Mission #11 (3/1/2015) ====================================================== Questions You May Have: Q: "Commander, why are your episodes est. 1 hour long each?" A: That's because if you've ever played XCOM before, you know rushing in blindly with no plan in mind will only get you killed; XCOM is a very challenging TBS, so caution and planning is absolutely necessary, especially in the early game. Deaths are to be expected. Q: "Why don't you do this as a Screenshot LP instead?" A: I'm not going to put all that time and effort to order and commentate each and every one of the screenshots just to give a lackluster feel of what XCOM would be like; the tension and feeling given from XCOM would be decreased tremendously because you aren't seeing it in real time. Plus, I'm lazy and busy, and I don't have much time to dedicate to a SS LP. However, I may just a few screenies every mission and just post them under its own section, but there's not going to be much commentary on the snapshots; just a few that I found that are cool/funny/etc to look at.
  7. I'm back!!! Planned LPs and streams in the future: Hyrule Warriors, Smash 4, more FE content, and some XCOM Long War. Streaming more often now, link and more information below. ============================================= So I know I've been MIA for quite some time now on YT and Twitch. Well, now I'm getting a capture card for my Wii U, so i'll be able to finally stream some Hyrule Warriors, and I'll be able to stream some Smash 4 for Wii U as well!!! So expect a lot more content from me in the future! I'll also be recording/streaming more FE content more in the future as well, so keep an eye out for that! Here's my twitch link if you guys don't already have it http://www.twitch.tv/n7_average_azn And my YT link as well! http://tinyurl.com/n7averageazn ====================================================== (Streaming) Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - For Glory, Link (mainly) You can find the stream using the links above, or in my sig. See you all there! [spoiler=Old information] *Updated Stream Schedule as of 2/20/2014* *All times are EST relative (-4 GMT/UTC) and are possible to go at least 2-3 hours long.* Fire Emblem themed Dark Souls - Monday + Saturday 6 - 9 PM EST Starting December 29th, 2013, I will be replaying my FE Dark Souls stream with something else due to my recording of my next season of my FE Dark Souls LP. Be sure to check it out on my YT channel here! Also check out my completed Fire Emblem Dark Souls Season 1 - Lyn LP. Feel free to request any game that you wish for me to replace my Monday and Saturday stream session with and I'll be happy to add it to my potential list! :D **Voting for next game ends on Sunday, January 12th, 2014!** I have thought about setting the stream times back because of college taking up much of my life nowadays. As of right now, I will try to start my streams around 7 PM EST instead of 6 PM EST to make up for that. Please bare with me and thanks for enjoying my shows. :) Also, if there is anything that I foresee happening in the future that will delay or cancel my streams, I will do my best to let you all know through my Twitter, FB and here. *Update 2* Since my college life has been getting to me, I'm sure you all have noticed that my streaming schedule is a bit out of wack. I still stream quite often, but they tend to be more erratic and unconstant, having different games being played at different times. If you want to be always updated on when I start streaming, best thing to do is just to look for post updates from this thread, or even better, my Facebook or Twitter accounts. Thanks you all for your support and I hope you all continue to enjoy my future streams! :D *Update 2 End* Agarest: Generations of War - Mondays and Saturdays from 7 - 10 PM EST XCOM: Enemy Within - Wednesday 7 - 10 PM EST Fire Emblem series (currently playing Rekka no Ken, LH/HHM Ironman Attempt 3) - Tuesdays + Thursdays 7 - 10 PM EST Link to the FE Streams thread If you have any other games you would like me to stream and/or LP or comments in general, feel free to send me a PM about it and I will be more than happy to reply! :) Also, I will try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. However, that does not mean that I will not stream games earlier than planned. I am merely going to be streaming during these hours as much as possible for me. I will always announce on my Twitter, FB page (both found in my signature also), or this thread whenever I delay, start early, or anything else related to my streams. So make sure to follow me to stay updated! Hope you enjoy the streams! :D *Update End* Hello there everyone! I'm sure that by now most of you all know that I love streaming and recording my gameplay whenever I play. So i figured that I'm going to start casually streaming gameplay of whatever I'm playing on my PC, ranging from FE, XCOM, to anything else that I may have the ability to play at the time on my Twitch channel, since it doesn't take up any hard drive space on my computer! Feel free to jump in anytime whenever I am live! You can find out when I'm streaming by following me on Twitter, and my Facebook accounts using the links here. I'll always announce right before I play so that you can jump in on all the fun that I'm having! :D My YT Channel My Twitch Channel Facebook Friend Page Facebook YT Page My Twitter Feel free to leave any PM or comments if you have any requests of what games you'd like me to LP/Stream. I'll be more than happy to fulfill your request if it is possible! I hope you guys enjoy my content! See you all soon~
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